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Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 0
Disc No : 5.3 Episode : 107
First Aired : 30 Dec 1996 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Jonathan West Year : 2373
Writers : L. J. Strom Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Ernest Perry, Jr. as Admiral Charles Whatley
Louise Fletcher as Winn Adami
Penny Johnson as Kasidy Yates
YATI : Sisko claims that the stone pillar is eleven metres high - that's about thirty six feet. He then asks for a 75% reconstruction. Yet what he gets is not even close to being twenty seven feet.
Worst Moment : Sisko really hams it up as the mad prophet in this episode.


Bajor is finally admitted into the Federation; but after finding the legendary lost Bajoran city of Bahala, Sisko begins to have visions of the future. As the visions become more and more intense, the begin to threaten his health - but he refuses all treatment, declaring that Bajor must not join the Federation before lapsing into a coma. It falls to Jake to decide whether to intervene, or trust in the prophets to protect their Emissary.
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