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Guest Reviews

Title : Demons Rating : 2
First Aired : 6 May 2005 Stardate : 19th Jan 2155
Director : LeVar Burton Year : 2155
Writers : Manny Coto Season : 4
Rating : 2.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 2
Review : Back to the Prime Universe! Well, I suppose it was OK. They're trying to show some of the teething troubles of the new Federation, and some of the reaction to it. In that, it succeeds, it just goes about it a strange way. Firstly, I'm not sure how a woman with a hole in her chest could just walk into a heavily-guarded (I should think) conference room. Secondly, the idea of Trip and T'Pol having a child who neither of them know about is a bit strange. It's obviously the result of some sort of genetic engineering (I'm not even sure if Vulcan females can conceive when not in pon farr) and Trip's reaction was a bit strange. Wouldn't he trust her a bit more than that? Maybe he's having trouble dealing with it. As for sending the two of them on a spy mission, imagine sending Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins into the Soviet Union, no wonder they were picked up so soon. Mayweather got a bit more air time for once, but that just seemed like padding. One thing I did like was the flying mining station, which must be some space equivalent of an oil rig. Not sure about all the firepower they gave it (they'll probably call the new crater 'Paxton') because it seems a bit unreasonable. Paxton himself was curious. He sort-of has a point about Colonel Green, except that 'euthanised' is probably a euphemism for 'murdered'. But in the face of the things the Klingons said in TUC about a 'Homo sapiens only club', his speech will be remembered with some considerable irony. Although several million Vulcans will probably say to several million others, 'Told you so.'. Finally, couldn't we have kept the theme music from last week? (I'm not serious, but it's still better than the usual version.)
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