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Ties of Blood and Water


Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 2
Disc No : 5.5 Episode : 116
First Aired : 14 Apr 1997 Stardate : 50712.5
Director : Avery Brooks Year : 2373
Writers : Edmund Newton, Robbin L. Slocum Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Jeffrey Combs as Weyoun
Lawrence Pressman as Legate Ghemor
Marc Alaimo as Gul Dukat
Rick Schatz as Gantt
Thomas Kopache as Kira Taban
William Lucking as Furel


Kira is delighted to recieve a visit from Legate Ghemor, the Cardassian she has come to think of as a father figure. He is near to death, and wants to reveal all of his military secrets to the Federation. But his revelations come as a shock to Kira and make her question her relationship with Ghemor.
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