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The Crossing


Series : Enterprise Rating : 1
Disc No : 2.4 Episode : 44
First Aired : 2 Apr 2003 Stardate : Unknown
Director : David Livingston Year : 2152
Writers : Andre Bormanis, Brannon Braga, Rick Berman Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Alexander Chance as Crewman #1
Joseph Will as Rostov
Matthew Kaminsky as Cunningham
Steven Allerick as Ensign Cook
Valerie Ianniello as Female Crewman
YATI : When the alien ship first captures Enterprise, it disables all of the starship's weaponry. Yet at the end, Enterprise is able to use two torpedoes to destroy the alien ship. Why the difference? If the alien could disable Enterprise at the start, why not at the end as well?
Great Moment : Reed in the turbolift.
Body Count : Since they were said not to be able to survive in space, all of the "hundreds" of aliens would have been killed when their ship was destroyed.
Factoid : As well as appearing in two other Enterprise episodes as Rostov, Joseph Will has also appeared twice in Voyager - as a security officer in "Workforce, Part II" and as Kelis in "Muse".

We get another datapoint for Enterprise's journey here - the ship is now 150 light years from Earth.


A huge alien ship quickly captures Enterprise, literally scooping the starship up whilst it is still at warp speed. When Archer, Reed and Trip go out into the ship's interior to explore, Trip is briefly posessed by a non-corporeal entity. The experience is strange and not unenjoyable, and when the entity returns for another go later, it explains the situation to Archer. The beings are subspace creatures which were once corporeal, and are interested in finding out how their ancestors used to live. They seem friendly, but Archer suspects that there may be a more hidden motive which is far more sinister.
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