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The Chute

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Food :Baked Potato, Baked Risan Beans, Chateau lafite Rothschild, Flambe Noodles, Fudge Ripple Pudding, Grilled Mushrooms, Onion Rings, Roast Lamb, Shrimp with Fettran Sauce
People :Andrews, Liria, Piri, Pit, Rib, Vel, Zio
Planets :Akritiri, Heva VII
Sci-tech :Trilithium
Ship classes :Akritiri Ship, Neelix's Trader
Ship internals :Neelix's Trader - Image 2
Species :Akritiri, Fire Ant
Stations :Akritiri Prison
Station internals :Akritiri Prison - Image 1, Akritiri Prison - Image 2, Akritiri Prison - Image 3, Akritiri Prison - Image 4, Akritiri Prison - Image 5, Akritiri Prison - Image 6
Timeline :2373

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