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Rogue Planet


Series : Enterprise Rating : 2
Disc No : 1.4 Episode : 18
First Aired : 20 Mar 2002 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Allan Kroeker Year : 2151
Writers : Brannon Braga, Chris Black, Rick Berman Season : 1
Guest Cast :
Conor O'Farrell as Burzaan
Eric Pierpoint as Shiraht
Keith Szarabajka as Damrus
Stephanie Niznik as Woman
Moral :
Hunting : Hunting sentient species is not morally acceptable
YATI : Why is the hull of Enterprise always so dark during this episode? We've seen the ship in deep space loads of times, and it has always been quite well lit before.
Also, if this planet has been in the dark of deep space for countless millennia - which it would have to be in order to be so far from a sun - then why have all the plants still got leaves on them? In our plantlife leaves are used as a sort of natural solar panel for photosynthesis, something these plants have no light for - do the leaves serve some other function?
Great Moment : Reed consoling Archer over the fact that he didn't do as well as Reed did as a scout.
Body Count : One alien seriously injured, but nobody killed.
Factoid : The idea of a rogue planet is a perfectly real one, although none has ever been discovered because our way of detecting planets depends on looking for their effect on the star they orbit. The Founder's world seen in "The Search, Part II" was also said to be a rogue planet, although it had a clearly visible sun.


Discovering a rogue planet - a world in deep space which is not part of any star system - Archer takes a landing party down and encounters a group of visiting aliens on the surface. The men are hunters who come here each year to hunt the local wildlife. But when Archer encounters a mysterious and hauntingly familiar woman on the surface, he begins to suspect that the hunters are not being completely honest.
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