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Series :
Rating :
Disc No :
Episode :
First Aired :
8 Oct 2003
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season :
Guest Cast :
This ship has been lost in the Expanse for months at the very least. Even assuming it only drifted into the asteroid field right before the episode, it would have been in there for a matter of hours. Given the frequency of collisions that we observed in the field, the ship should have been bashed to bits in no time – yet as far as we could see, not a single asteroid ever hit it.

Also, once again we have an asteroid with Earth-normal gravity. Unless these asteroids are massively dense - like a thousand times denser than the densest known element - this is simply impossible.

Great Moment :
Lots of eye candy in this one. The asteroid field stuff is my favourite.
Body Count :
Many Vulcans were shot, but it was all using stun settings so presumably none would have been killed. All 147 Vulcans would have been killed when the ship was destroyed though.
Factoid :
This episode gives us a crew complement for the Sh'ran class - 147 people. This is incidentally yet another occurance of the famous Trek "47 syndrome".

This was the halloween episode, hence the whole "Night of the Living Dead" theme.

In the original idea, we would have seen life aboard the Vulcan ship before the Trellium took effect.

The ending scene with movie night and T'Pol jerking awake from a nightmare, was added when the episode came up a few minutes short.

The green "Vulcan circuitry" that T'Pol complains about Reed breaking are actually old CD racks.

At 18 seconds, the teaser for this episode is the shortest in Star Trek history.


Investigating a dense asteroid field for Trellium-D to protect the ship from the anomalies rife in the expanse, Enterprise discovers a Vulcan ship adrift. Going aboard, Archer finds the crew have been driven insane - and are determined to kill any intruders.
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