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Guest Reviews

Title : Nemesis Rating : 5
First Aired : 1 Jan 2002 Stardate : 56844.1
Director : Stuart Baird Year : 2379
Writers : John Logan Season : 10
Rating : 2.8750 for 8 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : drakkillus Rating : 3
Review : Am I the only person that thought this movie was somewhat mediocre? The premise was great, killing off Data, good, but Shinzon came off as whiny, the acting somehow wasn't "there". I didn't enjoy the whole cloning bit, and sticking Worf back on Enterprise seemed like a cheap shot after his glorious time on DS9. The space-borne sequences, however, were pretty much SW quality in excitement, which is great. I hope the next ST film progresses with that further, perhaps stretch them out just a teeny bit longer. It would also be nice if E-E didn't get it's butt kicked next time (if one) we see her.
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 2
Review : I'll be charitable and give Nemesis two stars for effort. For me, it just didn't click. I have only ever seen it on the small screen, but it simply does not work. Some things are fine, and I liked some of the interplay between the regular characters, especially in the wedding scene. Other things are just plain silly. The Argo, yes, it looked cool enough, but it was about as practical as a modern warship carrying a coach and horses. Keep these things for the holodeck. 'Thalaron radiation'. What's a 'thalaron' when it's at home? It strikes me as a pointless piece of technobabble, when you could choose any one of half a dozen particles already used in Trek. Blasting a planet with gamma rays will kill just about all life on it, and gamma rays are real. Then there's the business of a small group of Remens and renegade Romulans taking over with the help of one Human. Surely, there could at least seem to be a Romulan civil war going on, and this side is the side that came from nowhere to take over. Still, we finally got to see that, yes, the Enterprise-E is a true battlewagon. She was up against an opponent twice her size with twice her firepower, invisible to boot. Yet she was still afloat at the end, even after coming down to ram. So at least they were trying. It was also good to see Patrick Stewart trying to act his way out of trouble. Whatever the shortcomings of the film, he did the best he could to help us forget them. Maybe I needed to see it on the big screen, but Nemesis just wdidn't seem up to it in my opinion.
Reviewer : katefan Rating : 0
Review : As much as I disliked Insurrection, I feel that Nemesis fails even more spectacularly. The action was not very impressive and once more the humur was handled terribly. Worf being with Starfleet again was a slap in the face of the DS9 television series where we saw Worf's progression and character development; why couldn't he have been along as Riker's best man, and when the detour begins as Klingon's envoy to Shizon? It is a big deal to me that the Next Gen movies largely ignored DS9 where Worf was concerned. Shizon was a lame villain, the Remans lame bad guys retconned into Trek lore. They are ugly, hence they must be evil. The Romulans are portrayed as idiots in that they actually trust a slave to act in their interests. The action was not very good and Shizon's desire for revenge not very well thought out. Why hate Earth? Why does he want to destroy it? The source of his hatred should be the race that created and enslaved him, then cast him into the mines to rot, forgotten flotsam. Vulcan should be his target, the true Romulan homeworld. The movie blatantly steals from Star Trek II, right down to Data downloading his katra to B4 and the doomsday countdown of the Genesis d...sorry, Thalaron radiation weapon. Disappointing from start to finish.
Reviewer : Cailus Rating : 5
Review : Star Trek X is, for me, downright superb. I've always been surprised by people who claim it isn't, or those who hate it; that genuinely confuses me. The villain, Shinzon, is probably one of the very best villans we have ever seen on Star Trek. Very well acted, he has an beautiful interplay with Picard, and this film does a stunning job of portraying his tortured character. When you compare Shinzon to other villains such as the Borg Queen, Ru'afel, and Chang, he's miles above them in quality. The audience is drawn to like him, but he is still suitably intimidating not because he's sexy (Borg Queen...) or ugly (Ru'afel...), but because he's intelligent. The only low point, for me, is when Picard, Data and Worf find B-4, but apart from this, it flows perfectly. The final battle is extremely well done, with good effects and changes of fortune for both sides. Data's death, while not as well done as Spock's, is still a good touch, and a good piece of continuity in the end, when Riker mentions his meeting Data in Encounter at Farpoint. Overall, probably TNG's best movie. Fantastic.
Reviewer : lexxonnet Rating : 3
Review : Nemesis for me was a good movie with a few too many flaws. It certainly didn't deserve the terrible reputation as the worst Star Trek movie ever, that solely goes to the Final Frontier. Firstly, here's what works for the movie. I love the character of Shinzon. I wish he was given more screen time to develop. I thought Tom Hardy did a good job bringing out the character, but wasn't given enough time to develop Shinzon. The rest of the cast were upto their best, with Worf being under-used and not being given too much to do. I liked the way the movie opened with the wedding ceremony. The battle scenes were fantastic beyond doubt and most importantly easy to follow. I also love the way Picard was really bothered by the way Shinzon had turned out, given that he was essentially the same person who went through different circumstances in life. Shinzon trying to harass Picard by pointing this out at every turn was absolutely brilliant. Now, the bits that didn't work. The entire scene with the Argo was utter rubbish. Prime directive notwithstanding, you wouldn't go drive a buggy around a planet's surface scavenging for parts and then start firing when some aliens turn up and pretty much race them to the shuttle craft. That was 20 minutes of the film that could have been replaced with the line "Beam it up". The "thalaron" weapon was quite silly as well especially given how long it took to deploy. Shinzon's motivation for wanting to destroy Earth was also practically non-existant. I could understand him wanting to destroy Romulus, but not Earth. There were also too many silly plot devices. The arrival of the Romulan ships should have seen the Enterprise making a run out of the Typhon Expanse and getting in touch with the fleet, not staying and trying to fight the Scimitar. The Troi mind-rape scene was unnecessary. The Scimitar was pummeling the Enterprise and then simply sat there as Troi and the Viceroy played mind games. Overall, there was just way too much silliness, culminating in the final 7-minute weapon deployment time. Data's death was also rather unnecessary and completely without an emotional impact. So, why 3 stars when there are so many negatives about the movie? Well... It was certainly a fun ride for the most part. The first time I saw the movie, I remember enjoying it quite a bit. However, on repeat viewings, all the flaws start becoming apparent. But for the amount I enjoyed it the first time I watched it, I guess 3 stars is a fair rating!
