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service history
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Birthright, Part 1


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 1
Disc No : 6.4 Episode : 141
First Aired : 22 Feb 1993 Stardate : 46578.4
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2369
Writers : Brannon Braga Season : 6
Guest Cast :
Carl David Burks as Russell
Cristine Rose as Gi'ral
James Cromwell as Jaglom Shrek
Jennifer Gatti as Ba'el
Lorine Mendell as Diana Giddings
Richard Herd as L'kor
Siddig El Fadil as Dr. Julian Bashir
YATI : When Data is painting in his quarters, he stops and steps back to admire his work. You can still hear the brush against the canvas in the background.
Great Moment : None.
Body Count : Zero, I think.
Factoid : Data's paintings were in fact done by Jim Magdaleno, Alan Kobayashi, Mike Okuda and Dan Curry.


Data starts to have dreams after an accident in engineering. Meanwhile Worf finds that there are survivors from Khitomer in a Romulan prison - and his father may be among them.
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