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The Aenar

Guest Reviews

Title : The Aenar Rating : 3
First Aired : 11 Feb 2005 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Mike Vejar Year : 2154
Writers : Andre Bormanis Season : 4
Rating : 3.0000 for 1 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 3
Review : Different from the two earlier parts, this seems like an attempt to inject a bit more emotional involvement into what had been an action-dominated story. They did fairly well, but is was still not quite as good. I love the idea that Andoria is a Europa-like icy moon, something very different from the standard Class M. Thanks to the writer for giving a plausible explanation to the Andor/Andoria question as well. We had quite a few of the usual Enterprise side-stories and diversions, especially T'pol and Trip in this case. It's about time those two made their minds up. Anyway, the story itself came down to the telepathic encounter between Jahmel and Gareb, which made for an odd moment of peace among destruction, I suppose. Verdict, it was still a decent story, but not quite up to the rest of the arc. Finally, why did Reed blow up the second drone? It would have been interesting to analyse it afterwards. Maybe it should have self-destructed instead.
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