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The Measure of a Man

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Title : The Measure of a Man Rating : 5
First Aired : 13 Feb 1989 Stardate : 42523.7
Director : Robert Scheerer Year : 2365
Writers : Melinda M. Snodgrass Season : 2
Rating : 5.0000 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : James Hill Rating : 5
Review : Again agree with many of the points made in the review. This is definatly one of my favourite TNG eps which only gets better when re-visting. Why? well the epsiode focus's on a plot which I beleive will become very relevent to our own lives soon. It is very concevable that in the new future AI advanced as Data's will be invented and when it does we may face many of the same questions prestented in this show. I simply love how the focus switches from whether Data is a machine (which he is of coyrse) to whether he has a soal and what would happen if Maddox were to succeed and create an army of Data's! The scene in Ten Forward, is for me, one of my favourite Trek momments which Picard realises this. A++++ simply Trek at its best for me.
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 5
Review : One of my favourite episodes with a good story and good acting. A lot of this referred back to "Court Martial", but there were touches of "The Merchant of Venice", including Louvois - who reminded me somewhat of Portia, but had the same conflict of interest as Areel Shaw. However, in this, the legal proceedure was much more convincing than "Court Martial" (I say this as a fan of legal dramas). Maddox was possibly a bit too arrogant, but I think they went slightly too far on some occasions. However, I also get the feeling that, had Data's wellbeing not been in danger, Maddox would have been allowed to have his way. Jonathon Frakes had an interesting part to play this time, and I think he got it just about right, balancing Riker's conflicting reactions while hardly having to say a word. Whoopi Goldburg had her usual excellent cameo, quiet, but to the point. Picard's final speech was a classic, straight out of Patrick Stewart's RSC days. It obviously did what it was supposed to do. Let us not forget Brent Spiner, who managed to show Data's reactions with no obvious feelings, yet you just KNEW he would be terrified of the results if he could be. Generally, an excellent episode for my 347th review.
Reviewer : MarcusP Rating : 5
Review : A great piece of argumenting in the eternal questions of what is life and do we have souls. Star Trek at it's best and finest!
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