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Past Tense, Part 1


Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 4
Disc No : 3.3 Episode : 56
First Aired : 2 Jan 1995 Stardate : 48481.2
Director : Reza Badiyi Year : 2371
Writers : Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Al Rodrigo as Bernardo
Bill Smitrovich as Michael Webb
Dick Miller as Vin
Eric Stuart as Stairway guard
Frank Military as Biddle Coleridge
Henry Hayashi as Male guest
Jim Metzler as Christopher Brynner
John Lendale Bennett as Gabriel Bell
Patty Holly as Female guest
Tina Lifford as Lee
Moral :
History : Our past makes us what we are today.
YATI : Less a YATI than an observation - this Federation sure is fragile. It seems like there's no change in history so small that it doesn't wipe the Federation out of the timeline.
Factoid : The idea of something like a Sanctuary district for the homeless was actually proposed at about the time this episode was filming.


A transporter accident throws Commander Sisko, Dr. Bashir and Dax into the year 2024. While Jadzia is taken in by a passing millionaire, Sisko and Bashir are picked up by the police and thrown into a 'Sanctuary district' - a dumping ground for the homeless and jobless. History buff Sisko realises that the historical Bell Riots will occur in just a few days time - but when Bell himself is killed in a fight Bashir starts, the Defiant finds herself alone in a future in which the Federation never existed.
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