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Chosen Realm

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Series :
Rating :
Disc No :
Episode :
First Aired :
14 Jan 2004
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season :
Guest Cast :
It seemed to take the crew an extremely long time to stop the fighting after they regained control of the ship - I would have thought hailing the other ships and arranging a cease fire would be top priority, but they take their own sweet time about it - and Reed even keeps firing at them after he gets weapons back!

Also, these human bomb things take quite a while to work. You would think they could have flooded the ship with tranquiliser gas and recaptured it that way quite easily.

Great Moment :
The whole idea of using the transporter to pretend that Archer was dead - a very clever move. Regarding this, though, I wonder if T'Pol just left him in the pattern buffer and then rematerialised him after the bad guys had left, or did she do an intra-ship beaming?
Body Count :
One alien blows himself up along with one Enterprise crewmember. Archer says that six other Enterprise crewmembers were injured. An unknown number of aliens are killed battling Enterprise, and we see multiple aliens stunned during the retaking of the ship.
Factoid :
It's hard to be certain, but I think those beam rifles that we see in this episode are modified Jem'Hadar phased polaron rifles from Deep Space Nine.


After investigating another of the spheres scattered across the Expanse, Enterprise recieves a distress call from a crippled ship. They pick up a band of religious believers who are on a pilgrimage to worship the spheres, which they believe are divine in origin. Archer is stunned when their leader, D'Jamat, announces that his people are carrying biological explosives - and all are ready to blow themselves up along with Enterprise if Archer doesn't take the ship back to their homeworld and help them to win a religious war which has been raging for centuries.
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