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Star Trek Into Darkness

Guest Reviews

Title : Star Trek Into Darkness Rating : 4
First Aired : 9 May 2013 Stardate : 2259.55
Director : J.J. Abrams Year : 2259
Writers : Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci Season : 12
Rating : 2.1818 for 11 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Hilomh Rating : 5
Review : Really? Nemesis gets 5 stars and this only gets 4?
Reviewer : Cailus Rating : 3
Review : The painful truth is that while I enjoyed the film...I enjoyed it despite itself. There were good bits, such as Kirk's continuing to mature...and bad bits. The entire end of the film was simply awful. The rehash of WoK's death scene, Spock's emotional rampage, and THAT BLOODY SCREAM. I relished the idea of Spock vs Khan, but the implementation was poor, a simple fistfight. A good fistfight, sure, but nothing noteworthy. You give us Khan's brilliant mind, his ferocity, his passion and sheer brutality. You give us Spock's brilliant mind, his scientific knowledge, his subtle compassion and Vulcan logic. And you make them punch each other. Woohoo. And in the meantime, Kirk, who has been on his own journey, lies in the background. No Kirk vs Khan. We don' get to see Kirk's brilliant mind, his mastery of the Enterprise and starship combat, his tactical and strategic mastery...we get to see him punching Section 31 (*sigh*...), punching Scotty, and kicking his own ship in the balls. This film was sadly like its predecessor. Great acting, great special effects, and writers who need to get fired.
Reviewer : Skipbear Rating : 0
Review : It's been over a week since I saw this piece of trash and it still gives me heartburn. You messed with the wrong episode and movie and totally dishonored it in the process. Lots of big fx, explosions, fights etc. with none of the feelings and character. Some cute little bits here and there but I found myself groaning through a lot of it. It feels like someone decided to reimagine "Gone With the Wind" set during Battle of Britan with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as Rhett and Scarlet. Then in the end she walks out on him. Took a lot of risks here that did not pay off. I would have prefered seeing this done with Gary Mitchell rather than Khan. It might have been a far more meaningful use of the this cast. Better still don't redo/reimagine any old episodes. It would be better. I would sooner see another STNG movie or trade this turkey for two more seasons of Enterprise.
Reviewer : NoMoe15 Rating : 4
Review : Not a bad movie. The story flowed nicely. Although I would have liked to have seen the Enterprise do a little ship vs ship battle. I loved it when Khan got his do beating.
Reviewer : Heruskael Rating : 0
Review : Hackneyed ripoff that has no substance. Not a single plot device makes sense as to why anyone would do any of it.
Reviewer : Spockinator Rating : 3
Review : --Redundant story line- did Kirk really have to lose the captain seat again? And the turn around to get the seat back was almost instantaneous. / --Canon errors (yes I know the timeline changed gasp)- capt pike should not have died, he should have been disabled and put in the wheelchair thing from the original serries. / --Stupid things: 1. Enterprise under the water - pressure of water is opposite from space = it would be crushed. Was it supposed to be hiding?? Oh lets try to sink a ship the size of a city under the sea, that’s far more discrete!! Why couldn't they beam down?? They beamed Spock out of the volcano oh but that couldn't work... 2. The volcano- cold fusion is not 'cold' and would not stop a volcano = stupid! Furthermore, don't they have remote control detonation devices in that time line. Going into the volcano was unnecessary. Furthermore, why did Spock not have a problem violating the prime directive? Seemed so important to him... geesh. 3. One minute khan is an enemy and hunted by all. the next minute he is back as an enemy and the back as an ally. It just was tiring. 4. The exact number of special torpedoes given to Kirk to kill khan with was 72. Wow!! The exact number of torpedoes that made khan stop his assault. Would have stopped if it had been 71 or 73. Plus, his advanced intelligence might have led him to hide his people in something that isn't supposed to be shot out of a ship and made to explode = stupid. 5. A hidden more powerful starship that has its own crew that can kick the crap out of the brand new enterprise from the first movie. Ya, where did they keep that??? -- poor character development. The characters didn't grow together at all. In the original movies/series, the characters were pals and had shall I say intimate relationships. I thought Abrams did a good job in bringing them together at the end of the first movie and the casting is great but in this movie there was no cohesiveness. It even was so bad that Scotty got fired over one disagreement. Geesh. Also, Khan had none of the charisma of the original, he simply walked about looking mad. Should have been more character development there. --pointless moments: Klingons- cool to see but not important to plot at this point Dr. Marcus (the hot blonde)- first of all, she was the biologist who worked on genesis not a weapons specialist. But her being on board because there were 'special torpedoes' on board was silly-- her undressing, while a bonus, was unneeded... /////// The movie was great in terms of action. Seems like they were going for the Star Wars/Super Hero movie model. I just feel like the great characters that we love are being pushed to be just another starwars/action hero shootem up (jumping around from platform to platform is so starwars-esk). So I give it an 'A' for entertainment a 'C-' for keeping with the ideals of startrek and science.
