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Guest Reviews

Title : Daedalus Rating : 1
First Aired : 14 Jan 2005 Stardate : Unknown
Director : David Straiton Year : 2154
Writers : Ken LaZebnik, Michael Bryant Season : 4
Rating : 1.3333 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Ben Rating : 2
Review : For it's premise, this was a remarkably boring episode. The viewer isn't kept in suspense, but there's no emotional payoff once we know the whole story. Bill Cobbs seemed flat, and the backstory of Quinn being Archer's best friend seems thrown together. It doesn't arise naturally in the dialogue, so I felt no connection when Archer is screaming and yelling about getting Quinn back. Archer's never been afraid of emoting, but this just seemed over-the-top and irrational. I've never though Bakula was a world-class actor, but for some reason his physical acting in this episode really, really bugged me. The material had promise, but it was executed poorly. At least a few scenes had some merit - T'Pol and Phlox, and then T'Pol with Trip; Trip eagerly wanting to work with Erickson, and then being rebuffed (and starting to put the pieces together).
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 1
Review : This looks as though it has been thrown together from bits of other episodes. There were elements of "The Tholian Web" (a partially-visible character wandering around), "The Ultimate Computer" (scientist tries to recapture former glories), "Night" (a massive area of empty space), "Jetral" (the scientist using the ship's transporter for fraudulent purposes) and the soliton wave idea from "New Ground". And of course "The Visitor". However, it all seemed a little predictable, and I for one found it hard to identify with Emroy Erikson. That's possibly BECAUSE it was predictable, we knew a little too much about what he was really up to (the script was liberally sprinkled with clues). The Barrens was another unbelievable situation. It's a bit pointless, especially since there is no such startless void anywhere near Earth (by 21st Century knowledge anyway). Anywhere in interstellar space would do just as well. Other than that, there was nothing specific wrong with it, it was just a weak script.
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 1
Review : I'm giving this one star as it is one of the only Enterprise episodes from season 4 that I have deliberately never watched again (the other being "Bound"). Hopelessly predictable, also establishing Voyager-era transporter range (nice to know the range won't improve in the next 200 years). I might be wrong about that but it's the impression I came away with. I do find it insulting that an episode entitled Daedalus has nothing to do with the Deadalus class - it's time we saw more of Starfleet, and imagine the wealth of storytelling opportunity if a new class of starship appeared that outperformed the NX class and resembled something from the TOS era.
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