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Gambit, Part 1


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 3
Disc No : 7.1 Episode : 155
First Aired : 11 Oct 1993 Stardate : 47135.2
Director : Peter Lauritson Year : 2370
Writers : Christopher Hatton, Naren Shankar Season : 7
Guest Cast :
Alan Altshuld as Yranac
Bruce Gray as Admiral Chekote
Caitlin Brown as Vekor
Cameron Thor as Narik
Derek Webster as Lieutenant Sanders
Richard Lynch as Arctus Baran
Robin Curtis as Tallera
Sabrina LeBeauf as Ensign Giusti
Stephen Lee as Bartender
YATI : The crew do a horrible job of working undercover in the bar. They do manage to wear civilian clothes, but they wave Starfleet phasers and tricorders around, talk about finding Starfleet fabric traces, and basically do everything short of waving big signs saying "WE ARE STARFLEET" around.


The crew of the Enterprise are shocked to learn that Picard has been killed and immediately begin an investigation of the mercenary group responsible. But in short order the bandits kidnap Riker right from his own ship and start blasting the Enterprise. Have the Federations finest met their match?
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