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service history
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Time's Arrow, Part 1


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 2
Disc No : 5.6 Episode : 125
First Aired : 15 Jun 1992 Stardate : 45959.1
Director : Les Landau Year : 2368
Writers : Joe Menosky Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Barry Kivel as Doorman
Carl David Burks as Russell
Jerry Hardin as Samuel Clemens
John M. Murdock as Beggar
Joyce Robinson as Ensign Gates
Ken Thorley as Seaman
Marc Alaimo as Frederick La Rouque
Michael Aron as Jack London
Michael Hungerford as Roughneck
Milt Tarver as Scientist
Sheldon Peters Wolfchild as Joe Falling Hawk
Tracee Lee Cocco as Ensign Jae
Moral :
Archaeology : Archaeologists sometime find the strangest of things.
Disturbing? : Don't loose your head.
YATI : Data pawns his communicator for three dollars, and gets three coins. He throws one coin into the pot as his ante for the first game. But the ante was said to be "four bits", or fifty cents.

Data identifies the 1873 Colt .45 cavalry revolver as being double action. In fact that particular weapon was a single action pistol.
Great Moment : Data beating the pants of everybody in the poker game.
Factoid : This episode was filmed in part because the debut of DS9 had created rumours that TNG was to be cancelled. The creators wanted to do a big cliffhangar to make it clear that the series would continue.

Data's definition of friendship, which Deanna quotes in this episode, was originally stated by him in "Legacy".

Marc Alaimo's performance as the poker player Frederick La Rouque would be his last role in The Next Generation. He would go on to play Gul Dukat in Deep Space Nine.


After a startling archeological discovery, our heroes must prevent strange aliens from travelling into Earths past to feed on Humans. To be continued...
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