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VOY Crew Manifest

Senior Staff

Name Description
Kathryn Janeway [1] Janeway's first posting after the academy was as a science officer aboard the USS Al-Batani [2], where her commanding officer was Captain Owen Paris. She participated in the Orias Expedition. [1] During her time aboard the Al-Batani Janeway once misaligned the positronic relays, knocking out power to six decks. [2]

As a Lieutenant Janeway took part in a border conflict with the Cardassians. At one point she was part of an away team which defended a Federation outpost. The team was cut off from support and locked in combat for three days. At one point her commanding officer ordered Janeway and another officer to crawl out from cover to rescue a wounded Cardassian solider stranded between the two sides. She would later comment that although she thought her orders were crazy, in retrospect saving the life of an enemy would be one of her proudest moments.Janeway and every other member of the away team was later decorated by Starfleet. [3]

Janeway first rose to command in 2363, when she first met Tuvok. She was annoyed when Tuvok criticised her in front of three Starfleet Admirals for failing to observe proper tactical procedures during that first missionm but had to admit that Tuvok was correct in his assessment. [4]

Janeway also served on the USS Billings. During her time there she ordered an away team to survey a volcanic moon. A magma eruption damaged their shuttle, severely injuring three of the team. Janeway returned to the moon alone the following day to complete the survey. She wanted the crew to know that their suffering had not been in vain. [5]

In 2371 Janeway was appointed Commanding Officer of the USS Voyager. Her first mission was to explore the Badlands in an effort to recover her tactical officer Tuvok, who had been working undercover to penetrate the Maquis cell commanded by Chakotay. While in the Badlands both Voyager and Chakotay's ship were dragged over 70,000 light years across the galaxy by an energy wave. [1] The ships had been abducted by a powerful being known as the Caretaker, who was looking for a species with compatible biology to allow him to reproduce. Although Janeway had an opportunity to return Voyager to its home space, she chose instead to destroy the Caretaker's array with tri-cobalt devices in order to prevent it's advanced technology from falling into the hands of the Kazon. [1]

Janeway and Chakotay both agreed to combine their crews for the return to the Alpha Quadrant. Integrating the Maquis into Voyager's crew was a little problematical at times but Janeway came to respect their abilities. [6]

The ship spent the first two years in the Delta Quadrant fighting off frequent Kazon attacks. [7] At one point she attempted to establish a limited alliance with the Kazon and the Trabe, but the effort failed when the Trabe betrayed the peace process. [8] Jonas, an engineer serving on Voyager, passed information to the Kazon on several occasions and ultimately sabotaged the ship as part of a plot to capture it, but he failed and was killed when Neelix uncovered the plan. [9] Most notably, in 2372 the Kazon managed to capture the ship and strand the crew on a primitive planet. [10] Fortunately Tom Paris was able to recruit help from a group of Talaxians and recapture the ship. [11]

In 2372 Janeway and Chakotay became infected with an incurable disease. The progress of the disease was halted by the atmosphere of a nearby planet, so she reluctantly ordered the ship to leave the two there and proceed to Earth. Fortunately Voyager was able to gain medical knowledge from the Vidiians which enabled them to return and cure the officers. [12]

Janeway spent considerable effort searching for ways to speed Voyager's return to Earth. She managed to establish communication with a romulan ship via a wormhole, but was unable to exploit this as the wormhole was linked to a point twenty years in Voyager's past. [13] Another effort utilising the Barzan wormhole also failed. [14] She would also try to convince the Sikarians to transport Voyager tens of thousands of light years towards Earth using their trajector technology, but this effort failed because of cultural and technological incompatabilities. [15] She also attempted to utilise advanced drive technologies such as pre-existing Borg transwarp conduits [16], a stolen Borg transwarp coil [17], a null space catapult [18] and a quantum slipstream drive [19], with varying degrees of success. [7]

Although some of the species Voyager encountered were peaceful, Janeway acquired more than her fair share of enemies during the trip. Beginning in 2372 she suffered occasional visits by Q [20], and in 2373 her crew participated in the Q civil war inspired by Quinn. [21] Q would later place his child temporarily under Janeway's care in an attempt to help him to learn Human morality. [22]

More ominously, Voyager had frequent encounters with the Borg during its time in the Delta Quadrant. Janeway encountered a wrecked Borg cube in 2373 and lent assistance to a group of surviving drones who had been cut off from the collective by the accident, though she was dismayed when some of the group chose to re-establish a limited form of the collective on the survivors. [23] Some months later Janeway encountered an entire fleet of Borg cubes, but they ignored Voyager almost completely. She found the ships wrecked hours later, a result of a battle with Species 8472. Considering the new species an even greater threat than the Borg, Janeway chose to ally herself with the Borg in an attempt to develop a weapon for use against 8472. [24] The attempt was successful, and the 8472 fleet retreated from Borg space. The Borg attempted to assimilate Voyager but the ship was able to escape, capturing a Borg drone called Seven of Nine in the process. [25] Janeway refused to allow the formerly Human drone to return to the collective [26], and spent a great deal of time and effort encouraging her to rediscover her humanity. [7] Janeway was eventually able to negotiate a peace agreement with 8472 on a future meeting. [27]

The Hirogen were also an occasional thorn in Voyager's side. First encountered in 2374, Janeway used a Hirogen communications system to transmit Voyager's EMH to a Starfleet vessel. The EMH was successful in informing Starfleet of Voyager's continued existence and attempts to reach home. [28] Janeway would fight off Hirogen attacks on several occasions [7], but in 2377 the ship was captured by the Hirogen and the crew were forced to participate in various holodeck battles for their amusement. [29] Janeway ultimately managed to regain control of the ship, and donated an optronic datacore to the Hirogen in order to allow them to create holodecks of their own. It was her hope that in this way the Hirogen would cease their endless preying on other sentient species. [30]

