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Episode Guest Reviews

Reviewer : Bryan Moore
Ave Rating : 3.6667 for 3 reviews
Title : Timescape Rating : 4
Writers : Brannon Braga Year : 2369
Review : From start to finish, "Timescape" I have always considered this episode to be a classic example of The Next Generation's ability to create a balanced episode: We get an interesting plot, some high tech science (without going into technobabble), the threat of confrontation with the baddie Romulans (who actually weren't bad in this case), and ultimately a scientific and peaceful solution to a problem. Beyond the actual plot, there is a lot of personality to this episode. The opening dialogue aboard the runabout is enjoyable and is a great bit of "family time" between members of the crew, as is Riker in sickbay. The teapot bit at the end has always been one of my favorite "Data being Data" moments, and despite its silliness, Picard and the Smiley Warp Breach was always funnny. It doesn't measure up to some of the truly flawless bits of Season 6 production, "Timescape" proves to be a pretty balanced episode, well thought out, and without any major flaws.
Title : Tin Man Rating : 4
Writers : David Bischoff, Dennis Putman Bailey Year : 2366
Review : I don't have much to contribute to plot analysis for this episode, though I find it solid through and through. Rather, I tend to think of this episode as one that would serve wonderfully if it were created with more modern effects. As the producers had noted, they were limited by the studio environment to truly create a "living ship," out of Gomtu. With modern CGI, this would potentially be a remarkable concept if it were created 25 years later.
Title : Star Trek Beyond Rating : 3
Writers : Doug Jung, Simon Pegg Year : 2263
Review : An attractive alien and the Enterprise crew save the galaxy from Idris Elba by blasting The Beastie Boys over a VHF frequency.

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