Reviewer : Bob Rating : 4
Review : Nemesis was the first Star Trek movie I ever watched, and I can understand some of the flak it gets. The comedic moments felt forced, Shinzon in particular gets some cheesy lines, Picard blatantly violates the Prime Directive with his space buggy and its phaser cannon, the unnecessary jump over the gorge... The escape from the Scimitar was poorly executed, and Data "guessing" the shuttlebay door password was ludicrous. But like all Star Trek movies, Nemesis has a clear theme, in this case, Identity. Picard has to come to terms with his "mirror" counterpart, Shinzon. Data tries to bond with his own mirror, B-4. It's an intriguing examination of how one develops one's own personality and character. Data, despite appearing as emotionless as he did in TNG, demonstrates how human he has become, especially when dealing with B-4. Picard's conversations with Shinzon touched on some deep stuff as well. Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart and Tom Hardy dominate the screen with their impressively nuanced performances, helping to emphasize the movie's great emotional core. Near the end, the movie morphs into a no-holds-barred action flick, and a relatively good one at that. The E-E finally gets into a decent battle, and takes a beating too. The CGI was top notch (note the Aztec paint scheme on the Enterprise's hull), and the fight itself, amazing. Picard's last-ditch ramming manoeuvre was both unexpected and thrilling. Data's farewell (some argue it was unnecessary or just a bad rip-off of Spock's death) was very well done, and the reactions of the crew felt genuine. Picard's knowing smile at the movie's end truly did convey the message that Data, although gone, would live on in one way or the other. While it is far from being the best of the movies, I felt Nemesis was a good effort. While I appreciate how some people didn't enjoy it as much as I did, I must stress that it still isn't the complete flop that some claim it is.
Reviewer : Satan Rating : 2
Review : Nemesis has it's flaws, but in all honesty it's not as bad as most people think. The biggest flaws are of course with the directing, hiring a director that has no idea of the Star Trek franchise was a bad move, especially when he didn't research any part of the franchise before starting, and the film really suffered for that. The movie would have been much better with Johnathon Franks or Levar Burton directing. Also, Worf, Geordi, and Crusher have very little to do in this film, something very unfortunate for the most popular Trek crew's final outing. To be honest I think the film was doomed from the day the release date was announced (and no not because it fell on a Friday the 13th), as it was released in direct competition with The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Bad move. The plot itself did have some good stuff in it, and it makes sense for the TNG era to end with the prospect of peace with the Romulans, just as the TOS era ended with peace with the Klingons. It was great to finally see Riker and Troi finally tie the knot, and the battle with the Scimitar was very well done. Data's sacrifice was also done very appropriately, and I can't think of a better way for the iconic character to go out then sacrificing his own life for the greater good of Earth and his long-time friends on the Enterprise. In all, it's an OK movie, definately undeserving of a lot of the criticism it took, but some of it was legitimate.
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 4
Review : I can't give this film 5 stars, in spite of its cameo from Janeway (now an Admiral), or the superb special effects. Something about the film felt too pompous, and the Enterprise is suddenly the same size as re-deisgned Warbirds (which seem remarkably fragile and under-gunned), but it was very nice to see the Romulans form up in front of the E-E, Riker's like "Just when it couldn't get any worse" and the Romulan commander basically says "No, we're here to help!". The Romulans allowing a human and his Reman followers into power is a bit like Britain or America letting Gorbachev's lieutenant become prime minister or president. There'd be the mother of all civil wars (in fairness, the scenes previously mentioned do deal with this). Why are the Romulans apparently plotting against Earth after they won the Dominion War together? Did they find out or something? (How much better a plot would that have made?) Federation-Romulan relations are like a yoyo. Onto the good stuff. The E-E got into one of the most vicious single battles ever, rivalled perhaps by Enterprise in Azati Prime, but the E-E gives a far better account of itself against the Reman uber-ship - despite barely making a dent until Picard actually rams the Scimitar with the Enterprise. Bravo! I didn't see that coming. The wedding sequence with Data singing was excellent (he starts off bad and suddenly gets very good) and we finally see Riker and Troi get married! Most of the scenes were of an excellent standard and we get Trek's first (only?) car chase. Loved it, didn't think it was as good as First Contact but yeah, it's an easy 4 stars.
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