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Spock's Brain

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Title : Spock's Brain Rating : 0
First Aired : 20 Sep 1968 Stardate : 5431.4
Director : Marc Daniels Year : 2268
Writers : Lee Cronin Season : 3
Rating : 2.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 0
Review : A patently ridiculous episode. I think it suffers from a major problem in acting. Any fool can act clever, but you have to be very clever to act a fool. The first twenty minutes or so were OK, but it all went downhill from there. As well as the pathetic story, the acting was terrible, from the main cast as well as the guest stars. The whole concept of feeding people stored knowledge through a dryer hood was laughable as well, as was Spock telling McCoy how to operate on himself (although brain surgery can be done without anaesthetic because the brain has no pain receptors). There are a few major YATIs. Firstly, the ion drive ship, NASA launched an ion-propelled probe in 1998, although getting warp speed out of an ion drive would be very impressive. Secondly, if there was a male/female split, how can the males have ended up on the surface? Either they survived a very long time, or surplus male children were sent back up. Thirdly, is this not a huge breach of the Prime Directive? A restored Spock might be able to pull the computers to pieces and install an artificial intelligence to restore this (plus gaining the Federation a lot of knowledge) but Kirk has just made a huge aid commitment otherwise. Overall, silly, ridiculous, badly-acted rubbish.
Reviewer : MarcusP Rating : 4
Review : Say what you will about this episode but I like it. When you think of all the plots and concepts etc. used in sci-fi, stealing someone's brains, and hooking up them as the processor of a computer, in order to maintain your society, is not the silliest one. The atmosphere is quite nice although there's once again a boring fist-fight. McCoy operating with the knowledge he has received from the "teatcher" is a classic scene. As is of course Spock's body as the mindless automaton. I know this episode in universally thrashed but I've always enjoyed it.
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