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The Perfect Mate


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 5
Disc No : 5.5 Episode : 120
First Aired : 27 Apr 1992 Stardate : 45761.3
Director : Cliff Bole Year : 2368
Writers : Gary Perconte, Rene Echevarria Season : 5
Guest Cast :
April Grace as Transporter Chief Maggie Hubbell
Charles Gunning as Miner #3
David Paul Needles as Miner #1
Famke Janssen as Kamala
Max Grodenchik as Par Lenor
Michael Snyder as Qol
Mickey Cottrell as Chancellor Alrik
Roger Rignack as Miner #2
Tim O'connor as Ambassador Briam
Moral :
Restraint : Resistance is not futile.
YATI : It's not a real YATI as such, but it's odd that Kamala looks exactly like a Trill.
Great Moment : Riker deciding to go to the holodeck after talking to Kamala. Hmmm, what could he be off to do there...?
Body Count : Zero.
Factoid : This is the first time we get to see Picard and Crusher having their breakfast together.

Michael Pillar wanted to end the episode by showing Picard standing up to interrupt the wedding and steal Kamala away, only to then reveal that he was just imagining doing so as he sat and did nothing. Rick Berman nixed the idea.

Famke Janssen was later offered the role of Jadzia Dax on Deep Space Nine. She turned it down.


Picard's fortitude is tested to it's limits when every mans dream professes love for him.
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