Unfortunately, the Hirogen used the technology to create sentient holograms which they designed to feel the maximum possible amount of pain and fear during the hunt. The holographic prey rebelled, seeking to free others of their kind and escape Hirogen control forever. [31] Janeway sympathised with their plight but was hesitant to assist them given the violence they were capable of. Ultimately she was able to capture the majority of the holograms and convince the remainder to embark on a less bloody course of action. [32]

Janeway also had regular brushes with time travel. In 2371 Voyager became trapped in the event horizon of a Class 4 quantum singularity. The ship met an alternate version of itself within the singularity, but Janeway was able to escape safely with the help of B'Elanna Torres. [6] Shortly afterwards Janeway and Tom Paris were thrown a short time into the past whilst investigating a planet devastated by a polaric energy explosion. She was able to alter the timeline to avoid the explosion, thus avoiding the initial trip. [33] In 2373 she took Voyager though a temporal rift created by the Federation Timeship Aeon, piloted by Captain Braxton, catapulting the Starship back to 20th century Earth. The Timeship itself crashed a few decades earlier, allowing Henry Starling to use its advanced technology to instigate a massive computer revolution. [34] Janeway was able to prevent Starling from using the ship to gain further advantage, and her crew was returned safely to their own time and place. [35]

In 2374 Voyager encountered the Krenim, a species which in some timelines used temporal technology to "delete" opponents from history. In at least one timeline the ship faced virtual destrouction as a result of repeated Krenim attacks [36], but Janeway was ultimately able to destroy the Krenim Timeship and restore a more agreeable timeline. [37] As a result of one of Voyager's efforts to return home, this time by use of a quantum slipstream drive, the ship was destroyed with the loss of all hands except Harry Kim and Chakotay. The two laboured for decades to find a way to alter history in order to avoid the accident, and were ultimately successful in creating a new timeline in which the destruction of the ship was avoided. [19] Captain Braxton was often involved with Janeway's time travelling activities, and had to repair the damage caused by at least three major temporal incursions creating numerous paradoxes. He had little patience with her actions, and eventually became so enraged with her that he attempted to destroy the ship. Ironically this resulted in yet more temporal incursions and paradoxes, and Braxton was ultimately arrested for his actions by his subordinate. [38]

Although Janeway did often refuse to violate Federation principles during her time in the Delta Quadrant, she was not adverse to "bending" the rules whe it suited her. In 2373 she chose to tresspass on the territory of a species known as "The Swarm", which led to the near destruction of Voyager in a conflict with the aliens. [39] In 2375 she chose to force medical assistance on B'Elanna against her will. [40] Perhaps most notably, in 2372 Janeway was faced with a new crewmember, Tuvix, who was created in a transporter accident which combined Neelix and Tuvok. Although Tuvix was a new lifeform with a personality and freedom of his own, Janeway nevertheless chose to murder him in order to restore her two shipmates. [41]

In 2375 Janeway encoutnered the USS Equinox, a Federation Starship also stranded in the Delta Quadrant. She was incensed to find that Captain Ransom and his crew were murdering alien life forms as part of a program to utilise an advanced warp engine to return home. [42] Janeway's pursuit of Ransom involved her attempted torture of one of his officers and striking a deal with the aliens to give him up in return for peace. [43] In 2377 Janeway was able to use a Borg transwarp conduit to finally return her ship and crew safely to Earth. [44] In recognition of her historic journey Starfleet promoted her to Admiral. In 2379 she ordered Captaimn Picard to take the USS Enterprise-E to Romulus to meet with the new Praetor, Shinzon. [45]
Chakotay [1] Chakotay's early life was not an altogether happy one; his father was a traditionalist who tried to educate his children in the ways and beliefs of their ancestors. Chakotay rejected those teachings, and this was a source of some friction between the two. Later he was to come to appreciate what his father had been trying to teach him, and Chakotay has tried to combine the best elements of the twenty fourth century with the traditions of his tribe. [46]

At age eighteen Chakotay joined Starfleet Academy, and graduated successfully in 2354. [46] His Starfleet career was a distinguished one, but when the Federation signed a treaty ceding considerable territory to the Cardassians [47], Chakotay resigned his commission and joined the Maquis to defend his home colony from Cardassian occupation. [1]

In 2371, Chakotay was commanding a Maquis vessel near the Badlands when his ship was attacked by a Cardassian warship. He managed to lose the Cardassians in the plasma storms, but his ship was dragged into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker as part of that entities experimental breeding project. [1] Chakotay formed an alliance with Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager in order to try and find a way home. When his ship was destroyed by the Kazon, Chakotay was appointed First Officer of Voyager by Captain Janeway. [1] He has served in this post ever since. [7]

Chakotay has acted as something of a counterbalance to Janeway's runaway ego on Voyager, and is often the ship's main voice of reason. [7] This has led to direct opposition on at least two occasions; the first came when Janeway allied with the Borg against Species 8472. When Janeway was injured she ordered Chakotay to make the alliance work in order to allow Voyager to cross Borg space. Nevertheless, once she was unconscious he dissolved the alliance and struck out on his own. [25] On the second occasion Janeway attempted to force information from a member of the USS Equinox's crew by allowing hostile aliens to attack him. Chakotay disobeyed direct orders in order to protect the man, and later admitted that he had considered attempting to remove her from command. [43]

During 2377 Chakotay and Seven of Nine began to become attracted towards one another, and in the latter part of the year they pursued a romantic relationship. [48]
Tuvok [1] Born in 2264, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok is amongst the older of Voyager's crew. He first joined Starfleet at the age of twenty five, and after his graduation in 2293 he was assigned to the USS Excelsior. He served on board the ship during the Khittomer crisis; during this time he came into conflict with Captain Sulu when he objected to the Captain's decision to disregard orders in order to assist his friends. After the crisis was past Tuvok continued to find it difficult to fit in with Starfleet, and in 2398 he resigned and returned to Vulcan to attempt the Kohlinar discipline.

