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When the Bough Breaks

Guest Reviews

Title : When the Bough Breaks Rating : 0
First Aired : 15 Feb 1988 Stardate : 41509.1
Director : Kim Manners Year : 2364
Writers : Hannah Louise Shearer Season : 1
Rating : 1.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Florida Rating : 0
Review : Hello Enterprise, We're representatives of Aldea. We're interested in opening negotiations with the Federation to supplement/replace your foster care system (surely children are still orphaned in the 24th century!) as well open biological sciences/cultural exchanges. We are confident that we can provide many of the children in your foster care system with enriching lives while preventing Wesley Crusher from coming up with some crazy hunger strike idea.
Reviewer : MarcusP Rating : 2
Review : The episode still has that feeling of new and excitement. Roddenberry himself at the helm and writers having a chance to write new episodes after TOS. The idea of a cloaked planet is a nice one. As is the idea of a weapon that can hurdle a starship parsecs away in seconds. Children and families on board the Enterprise service as a reminder that the age is civilized. There are no wars or conflicts. Until the writers decided otherwise in the future of Star Trek. The ozone-layer analogy is a nostalgic reminder of the 80s, how people viewed the environment and the future of the planet. Plot hole: why kidnap only a handful of children?
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