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Move Along Home


Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 0
Disc No : 1.3 Episode : 9
First Aired : 14 Mar 1993 Stardate : Unknown
Director : David Carson Year : 2369
Writers : Michael Piller Season : 1
Guest Cast :
Clara Bryant as Chandra
David B. Levinson as Broik
James Lashly as Lieutenant George Primmin
Joel Brooks as Falow
Moral :
Games : You can learn a lot about a people by watching the games the play.
Diplomacy : Sometimes you just have to play silly games to keep people happy.
YATI : Julian shows up to the first contact saying that he has lost his dress uniform. Couldn't he just replicate a new one?


Some aliens from the far end of the wormhole force Quark to play a game - with Sisko and his officers as the pieces.
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