Tuvok repeatedly failed the Kohlinar, and after six years he abandoned the discipline when he underwent Pon Farr [49]
, instead marrying T'Pel. [50] He spent the next forty five years living quietly on Vulcan, concentrating on raising a family. In 2349 Tuvok decided to return to Starfleet, having developed a more flexible attitude to alien philosophies. He served on board several ships, including the USS Wyoming, [49], before becoming chief tactical officer of the USS Voyager. Whilst in this post he was ordered to infiltrate the Maquis, and he was successful in this mission. In 2371 his ship was lost in the Badlands when the Caretaker transported them to the Delta Quadrant. When Voyager followed the ship and was also abducted [1], Tuvok returned to his own ship. [1] He continued to serve on board Voyager for the next seven years. [7] Tuvok felt that he should have become Janeway's first officer, and thought that it was a mistake on Janeway's part to promote Chakotay to the post. As a result he and Chakotay did not get along very well for several years, although eventually they began to forge a better working relationship. [51]

Tuvok felt himself to be somewhat isolated from the rest of the crew during much of his time on Voyager, and rarely took part in social activities. This began to change during the last couple of years of the ship's journey; Tuvok became closer to Harry Kim when he tried to teach the Ensign Vulcan emotional discipline, and the two became regular kal-toh players. [52] He also developed a degree of friendship for Neelix. [53]

During his final year on Voyager, Tuvok developed the early stage of a degenerative neurological condition. The condition can only be cured by a mind meld with a compatible relation, and Tuvok was resigned to having his condition gradually deteriorate. However, Voyager's successful use of a Borg transwarp hub to reach Earth brought him back to his family far earlier than expected, [44] and he was cured shortly afterwards.
B'Elanna Torres [1] The product of a Human father and Klingon mother [1], B'Elanna Torres had a difficult childhood. She lived on Kessik IV, a Federation colony at which she and her mother were the only Klingons. Her father abandoned the family when she was five, and her mother moved to the Klingon home world. [54] B'Elanna joined Starfleet academy when she was 18, but her time there was turbulent; she argued constantly with many of her tutors, constantly challenging their methods and assumptions. After her second year she left the academy, unaware that at least one of her tutors was so impressed with her ability to question him that he left a letter in her permanent file saying that he would fully support her if she wished to rejoin. [6]

B'Elanna subsequently joined the Maquis, and spent some months fighting the Cardassians. In 2371 she was part of the crew of the vessel dragged to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker [1], and after the loss of her ship she was forced to become a member of the USS Voyager's crew. [1] B'Elanna continued to have difficulty fitting in with Starfleet, and assaulted at least one member of the engineering crew. Despite this, Captain Janeway appointed her as Chief Engineering Officer. [6] B'Elanna eventually adapted to Starfleet methods and came to excel in her new role. [7]

She continued to have difficulty accepting her Klingon nature, but gained a different perspective on this when a Vidiian scientist used that species advanced medical technology to split B'Elanna into two separate people, one Klingon and one Human. [55] She subsequently made more of an effort to accept her Klingon half, and at the prompting of Tom Paris began to recreate and participate in some Klingon rituals. [16]

In 2374 B'Elanna and Tom became romantically involved, [16] and despite some difficult tensions they were married in 2377. [56] She became pregnant soon afterwards, [54] and gave birth to a baby girl towards the end of the year, just minutes after Voyager finally reached the Alpha Quadrant. [44]
Thomas Eugene Paris [1] The son of a famous Starfleet Admiral, Tom Paris has suffered from being under his fathers shadow all of his life. He has always been afraid that no matter what he does he will come a poor second in his family; as a result he has tended to engage in destructive behaviour, both in his career and personal life, in order to prevent direct comparisons. Paris will almost inevitably act to destroy any part of his life which is succeeding by engaging in reckless and irresponsible acts, a tendency that came to a head during his academy years. [7] During a training exercise Paris caused the deaths of several other cadets; initially he lied about this to the inquiry board, but was overcome by guilt and eventually decided to tell the truth. Starfleet expelled him from the academy, causing a rift with his family which has never had the chance to heal. [1]

Paris soon decided to join the Maquis, but he was not well regarded there. He served under Chakotay, who regarded him as an opportunist who would work for "anybody who could pay his bar bills" - an assessment that paris agreed with. On his very first mission for the Maquis Paris was captured and sentenced to serve time in a Starfleet rehabilitation centre. [1]

Whilst at the centre Paris was approached by Captain Janeway. She asked his help in capturing Chakotay , who had recently gone missing in the Badlands, in return for Starfleets support for an early release. Paris agreed, and was subsequently dragged into the Delta Quadrant with Voyager. [1] He has served as Conn officer on the ship ever since. [7]

His time on Voyager has seen something of a change in Paris; he has matured a good deal, becoming a more stable person. In 2374 he became romantically involved with B'Elanna, and this has provided a further stabilizing influence in his life. [16] In 2377 the two were married [56], and when she became pregnant shortly afterwards Tom began to become more responsible. [54] He was even looking forward to a reconciliation with his father when the ship finally reached home, an event which happened just as his daughter was born. [44]
Harry Kim [1] Born in the same year as Wesley Crusher, Harry Kim was an only child. [13] He joined Starfleet in 2366 and graduated after the normal four year course. [57] His first posting was to the USS Voyager, where he was stranded in the Delta Quadrant along with the rest of the crew when the Caretaker pulled the ship across the galaxy. [1]