Reviewer : The Doctor Rating : 0
Review : I give this movie two ratings. One is for a Star Trek fan concerned with accuracy and the integrity of the franchise with a rating of one star. Two as one new to Star Trek or is not concerned about the accuracy of the Star Trek universe with a rating of 3.5 stars. If one is not concerned about the accuracy of the Star Trek universe it was a good movie that would keep your attention. Great special effects although there are some scenes that would need further explaining. Although I am not a diehard Star Trek fan I am concerned with how the latest movies hold up to the accuracy and keep the integrity of the Star Trek franchise. The following is my opinion and is not meant to infringe upon others feelings or thoughts regarding the new Star Trek time line. And any negative reviews that I agree with will not need to be repeated. I still do not like the ship's new design. The nacelles are overly big and the secondary hull is too skinny through out the last half. Over all these design defects create a ship that looks out of balance and top heavy. The interior of the secondary hull reminds me of a university warehouse with a bunch of disorganized projects thrown together and not like an advanced orderly constructed starship. The phaser firing sounds whimpy and I prefer the continuous phaser blast rather than the multiple pea shooter idea now being used for phasers. Taking the story line about Khan and re-writing it dishonors the original, and the timeline according to this website is way off from the original. Than on top of that re-writing Star Trek II and III into this movie is poor story creating. Seems like Directors and writers can't come up with anything original anymore. While the actor playing Kirk does a good job, the new Kirk is not respectable. There is no way a first year disrespectful and irresponsible graduate is going to be made first office and than given command of the fleets flag ship. And it is as ridiculous to think that any high ranking body would continue to put up with his disrespect of the rules on a continuous basis. This Kirk has no credibility what so ever to be captain of any ship. At least the original Kirk took 8 years to earned his command according to the timeline on this respectable website. A ridiculous scene in the movie is when Kirk and Scotty are hanging from a gangway somewhere in the secondary hull near engineering. Not only is it ridiculous to have this gangway with a large opening designed into the ship (reminds me of Galaxy Quest) , but it is ridiculous to think that Kirk could hold himself and Scotty by one hand hanging from the railing of the gangway and than have skinny Chekov to pull them both at the same time up over the railing to keep them from falling. This movie as the first is just riddled with to many inconsistencies with the original Star Trek universe that even a new timeline cannot fix. These facts plus the other negative comments from this review section I give my rating of one star.
Reviewer : Romanul Rating : 3
Review : An average SF movie and a poor ST movie. Why a poor ST movie? Because it seems to disrespect much of what ST is (for good or bad). Why an SF average movie? The action is good, the special effects are great but the whole story is really hard to believe( yes, even for a SF movie). A 20 some year old immature youth leading the greatest ship in the federation despite breaking all the rules? THe chief engineer (Checov) is only 17 years old. It's like the whole ship is run by kids and it makes it so hard to take the universe seriously. At times you get the feeling it's a parody. It's a shame really. On the bright side, I am so happy that this is a BO hit. It means ST is not going to die(yet) and maybe, just maybe we will get a movie/ TV show with the old school ST. I can dream, right?!
