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The Alternative Factor

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Title : The Alternative Factor Rating : 0
First Aired : 30 Mar 1967 Stardate : 3087.6
Director : Gerd Oswald Year : 2267
Writers : Don Ingalls Season : 1
Rating : 1.0000 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Ben Rating : 0
Review : It's too bad there's so much expository dialogue in this episode; it would be tolerable as a silly, absurdly plotted sci-fi thriller. Instead we get reams of inane, ridiculous, incorrect technobabble that try to fit "anti-matter" and 'alternate universes' where they don't belong. Coming at this episode from the age of the LHC, where everyone and their dog knows the basics of anti-matter, this episode is just painful.
Reviewer : Disciple Rating : 2
Review : Okay, the writing of the episode is a disaster. The Lazarus twins can't stop plummeting from cliffs. The captain treats a trusted friend with genuine concerns like a cheap punk. He doesn't send a security force but goes alone to apprehend a homicidal maniac...bare handed. Oy! Yet I managed to enjoy watching it, because the performers were troupers and gave it their all. Somehow they managed to impart gravity to the lightweight story line. "The Alternative Factor" may contend for the worst-place prize, but I think it won't win.
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 1
Review : Most of this is a complete load of rubbish. I'm not sure about the general understanding of theoretical physics back in the sixties, but somebody has got antimatter completely wrong. If the other universe really had been antimatter, Kirk would have vaporised as soon as he entered it. Spock's and Kirk's explanations made absolutely no sense either, especially considering the fact that they had only ever seen the mad Lazarus, so they had no grounds for deciding that there was more than one of him. Speaking of Lazarus, either version of the character made no real sense either, nor did the idea of leaving him unsupervised. As for the new effects shots, well, they were up to their usual standard. The most interesting thing was the off-axis phaser shot, which looked very effective. Overall, daft plot, indifferent acting and utter scientific nonsense. Thank goodness for the second season Mirror Universe!
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