Kim's time on Voyager has been rather eventful. In 2371 he was pulled through a subspace vacuole to another planet, where he initiated something of a religious crisis by causing the natives to question their ideas of death and the afterlife. [58] Shortly afterwards he was briefly imprisoned in an energy lattice by a non-corporeal lifeform which Voyager accidentally picked up. [59] In 2372 he found himself apparently returned to Earth, but it proved to be an illusion created by an alien species. [57] In the same year he was part of the team which developed a drive system capable of propelling a shuttle at Warp 10. [60]

In 2372 Kim was killed during a series of Vidiian attacks on Voyager. Another Voyager from an alternate universe was brought into our own reality during the incident, and when that ship was destroyed their Harry Kim joined Voyager as a replacement. The two universes were essentially identical up to the time of the crossover, and so Kim was essentially resurrected by the transfer. [61]

One of the strangest things to happen to him came in 2373, when a group of aliens claimed that Kim was not in fact Human at all, but was one of their own offspring. Unfortunately for Kim, it transpired that the aliens wanted to use his body in order to propagate themselves, a process which would have proved fatal for him. [62] At the end of that year Kim was infected by cells of an 8472 alien, which threatened to overwhelm his entire body until the EMH managed to modify some Borg nanoprobes to defeat the invasion. [24]

All of this has led to Harry acquiring something of a reputation as one of life's victims. However, in his latter years on Voyager he began to become more assertive in his thinking and seemed to be maturing somewhat. [7]
Seven of Nine [25] In 2373 the crew of the USS Voyager forged an alliance with the Borg in order to combat Species 8472; as part of that alliance Captain Janeway agreed to work aboard a Borg vessel to develop a weapon to be used against 8472. Rather than assimilate the Captain, the Borg agreed to assign a single drone to work with her as their representative. The Borg chosen was seven of nine, tertiary adjunct to Unimatrix zero one. [25]

Despite their promises the Borg rapidly turned against Voyager and attempted to assimilate the ship. The crew were able to kill all the Borg aboard apart from seven of nine, who they separated from the collective consciousness. [25] Voyager's EMH program subsequently removed most of seven of nine's Borg implants. [26]

Janeway discovered that seven of nine was infact an assimilated Human being; she was later identified as Annika Hansen, the child of two Federation citizens who took their spacecraft into the delta quadrant many years ago in order to explore. Nothing was heard of the Hansens again [26], but seven revealed that their ship had been captured by the Borg and they had been assimilated along with their six year old daughter Annika. She lived the next eighteen years of her life as a Borg drone, participating in the assimilation of many species, until 'rescued' by Voyager. [63]

Seven had become a fully integrated member of the collective, and had no desire to be returned to Humanity. As soon as she had the chance she attempted to alert the collective to Voyager's location, but was prevented from doing so by Kes. [26] Over the next few years she gradually began to accept her Humanity more, experimenting with various aspects of life as a Human. [7] Somewhat ironically it was Voyager's EMH who served as her mentor in Human interactions, and at one time the two shared an attraction for one another. This never developed into a romantic relationship, however. [64]

Seven also had several encounters with the Borg collective during her time on Voyager. In 2375 the Borg Queen revealed that she had been deliberately allowed to remain on the ship in order to collect information about Humanity. However, Seven rejected the Queen's attempts to make her assist with the assimilation of Humanity and returned to Voyager. [17]

In 2376 Seven met several ex-drones who had escaped the collective but were still linked together. During their time with the collective they and Seven had been briefly liberated by an accident which caused their ship to crashland on a planet. The others had wanted to leave the collective permanently, but Seven had panicked and re-assimilated the group into a new mini-collective until they could be re-assimilated. When the three were eventually freed of the collective they retained the link Seven had created, and they spent some time tracking her down in an attempt to regain their individuality. Seven agreed to remove the link, even though this would result in their eventual deaths. [65]

Seven continued to acquire more Human-like attitudes over the next two years. Her recovery of the body of John Kelly gave her a greater appreciation of history [66], while the difficult emotions she experienced as a Tsunkatse fighter affirmed that she was becoming more individualistic. [67] When she assisted the Borg rebels of Unimatrix Zero, a virtual environment which a small fraction of Borg drones enter during their regeneration, she found that she had enjoyed a romantic relationship during her time there. [68] Although she never became involved with the EMH despite their mutual attraction, she later developed feelings for Commander Chakotay, an attraction which he shared. The two began dating in late 2377, shortly before Voyager reached the Alpha Quadrant. [48]

After the Federation withdrew its support for the Romulan rescue mission, Seven became part of the Fenris Rangers, a group of people who attempted to maintain order in the worlds abandoned by the Federation. Icheb, another former Borg who returned to the Alpha Quadrant with Voyager, kept in touch with Seven and visited her on Fenris, taking part in the Rangers' missions. Seven came to think of Icheb as the son she never had. During one such mission Icheb disappeared. Seven discovered that he had been captured by Bjayzl, a Borg parts trader, who had befriended Seven under an alias called Jay. Seven tracked down Icheb and attempted to rescue him only to discover that Bjayzl's doctors had removed many of his Borg parts without using anaesthetic and while he was still alive. Icheb's injuries proved too great and he asked her to end his suffering. Reluctantly Seven agreed shooting him with her phaser. [69]

In 2399 Seven of Nine came to the aid of former Admiral Picard when the ship he was on was attacked by an antique Romulan warbird operated by the warlord Kar Kantar, her ship was destroyed in the process. She was beamed aboard La Sirena, saving her life. [70] Seven took part in the rescue mission to save Bruce Maddox, who was being held hostage by Bjayzl. Seven, however, was plotting to use the meeting to get close to Bjayzl and kill her in revenge for her treatment of ex-Borg and especially Icheb. On discovering her plan Picard managed to talk Seven out of killing Bjayzl and they all returned to the ship with Maddox. Unbeknownst to Picard, Seven returned to Bjayzl's club immediately afterwards and killed her using phaser weapons she had taken from his ship. [69]