Reviewer : A Sci-Fi Fan Rating : 0
Review : I am a die hard Star Trek fan and have been since childhood. I am simply disgusted with the state of Trek movies today. Overall I am very unhappy with what reboot/rewrite happy Hollywood is doing to some of my favorite life time memories of sci-fi/superhero universes. People like JJ Abrams, Michael Bay, Disney, Sony Pictures, et al. are leading this charge. It is apparent that they have no respect for what has come before by the way they usurp, rape, and pillage the very essence of what made these genres so endearing in the first place. Focusing again on Star Trek, the idea of exploring "another" universe of Trek is appealing. I think any Trek fan would find the prospect appealing as well. After the first movie came out I had some issues with it. Red Matter, really? A better explanation of it can't be provided? Ok I'll deal with it. The Enterprise in this time line is larger than the Enterprise-D in the standard time line. So I'm supposed to believe that the much older technology is supposed to be able to engineer a ship of similar size as technology approximately a hundred years more advanced? Alright I guess that can be explained away. So you choose a brewery as the set to represent the engine room of this much larger more technologically advanced (than the standard time line) ship? That one is very hard to swallow. I could continue, but I digress. Despite the short comings of the first film an interesting premise was raised, and I had high hopes for the second. It failed miserably. There is not one redeeming quality to this film save the special effects. It was just more of the same problematic story and story telling of the last movie. The Enterprise wasn't big enough so now there is a bigger ship the Vengeance. Kirk and Khan briefly join forces. Yes I suppose anything is possible in a different universe, but I don't like it. I does disservice to the classic Kirk/Khan dynamic. Blowing up Vulcan in the last movie wasn't enough, now the Vengeance has to crash into Starfleet HQ. Finally, Spock died in the standard time line so now it has to be one uped by Kirk dying in this one, but wait he can still be saved. Its a pointless plot twist. As long as Abrams is in control I don't think I'll be able to watch another Trek movie again. Considering the havoc he has cause with Trek I loath to consider what he is going to do with Star Wars.
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 5
Review : The moans... the moans! Star Trek Into Darkness is a hugely enjoyable action film with some of the best special effects to date and the most imaginative sequences in all of Star Trek. This is not the staid, bombastic, laid-back Trek from days of yore, this is aggressive, exciting, in-your-face, giving Trek a modernisation that has been needed for a long time. People who complain about how different this feels to classic Trek probably also complain about Voyager and Enterprise for totally opposite reasons; Star Trek can't win these people, and I'm glad JJ Abrams took Trek in his own direction. You've got to bear in mind the number of touches which integrate this into Trek continuity, there's even a glimpse of the NX-01 as a model on someone's desk. The dialogue is superior to much of Trek, the characters are convincing, superbly well-acted, they come across as genuinely being explorers with noble intentions (compared to Voyager, which was essentially Janeway's battering ram to get home due to relentless encounters with hostile species who all had it in for the Voyager crew for unexplained reasons). I felt this was respectful to Trek fans while still introducing something new. The vision, the action sequences, are way beyond anything we've seen before. There is a humanity, a sense of love and respect, that pervades this film. I understand people didn't want a remake of WOK, particularly when they took the apparently racist option of casting a white man as the villain when the original was of colour, but honestly, he played the villain so magnificently that it's made me recommend the film to epople who don't care for Trek or sci-fi. How many other Trek films can you say that about? Complain about STID all you want, I feel this film delivers what Trek fans have been clamouring for.
Reviewer : Mike Rating : 1
Review : Where to start? Ok, Karl Urban still has McCoy nailed down, and Kirk is not shagging an Orion female this time, character interaction (Sulu, remind me never to p*ss you off), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock). Ok so much for the pros. Now to the Khans (pun intended): pretty much everything else. Starting with LENS FLARE!!!! This movie pretty much shatters the odd-even theory of movie quality since it it is number 12 overall and almost as bad as it's predecessor Whatever the writers got for this movie it should have been the electric chair and a pink slip, in that order. Blatent ripoff of 'The Wrath Of Khan' as well as some parts of Diane Carey's novel 'Dreadnaught'. Spock running to mama, errrrrr, I mean Spock Prime, to help solve his problem? It does not bode well for this Vulcan's career in Starfleet. I didn't pay to see this movie and I am glad I didn't. As SF, an adequate to good movie. As Trek..... don't ask.
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