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Broken Bow

Guest Reviews

Title : Broken Bow Rating : 3
First Aired : 26 Sep 2001 Stardate : 16-Apr-51
Director : James L. Conway Year : 2151
Writers : Brannon Braga, Rick Berman Season : 1
Rating : 2.4000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : BJH Rating : 1
Review : Oh dear, the tragedy begins. Fans were comfortable with the 24th century. A post Voyager series would have been more than welcome. Even a better written, better paced DS9 type. Instead, we get this piece of faecal matter. Shockiing. Much to answer for, Mr. Braga.
Reviewer : Cailus Rating : 0
Review : Out of all the TNG+ pilots, this is easily the worst. All of the other pilots introduced an interesting premise, interesting characters, and an interesting setting; using an old Cardassian mining station for DS9 is a personal favourite, and the DS9 cast was fantastic, most certainly equal to the TNG cast. And then we have this. Enterprise. So first off, premise. Enterprise is Earth's first true starship? Okay, not bad. Enterprise is taking, and then rescuing, a Klingon diplomat? Huh? The writers had three good beginnings to look at, and they produced this piece of trash? How the hell does rescuing a dumb Klingon compare with Sisko explaining time to the Prophets or Picard arguing for the continued existence of humanity? And then, of course, we have the cast. The only one who is even attempting to approach a real character is T'Pol, and even then, she is an awful copy of Spock, and representative of the similarily awful Enterprise version of the Vulcans. Archer comes off as a brash, impulsive prick in all the wrong ways, and looks to have the intelligence of a peanut-and really, that's an insult to peanuts. And of course, the ship. Aesthetically it looks just as futuristic as TNG-era ships...which makes plenty of sense, since it was designed TWO HUNDREDS YEARS PREVIOUS. Really, it's a blessing that they used keyboards, because that's one of very few things they managed to get right. The ship has absolutely no interesting features; it's just tech that we already know given other fancy names. So, in the end, an awful beginning to an awful show. An insult, really.
Reviewer : =A= Quad Rating : 3
Review : I watched this episode three times before I decided to write a review. I had to realize that there is a supreme difference between what is popular and fun to watch and what is canonically accurate and pleasing to the multitude of stickler fans. It is impossible and probably wrong to separate the five live-action series of Trek in our minds. Therefore, when I finally accomplished this seemingly-horrendous task, I found myself enjoying it immensely. I gave it a 3 instead of a 4 or 5 because I happen to agree with the majority of those stickler fans when they say that it isn't everything it could have been. The technology of Starfleet is indeed in its' infancy and besides the stylings of the latest Enterprise, they got it quite right. The crew's unwillingness to use the transporters is quite humorous to say the least. Overall, not a bad episode and one I wouldn't mind watching again.
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 4
Review : I'm going to be slightly generous and give 4 stars. I enjoyed most of this episode and appreciated the relatively poor tech level of the Enterprise, as well as the fact that Enterprise tends to lose battles during the early episodes until some technobabble comes along. I felt that there were a number of very good scenes, counterbalanced by the horrendous abuse done to the Vulcans and the theme of time travel (seriously Bermaga, this again, in the first episode?). As we now know, the Temporal Cold War made about as much sense and was as well thought through as the Lost mythos which provokes speculation but was ultimately meaningless. I was shocked at how poor Scott Bakula's stilted, uncomfortable delivery of dialogue was throughout the first two seasons - something people don't remark on for some reason - and I was also praying this series would have the passion, drama, excitement and flair of TOS without the cheese. Instead ENT could be as staid as the other spin-offs until things drastically improved in seasons 3-4. With all this in mind, ENT introduces its characters effectively and at this point Reed, Mayweather and Hoshi still have relevance to the plot. The action sequences are well handled. They should have introduced more familiar species instead of emphasising several new ones that we'll never see outside of ENT, and ENT was in many ways the worst prequel ever until season 4 rolled around, but as an opening episode without any forewarning of Bermaga's incompetence, Broken Bow was far less cheesy than DS9 and TNG's pilots and second only to Voyager for action, excitement and interest.
Reviewer : mhb210 Rating : 4
Review : I liked it! Enterprise, especially in its early years, can get a lot of crap - some of which is justified (the infamous decon scenes this episode introduces us to being the most blatant), but when it comes down to sheer enjoyment, this episode doesn't dissapoint. The Temporal Cold War is something that had a lot of potential had it been done right, and this episode does a good job introducing it. Some of the characterization is definitely suffering from First Season Syndrome. Archer at times comes off like a spoiled child and T'Pol like a stuck up bitch, but thankfully these traits tone down as the series progresses.
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