A short time later Seven received a call for help from what she assumed was the former ex-Borg Hugh. She made her way to The Artifact and found a fight in progress in his office. The fight involved a large number of Romulan guards and Elnor, whom she had met on Picard's ship. After killing the Romulans she discovered that Hugh had been murdered previously by Narissa. Realising that Narissa and the Romulans meant to disable the Cube and kill all the remaining Borg and ex-Borg Seven initiated a local collective on the Cube. Seven temporarily became the local Borg Queen and used that power to wake the remaining Borg to battle the Romulans. Unfortunately, before she could succeed Narissa ordered an evaculation and opened the seals on the Cube blowing the Borg into space, killing them. [71]

During her time as the Borg Queen, Seven of Nine became aware of the problems faced by Picard and the crew of La Sirena. She regenerated the Cube, reactivated it and opened a transwarp conduit to come to Picard's aid as soon as possible. Not long after arriving at Coppelius her Cube and La Sirena were attacked by giant orchids pulling both ships out of orbit, crashing them both on the planet. [72]

It is perhaps a testmony to the resilience of a Borg Cube that the occupants survived the crash unharmed and numerous systems were able to be restored using battery packs, including replicators, long range sensors and weapons systems. When Seven of Nine discovered the weapons system activation she went to investigate, finding Narissa, who was targetting La Sirena. Seven and Narissa fought and Seven eventually killed her in revenge for her killing of Hugh.

After Picard and his crew were able to convince Soji to not become "The Destroyer", Seven joined the crew of La Sirena. She left the xBs behind on Coppelius, where they were able to fend for themselves. [73]
Neelix [1] A member of the Talaxian species, Neelix has been many things in his life [7]; born on Rhinax, a moon of Talax, Neelix had a happy childhood. As a young man he enjoyed many adventured with his sister Alixia, visiting the equatorial dust shrouds, hunting arctic spiders, and venturing into the Caves of Touth. [74] At eighteen he moved to Talax itself to work on an orbital tether. [74] When the war with the Hakkonian Order began in 2353 the Talaxians ordered Neelix to serve in the armed forces. Neelix refused on the grounds that the war was unjust. He spent two years evading the authorities on Talax, something which would cause him considerable guilt later in life. [75]

The Hakkonian war was ended when the Metreon Cascade was used on Rhinax, destroying almost the entire population. Neelix's parents and sister were killed in the attack. He visited Rhinax shortly after the detonation, and attempted to save the life of a young girl named Palaxia. Unfortunately her injuries were too severe and she died shortly afterwards. Many years later Neelix would meet the creator of the Metreon Cascade, and despite initial hostility was able to forgive him for his actions. [75]

After the war Neelix went through a variety of career choices. He served for six years on a Talaxian garbage scow [76], two years on a Trabalian freighter as an engineer's assistant [60], and has also worked on a mining colony. [34] Neelix eventually acquired his own ship and began to work as a trader. In this role he became widely travelled and highly knowledgeable of Delta Quadrant species and their customs. [7] By 2371 he was working in the vicinity of the Caretakers array, where he met many of the ships that being had captured in its attempts to reproduce itself. Neelix met Kes on the nearby Ocampa planet, and the two became romantically involved. Unfortunately, Kes was captured by one of the Kazon sects. When Neelix encountered the USS Voyager he tricked Captain Janeway into an away mission to the Kazon camp and was able to free Kes. In return she guided Voyagers crew into the Ocampa city, enabling them to recover two of their crew members. [1]

Both Neelix and Kes signed aboard Voyager, he as a guide for the ship's journey through the quadrant. [1] Later he began to employ more of his many talents on board the ship, becoming the cook and morale officer. [77] Later he added journalism to his repertoire when he began transmitting a daily programme entitled "A Briefing With Neelix" on the ship's communications network. The program dealt mainly with everyday life on board the ship, but in 2372 Neelix was able to use his investigative skills to flush out the traitor Michael Jonas. Jonas, who was anyway suspected by Voyagers chief of security, attempted to kill Neelix to keep his secret. Instead Neelix managed to throw Jonas into a plasma stream, vaporizing him. [9]

In 2373 Neelix and Kes ended their relationship, although the two remained friends afterwards. [78] Neelix suffered something of a personal crisis shortly afterwards when Voyager reached the edge of the Nekrit Expanse. Neelix had never travelled beyond this area, and feared that he was no longer useful to the ships crew and would so be abandoned. This led Neelix to become involved in criminal activity in order to purchase a map of the Expanse, but he was quickly caught. He was ordered to work on Deuterium maintenance for two weeks as punishment. [79]

In 2374 Neelix was killed while exploring a protomatter nebula. Seven of Nine was able to revive him using Borg nanoprobes, but this provoked a spiritual crisis for him since he had failed to experience the afterlife his people believed in. Neelix almost committed suicide after the event, but Commander Chakotay was able to convince him that he was still needed aboard the ship. Neelix was very close to the Wildman family and served as Godfather to Naomi Wildman, who frequently refused to go to sleep until he had read her a bedtime story. [80]

Although many thousands of light years from his home system, in 2377 Neelix discovered a Talaxian colony on a large asteroid city. He assisted the colony in defending itself from miners determined to break the asteroid up for its materials, and in doing so he came to rethink his position aboard Voyager. Sensing his desire to stay behind, Captain Janeway asked Neelix to become an official Federation ambassador to the Delta Quadrant. He left the ship just weeks before it found the Borg transwarp hub which the ship used to travel back to Earth. [53]
Emergency Medical Hologram [1] The Emergency Medical Hologram was developed by - and styled after - Doctor Lewis Zimmerman in order to provide limited medical coverage for situations in which a real Doctor was not available. [81] The EMH was capable of performing an incredibly wide range of medical procedures - over five million possible medical treatments in all [82] taken from over 2,000 medical references spanning 3,000 cultures, and the experiences of 47 physicians. [6] These were governed by adaptive programmes which offered a wide range of contingency options and even allowed the EMH to create new medical procedures if needed. [82]

