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Chain of Command, Part 2


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 5
Disc No : 6.3 Episode : 136
First Aired : 21 Dec 1992 Stardate : 46360.8
Director : Les Landau Year : 2369
Writers : Frank Abatemarco Season : 6
Guest Cast :
David Warner as Gul Madred
Heather Lauren Olson as Jil Orra
John Durbin as Gul Lemec
Mic Rogers as Glinn Tajor
Ronny Cox as Captain Edward Jellico
Tracee Lee Cocco as Lieutenant Jae
YATI : Why does Gul Madred's daughter wear a military uniform? Isn't she a little young to be in the military, or is there some sort of youngster's cadet force on Cardassia?
Great Moment : Patrick Stewart's performance in this episode is simply amazing.
Body Count : Zero, unless you count Madred's confidence.
Factoid : Method actor Patrick Stewart insisted on performing nude for real in the scene in which Picard is stripped by his captors.


While the Enterprise crew struggles with the Cardassians and their own commander, Picard must endure torture at the hands of the sinister Gul Madred.


Another superb performance by Patrick Stewart.
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