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The Neutral Zone

Guest Reviews

Title : The Neutral Zone Rating : 3
First Aired : 16 May 1988 Stardate : 41986
Director : James L. Conway Year : 2364
Writers : Deborah McIntyre, Mona Glee Season : 1
Rating : 3.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 3
Review : An interesting twist on the 'people out of time' idea. It wasn't 100% original ("KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!"), but done in such a different way that I almost forgot about the precedent. They all seemed to be a comment on the spirit of the times in which the episode was made, the pompous Offenhouse, the overindulgent Clemens and the 'homemaker' Claire Raymond. All three actors were very convincing, and the crew's reaction was interesting as well, including the three direct contrasts, Claire & Deanna, Offenhouse & Picard, and Clemens & Data. However, the premise was ridiculous. The idea of a 21st Century satellite light years from Earth is a bit unbelievable, but not as unbelievable as the thing actually having working gravity and life support. There wouldn't be much need for either if you are only supporting dead bodies, not that they should have any kind of gravity system at all. After a while, the refrigeration systems would stop working as well - they would be too far from a star for the solar panels to work. Still, I think the story made up for all this after a while, and the Romulan Warbird's appearance at the end was a truly great moment. It provided a genuinely menacing presence, which was exactly the effect they were after. Verdict, watchable.
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