The limitations of the system were largely hardware related. The primary limitation was the EMH's inability to operate outside of a holographic projection system. In the Intrepid class this limited the Doctor to the sickbay and holodecks [7], while the later Prometheus class allowed the EMH to operate throughout the ship. However, even with this advance the EMH was unable to operate outside the ship itself. [28]

When the USS Voyager was snatched to the Delta Quadrant, the entire medical staff was killed in the crossing. [6] The EMH was forced to provide full time medical care for the entire crew for a prolonged period. Initially the crew found the EMH's personality to be abrasive, and some consideration was given to reprogramming him to be more amenable. However, Kes befriended the Doctor and fought successfully to keep his personality intact. [13] Over the first few months of his service the EMH was frequently left active for hours or days at a time, allowing his adaptive programming to alter his basic personality routines. He took up singing, and even began to contemplate giving himself a name - although to date he has hesitated over the final choice. [7]

The EMH went on his first 'away mission' shortly after Voyager arrived in the Delta Quadrant, when a photonic being trapped in one of Voyager's holodecks kidnapped three members of the crew. He was able to convince the creature of the crews peaceful intentions and it returned them unharmed; the action earned him a special commendation from Captain Janeway. [59]

In 2372 Voyager rescued Danara Pel, a Vidiian woman suffering from the Phage. The Doctor was able to create a holographic body for Pel which was free of the Phage, and the two became very close. [83] The Doctor added genitalia to his physical matrix [28], and the two became lovers until Pel returned to her people. [83]

The EMH considers himself bound by the Hippocratic Oath, and this has led to problems on at least two occasions. When Tuvok and Neelix were combined into one person - Tuvix - later in 2372 he refused Janeway's order to reverse the situation on the grounds that he could not harm Tuvix. [41] More seriously, in late 2373 he developed a problem when he was confronted by two severely injured crewmen - Ensigns Harry Kim and Jetal. The Doctor only had the time to save one, and chose Harry Kim. Unfortunately, this led to a conflict between his ethical and cognitive subroutines which led to outbursts of uncontrolled rage and threatened total failure of the program. Captain Janeway ordered the Doctor's memory of the events deleted in order to preserve his sanity. [84]

Unfortunately, the Doctor's developing personality added many 'unnecessary' files to his system, leading to a level 4 memory fragmentation within his program. The condition almost caused catastrophic failure, but Kes was able to use a diagnostic program to repair him. Although there was some memory loss the problem has not reoccurred. [39] In 2373 the Doctor underwent his most significant development when Voyager was able to obtain a piece of 29th Century Federation technology, the Mobile Emitter. This small device allowed the Doctor's program to function completely independently of Voyager, allowing him to participate in away missions as easily as any other member of the crew. [35] He continued his improvements later in the year by adding various new personality traits to his program; unfortunately, the negative aspects of these traits combined to form an alternate personality which killed at least one person and harmed several others before being deleted. [78] Undaunted, the Doctor next began to create a more realistic lifestyle for himself by creating a holographic family for himself. B'Elanna Torres was unimpressed with this effort, declaring his choice of personalities for the family unrealistic. She introduced various new features into the program, ultimately leading to a serious injury to his daughter. The Doctor shied away from the program, unwilling to experience the emotional intensity of the situation, but was convinced by Tom Paris to return and experience his daughter's death in order to become fully aware of the joy and pain of family life. [85]

In 2374 Voyager encountered an alien communications array which spanned much of the galaxy, and was able to use it to transmit the Doctor to the Federation Starship Prometheus. He found the Starfleet crew dead and the ship in Romulan hands; with the help of the newer, more advanced - but less experienced - EMH Mark 2, the Doctor was able to defeat the Romulans and deliver the ship back to Starfleet. This marked Voyagers first communication with home; the EMH gave Starfleet a detailed account of the ship's journey before he returned with the message 'Voyager is no longer alone'. [28]

The Doctor continued to expand his capabilities in order to make himself more effective for the crew, but later in 2374 a recently installed Psychotherapy subroutine led him to unwittingly encourage Seven of Nine to develop false memories of an assault. Although he was eventually able to realize his mistake and discover the truth, the error led to the death of the accused man. [86]

In 2375 the Doctor began to make medical holoimages of the crew, and discovered the medical procedure he had performed on Harry Kim in 2373. Janeway attempted to delete the knowledge, but he was able to catch her and stumbled upon the entire plot. Initially the Captain decided to delete his knowledge of the entire incident, but Seven of Nine was able to convince her to allow the Doctor to work through his guilt in order to allow him to grow further as a person. [84]

The Doctor struck up a close relationship with Seven of Nine shortly after she came aboard, and by 2375 he realized he was beginning to fall in love with her. [87] The two never developed a romantic relationship, however, and she eventually became involved with commander Chakotay. [48]
Kes [1] The Ocampans lived for many generations within a sealed underground city, and this is where Kes was born and spent her early life. A naturally inquisitive person, she was fascinated by the tales of life beyond the city and sought to escape after the death of her father in 2371. She succeeded in finding a way past the force fields sealing the city, and after arriving at the surface she met Neelix, a trader who travelled extensively in the area. The two fell in love, but Kes was subsequently captured by a Kazon sect on the planet. Neelix searched for some time for a way to free her, finally finding a solution in the shape of Voyager. He convinced Captain Janeway to visit the Kazon camp and used the opportunity to rescue Kes from them. [1]

Both Kes and Neelix subsequently joined the ship in its journey back to the Alpha Quadrant. [1] Kes served a dual role with the crew; she ran an airponics area in one of the cargo bays to supplement the ship's replicators with natural food stocks [77], and also served in sickbay as a trainee nurse. Kes proved to be an extremely fast learner in the latter role, much impressing the ship's EMH. [7]

