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The Undiscovered Country

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Title : The Undiscovered Country Rating : 5
First Aired : 1 Jan 1991 Stardate : 9521.6
Director : Nicholas Meyer Year : 2293
Writers : Lawrence Konner, Leonard Nimoy, Marc Rosenthal Season : 6
Rating : 5.0000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Captain 8472 Rating : 5
Review : A true classic. A fitting and fulfilling end for the original cast. If there is one aspect of this movie that truly sets the emotional state of affairs it has to be the original actors, in their characters, not wanting to be 'decommissioned' yet understanding that their time has come. This is best demonstrated when Spock states "If I were Human, I would tell them: Go to hell. If I were Human." As for the actual fighting, Shatner displayed that which makes Kirk great. Diving onto the Federation President to shield him with his own body before calmly saying "Kirk, Enterprise." Then there was the scene where we had McCoy and Spock modifying the torpedo. You could feel the mutual respect, trust and even a sense of family between the two. If there is any true down side to the film, it would be the rather short trial of Kirk and McCoy. So much could have been done there if the movie was 10 to 15 minutes longer. Heck, even 30 minutes more spent on the trial could have shown you what everyone was thinking about the whole 'Assassination of the Chancellor' event. Even with this small problem, the overall effect was spectacular.
Reviewer : lexxonnet Rating : 5
Review : This was an almost perfect send-off to the original generation cast. The movie was tight, acting was spectacular and the accompanying effects were executed to perfection. The story itself saw an end to the "cold-war" era between the Federation and Klingons, mirroring the end of the cold war between the USSR and the USA. Star Trek was always at its best when it represented contemporary events with a sci-fi twist, and this was certainly one of the best trek movies in my book. I would have given it 4.5 stars, taking away half a star for the "escape from Rura Penthe" sequence, which was a tad longer than it should have been, however, it didn't affect the movie too much.
Reviewer : Bob Rating : 5
Review : Star Trek VI is not a perfect movie. For me, at least, the "prison break" scenes on Rura Penthe were jarring and came across as unnecessary, only serving to stall the movie while Spock did his part solving the mystery on the Enterprise. The scene where the Klingon warden correctly shoots the shapeshifter, when given two Kirks, was perplexing. Uhura attempting to speak Klingon was awkward. The trial offered an interesting angle, but was rather brief. And during the battle with Chang's Bird of Prey, the Enterprise somehow has the same gaseous anomaly cataloging equipment that Excelsior was clearly stated to have at the movie's opening log entry. Yet through all of these inconsistencies and minor quibbles, the movie's central theme shines through - how two sworn enemies can come together for the greater good. Kirk finally comes to terms with the Klingons after the death of his son. Spock clearly embraces his humanity in addition to his rigid Vulcan persona. There's lots of excellent moments to be seen - McCoy chiding Kirk for the captain's womanizing ways, Kirk and Spock discussing old age. To top it off, the entire film is nearly packaged as a taut political thriller, filled with plenty of intrigue and surprise moments, especially where the Enterprise apparently opens fire. All the Shakespeare quotations fit perfectly into the film's context. The climactic Battle over Khitomer was a great grudge match, complete with the crew's signature creative solution. The excellent music encompassed the entire gamut, brooding one moment, intense the next. And Kirk's final log entry, the Enterprise-A sailing to her retirement, the cast "signing off" - pure perfection. Star Trek VI is not a perfect movie. But it is awesome nonetheless.
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 5
Review : What a wonderful sendoff for the original cast, and I suppose for Gene Rodenberry. We had a sense of things changing and moving on all the way through. I've seen the extended version as well, and the extra scenes contributed a little. The conspiracy itself was somewhat incredible, I can understand Nanclus being involved with the full backing of his government (the Romulans would gain a great advantage from any conflict) but Cartwright and Chang are very unlikely allies, and especially Valeris - a Vulcan 'bred to peace'. Still, stranger things have happened. The scenes on Rura Penthe did not really contribute much (apart from allowing William Shatner to snog a supermodel) and one has to wonder whether it would have been better to extend the trial until Spock's rescue mission. One oddity is the torpedo that tore through the Enterprise's saucer - it must have failed to explode, so Kirk's infernal luck held. As for the acting, Shatner finally manages not to go completely over the top, Leonard Nimoy was excellent as ever, DeForest Kelly ditto and the other regulars backed him up very well. Kim Cattrall did very well, unbelievable as her character's actions were, she was certainly convincing. Christopher Plummer managed not to let us think of "The Sound of Music" for a moment, although all those Shakespeare quotes got tedious after a while. Finally, good cameo for Michael Dorn. Briefly, the highlights, the opening scene was good (and Sulu more than deserves a good command), the zero-g scene on the Kronos 1 was bizarre; the trial scene may have been short, but it was good; and the last few minutes brought a tear to my eye. So, that's it, the end of the road for the E-A and her crew. They gave us some wonderful moments, but nothing lasts for ever.
Reviewer : Satan Rating : 5
Review : After the complete failure of "The Final Frontier," I'm glad the TOS crew was able to bounce back and end their run on a high note. I can't think of a better way to end the TOS crew's run by finally making peace with their long time enemy, the Klingons. Kirk coming to terms with his hatred of the Klingons since the death of his son was also a nice touch, and an excellent use of continuity and all the character development over the years. The conspiracy played out nicely and kept me guessing throughout most of its play the first time I watched it. If I were to change one thing about this movie, it would be the pink pepto-bismal Klingon blood, but I suppose it works for the plot (and the fact that the film makers wanted to get the rating down), so I'm forgiving of it. All in all, an excellent film, right up to the standards of Wrath of Khan and First Contact.
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