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Blood Oath


Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 3
Disc No : 2.5 Episode : 38
First Aired : 27 Mar 1994 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2370
Writers : Peter Allan Fields Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Bill Bolender as The Albino
Christopher Collins as Assistant
Christopher Collins as Head guard
John Colicos as Kor
Michael Ansara as Kang
William Campbell as Koloth
Moral :
Revenge : Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Factoid : This episode contributes heavily to the 'Klingon forehead problem' - by showing that Klingons who had smooth foreheads in the original series now have the bumpy look, it rules out the idea that some evolutionary or other cross-generational factor could be responsible for this change.


Dax must decide whether to honour a blood oath made by Curzon when three Klingon warriors arrive on the station hunting an old enemy.
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