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T. Kirk




Star Trek XI
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In A Mirror, Darkly

Guest Reviews

Title : In A Mirror, Darkly Rating : 5
First Aired : 22 Apr 2005 Stardate : 13 Jan 2155
Director : James L. Conway Year : 2155
Writers : Michael Sussman Season : 4
Rating : 5.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Ben Rating : 5
Review : A fantastic episode. Had me hooked from the start, and held on until the bitter end. Phlox and Reed gleefully demonstrating their new torture apparatus was wonderful, and Hoshi's transformation from demure wallflower to power-seeking sexpot was great to see, as was T'Pol's use of sex and mindmelds as weapons for her personal gain. Would be nice to see Archer a little more hard-edged (or at least reveal some practical reasons for keeping Forrest and the Tholian alive), but in the majority of scenes he was delightfully immoral and power-hungry. I loved the touch of Enterprise stealing Suliban cloaking technology and using it. Can't wait to see part two, this is probably the best Enterprise has done so far.
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 5
Review : I want to thank Michael Sussman, Manny Coto and everyone else on New Enterprise for giving us this episode, because it proves a point. You want edgy, you want dark, well welcome to the Mirror Universe where we've got it in spades, and it's fun too. Is this what you really wanted? From a Star Trek series, no, but from a Mirror episode, certainly. Everything worked; the story was good, the acting convincing enough, the timing good, and some neat tricks in adapting sets and costumes. The back story (Vulcan invasion fleet? Maybe a propaganda story) gave us a decent explanation for the differences between the two timelines. It wasn't perfect, of course. Why in the Emperor's name does Forrest trust Archer to lead the boarding party even though T'pol is supposed to bump him off? Archer's already betrayed him, so why risk it happening again. My highlights were seeing the whole of a Tholian for the first time, turning a basic shape into a believable creature that looked very alien, and the first sight of a *proper* starship for a very long time. So that's where the Defiant went! Oh yes, and the credits were brilliant (although I would have replaced the F-15 with an Iowa-class firing a full broadside) and the music was much better than the real universe version. Of course, this is only the first part. I'm looking forward to the second!
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