The Ocampans had many legends regarding the mental powers of their distant ancestors, and Kes was eager to explore these abilities. She sought the guidance of Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, who taught her various Vulcan mental disciplines with some success. In 2372 Voyager encountered Sisperia, a member of the Caretaker species, living with a small group of Ocampa on a space station. Under the guidance of Tanis, the leader of the Ocampa, Kes apparently developed her powers to an extraordinary level. She achieved a significant telekinetic ability, gaining control of matter on a subatomic level. Unfortunately, after Voyager departed it transpired that Tanis had been acting as some form of amplifier or focusing mechanism and once out of his influence Kes lost her new-found abilities. [88]

In 2373 Kes ended her relationship with Neelix, and shortly thereafter considered leaving Voyager altogether. By this time she had spent the majority of her life on board the ship and was feeling that she may have become stuck in something of a rut. Eventually, however, she chose to remain with the ship. [78]

Late in the same year, Voyager reached Borg space and encountered Species 8472 for the first time. Kes had brief telepathic contact with members of the species [24], causing a profound change in her. Her mental abilities began to increase by orders of magnitude and it gradually became clear that she was no longer able to control them. Voyager began to suffer considerable damage from her affects on the ships structure, and at her own request Kes was placed on board a shuttlecraft and moved to a safe distance from the ship. Almost immediately Kes underwent a metamorphosis into a non corporeal life form and ascended to a transdimensional state. Her last act before leaving was to throw Voyager almost ten thousand light years closer to home, placing it clear of the immediate Borg threat. [26]

In 2376 Kes returned to Voyager, but this was no friendly visit. She had come to feel furious at being cut off from her former life, and placed the blame on Voyager's crew for encouraging her to explore space. Kes used the energy of the ship's warp core to throw herself backwards in time, where she incapacitated the earlier version of herself then attempted to engineer a Vidiian ambush which would destroy the ship and so prevent her transcendence. Janeway discovered the plan and was forced to kill Kes. The Kes of the past then recorded a message to her future self attempting to reason with her and make her realize that the Voyager crew was not to blame. [89]

Back in the future, the message was successful in preventing Kes from attempting to destroy the ship. Janeway convinced her to go back to her home world and return to her people, reasoning that they would be best placed to help her. Kes departed the ship and has not been seen since.  [89]


