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Wrongs Darker than Death or Night


Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 2
Disc No : 6.5 Episode : 140
First Aired : 1 Apr 1998 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Jonathan West Year : 2374
Writers : Hans Beimler, Ira Steven Behr Season : 6
Guest Cast :
David Bowe as Basso Tromac
John Marzelli as Scavenger
Leslie Hope as Kira Meru
Marc Alaimo as Gul Dukat
Thomas Kopache as Kira Taban
Tim deZarn as Halb Daier
Wayne Grace as Legate
YATI : Kira sure has a lot of faith in Dukat. When he tells her not to bother trying to trace his transmission, she simply takes him at his word. Surely it's at least possible that O'Brien or Dax might be able to trace it?
Factoid : Tim deZarn was also in Voyager twice - as Warden Yediq in "Repentance" and Haliz in "Initiations". He was also in TNG as Satler in "Starship Mine".


When Dukat accuses Kiras mother of being a collaborator, the Major must use the Orb of Time to travel into the past and discover the truth.
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