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service history
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Series : The Next Generation Rating : 4
Disc No : 6.2 Episode : 131
First Aired : 26 Oct 1992 Stardate : 46192.3
Director : Robert Scheerer Year : 2369
Writers : Rene Echevarria Season : 6
Guest Cast :
Carl David Burks as Russell
John de Lancie as Q
John P. Connolly as Orn Lote
Joyce Robinson as Ensign Gates
Olivia D'Abo as Amanda Rogers
Tracee Lee Cocco as Ensign Jae
YATI : Why, if they are rushing to assist Tagra IV, does the Enterprise-D appear to be at impulse speed every time we see an external shot?

At one point Riker comes into sickbay and tells Amanda he was looking for Crusher to ask her what nutrients she wanted to send to the planet. Amanda tells him she will relay the message, and he leaves. A moment later Crusher walks in. So... if Riker wants to ask this question why not just tap his combadge and say "Riker to Crusher"? Or if he wants to do it face to face for some reason, why not say "Computer, locate Doctor Crusher"? Both of these things are absolutely routine.

Great Moment : Q turning Beverly into a dog and Amanda turning her back, all without the good doctor noticing.
Body Count : Zero.
Factoid : The premise for this episode was written by seventeen year old Matt Corey, who originally wrote the role of Amanda as male so that he could play it himself!


When visiting student Amanda Rogers displays amazing powers, Q arrives to claim her as a member of the continuum - or else...
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