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Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 2
Disc No : 4.4 Episode : 84
First Aired : 29 Jan 1996 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Les Landau Year : 2372
Writers : Rene Echevarria Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Bruce Wright as Sarish Rez Duncan Regehr as Shakaar Edon
YATI : Odo boasts in this episode that his daily routine is so regular and predictable that the shopkeepers on the promenade joke that they can set their clocks by him. Gee, that must be a real help to the station's criminals. They would know just when he is going to be around, and just when he is not.


When Bajor's First Minister Shakaar arrives on the station Odo must face the fact that Kira is in love with somebody else. But can he keep his mind on his job when terrorists come calling?
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