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service history
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Two Days and Two Nights


Series : Enterprise Rating : 3
Disc No : 1.6 Episode : 25
First Aired : 15 May 2002 Stardate : 18-Feb-52
Director : Michael Dorn Year : 2152
Writers : Brannon Braga, Chris Black, Rick Berman Season : 1
Guest Cast :
Dennis Cockrum as Freebus
Dey Young as Keyla
Donna Marie Recco as (Female) Dee'Ahn
Geoff Meed as (Male) Dee'Ahn
James Ingersoll as Risan Man
Jennifer Williams as Risan Woman
Joseph Will as Rostov
Kellie Waymire as Elizabeth Cutler
Rudolf Martin as Ravis
Stephen Wozniak as (Male) Latia
Moral :
Risa : What happens on Risa says on Risa
YATI : At the start of the episode Archer is concerned that only half the crew are getting shore leave. Since everybody is going for two days and two nights, doesn't a rather obvious solution present itself? Send one half down for one day and night, and the other half down for the next day and night.
Great Moment : I love the scene of Hoshi chatting to the Risan couple and then the alien guy; it's a lengthy scene written entirely with alien dialogue, which Linda Park pulls off brilliantly.
Body Count : Zero. Archer gets rendered unconcious by the Tandaran woman
Factoid : There are many interesting titbits in this episode : Denobulans usually hibernate six days each year, though they can get by on two. Hoshi learned 38 languages while she lived on Earth and added two more in this episode. Risa is 90 light years away from Earth, which is further than any Human has previously been.


Enterprise finally arrives at Risa so that half the crew can take a short but well earned vacation. Our heroes set out to get as much fun as they can from the reknowned pleasure planet, with varying degrees of success...
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