Name Description
Crewman Lydia Anderson [90] A member of Voyager's crew, Anderson was one of those kidnapped and brainwashed by the Quarren in 2377 as part of their efforts to fill their labour shortage. [90]
Andrews [2] A member of Voyager's crew, Andrews was a Human who worked in the security department. He was on board Voyager for their mission into the Badlands in 2371. [2] Andrews would occasionally work at the Ops station. [1] In 2373, Andrews acted as the escort for the prisoner Vel in 2373. [91]
Lieutenant Arkinson [66] A member of Voyager's crew, Arkinson was occasionally to be found in the ship's airponics bay. [66]
Ensign Ashmore [7] A member of Voyager's crew, in 2374 Ashmore was amongst those who received a letter from home via the Hirogen's communications array. [92]
Ayala [55] A member of the Starship Voyager's crew, Ayala was present when members of the ship's crew were abducted by the Vidiians in 2371. [55] His quarters were on deck 7, nowhere near Kes's quarters. [51]
Lindsay Ballard [93] A member of the Voyager crew, Ballard was killed by a Hirogen during the ship's attempts to reach home. Her body was given a traditional burial in space; afterwards it was recovered and revived by the Kobali, who transformed her into one of their own species. Ballard managed to escape and reach Voyager in 2376. After spending some time trying to re-intergrate herself into the crew she was forced to admit that she no longer belonged there, and returned to the Kobali. [93]
Lieutenant Walter Baxter [13] A member of Voyager's crew, Baxter was aboard when the ship discovered a micro-wormhole leading back to the Alpha Quadrant. He suffered a slight injury to his wrist at this time from over-exercising in the ship's gym. Baxter did not regard the EMH as a qualified replacement for a biological doctor. [13] When Voyager found a colony of Humans living in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Janeway speculated that Baxter might leave the ship as he was a risk taker who would enjoy the challenge of settling a new planet. [94]
Ensign Pablo Baytart [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Baytart was considered to be a fine pilot by Lieutenant Paris. He guided Neelix through the basics of shuttle operations. [95] Janeway considered him as a replacement for Paris when he left the ship in 2371. Baytart was an expert juggler, able to keep diverse objects such as padds, hyposprays and even phasers in the air. He was the first person to be a guest on the 'A Briefing With Neelix' program. [9] Baytart had quarters near those of Harry Kim, and complained about the volume of the music Harry played. Harry contemplated having him transferred to the night shift to solve the problem. [96]
Kurt Bendera [8] A member of Voyager's crew, Bendera was a former Maquis ho joined the ship in 2371. He became a friend of Chakotay by backing him up in a confrontation with some miners, even though the two did not know one another. Later he claimed to have done so simply because he enjoyed a good fight. Bendera once saved B'Elanna Torres' life while they were near the Cardassian border. He was killed in 2372 during a Kazon-Nistrim attack on Voyager, the third of Voyager's crew to be lost to the Kazon. His death caused many crewmembers to beliefe that Captain Janeway should seek an alliance with the Kazon by trading weapons technology. [8]
Ensign Bennet [97] A member of Voyager's crew, Bennet was killed in a shuttle crash on a Drayan moon in 2372. [97]
Crewmen Boylen [98] A member of Voyager's crew. like Crewman White, Crewman Boylen was frequently late for his shift. [98]
Ensign Freddie Bristow [39] A member of Voyager's crew, Bristow had a crush on B'Elanna Torres in 2373 and sought excuses to loiter in engineering to be near her. Torres considered him to be too young for her, though Paris claimed that he was tall and good looking. He was a reputed to be an excellent player of pareses squares, though B'Elanna soundly defeated him in their one match together. [39]
Ensign Doug Bronowski [64] A member of Voyager's crew, Bronowski was assigned to the airponics bay. He was considered by Seven of Nine as a candidate for her first date as he played the accordion, though Harry Kim claimed that he played badly and had no sense of humour. [64]
Joe Carey [1] An Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Enterprise-D [99] and the USS Voyager, [1] Carey lost out to B'Elanna Torres for the Chief Engineer's job. [6] Although he disliked Torres - who assaulted him on one occasion - Carey worked hard to support her in the job and was a valuable assistant. [6] He was killed in 2377 during a hostage situation on an alien planet, ironically just a few months before Voyager made it back to Earth. [100]
Lieutenant Commander Cavit [1] First officer aboard USS Voyager on her maiden flight, Cavit was killed when the ship was dragged into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. [1]
Celes Tal [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Celes worked in Astrometrics. She found life in Starfleet difficult and believed that she had been given an easy time at the academy because of her Bajoran heritage. Tal had a great deal of self doubt, and tended to make many mistakes in her work. In 2376 she and two others were assigned to an away mission with Captain Janeway in order to boost their self confidence. When the ship was damaged by Dark Matter, Tal helped to identify the source of the damage. [101] When Voyage was incapacitated by an electromagnetic life-form, Tal wandered the ship alone in the dark for several hours. [102] In 2377 she was brainwashed along with the rest of the crew and spent some time working for the Quarren before being rescued. [103]
Lieutenant William Chapman [64] A member of Voyager's crew, Chapman was a structural engineer. He was chosen by Seven of Nine as a candidate for her first date as he had seemed like an efficient officer when she worked with him on an away mission. Harry Kim commented that he was a nice guy, though Seven's domineering personality proved a little much for him to handle and the date did not go well. [64]
Chell [104] A former member of the Maquis, Chell became a member of Voyager's crew after his ship was dragged to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. He did not fit well into the crew, and was one of four Maquis selected to receive additional training by Tuvok. [104]
Kenneth Dalby [104] A former member of the Maquis, Dalby became a member of Voyager's crew after his ship was dragged to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. He did not fit well into the crew, and was one of four Maquis selected to receive additional training by Tuvok. [104]
Crewman Frank Darwin [105] A member of Voyager's crew, Darwin was recommended for Starfleet Academy's officer training program by his training instructor. He declined, instead serving as an enlisted engineer aboard Voyager. He was murdered in 2372 by Lon Suder. Suder had no real motive for the crime, a fact which greatly perplexed Tuvok. Darwin had three sisters. [105]
Jenny Delaney [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Jenny Delaney served alongside her sister Megan on the ship. Although the two were identical in appearence, Jenny was much more aggressive and forthright than her sister. She enjoyed using the holodeck, and played the part of Malicia in the Captain Proton program created by Tom Paris. [106]
Megan Delaney [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Megan Delaney served alongside her sister Jenny on the ship. Although the two were identical in appearence, Megan was much quieter and more artistic than her sister. Harry was attracted to Megan, but she was not interested in him. She enjoyed using the holodeck, and played the part of Demonica in the Captain Proton program created by Tom Paris. [106]
Crewman Dell [107] A member of Voyager's crew, Crewman Dell was part of the team which Seven of Nine used to build a containment facility for Omega molecules. She assigned him to calibrate the ionic pressure seals on the observation ports, giving him the designation "Three of Ten". [107]
Doyle [108] A member of Voyager's crew, Doyle was a former Maquis terrorist. He was one of those assualted by Tuvok whilst he was under the influence of the Bajoran Vedek Teero in 2377. [108]
Peter Durst [7] A member of the Starship Voyager's crew, Durst was murdered by the Vidiian Sulan in 2371. Sulan mistakenly believed that transplanting Durst's face onto his own would make him more attractive to B'Elanna Torres. [55] Durst served on the Bridge in 2371, and on one occasion he escorted Paris to sickbay. [109]
Fitzpatrick [92] A member of Voyager's crew, Fitzpatrick was one of those who recieved a message from home via the Hirogen communications array in 2374. [92]
Gerron [104] A former member of the Maquis, Gerron became a member of Voyager's crew after his ship was dragged to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. He did not fit well into the crew, and was one of four Maquis selected to receive additional training by Tuvok. [104]
Ensign Gilmore [7] A member of the crew of the USS Equinox, Gilmore was disturbed by Captain Ransom's use of alien life forms to boost the effectiveness of his ship's warp drive but she nevertheless went along with his actions. [42] She was captured by Captain Janeway when the Equinox was destroyed, and became a part of Voyager's crew. [43]
Ensign Golwat [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Golwat was a Bolian female. She found Neelix's enthraxic citrus peel orange juice with papalla seed extrac delicious and often had a second glass; she could do this as her tongue had a cartilaginous lining capable of protecting her from even the most corrosive acids. [49] In 2374 she was amongst those who received a letter from home via the Hirogen's communications array. [92]
Hamilton [9] A member of Voyager's crew. Hamilton was considered as a replacement for Lieutenant Paris when he left the ship in 2372. [9]
Hargrove [51] A member of Voyager's crew, Hargrove's quarters were on deck 7, nowhere near Kes's quarters. [51]
Mortimer Harren [101] A member of Voyager's crew, Harren grew up on Vico V - a planet known for having one of the most interesting nightime skies of any world. This may have been a factor in his interest in cosmology; Harren had five advanced degrees in cosmology. he joined Starfleet because he needed one year of practical experience to qualify for admission to the Institute of Cosmology on Orion I. He was distressed to be stranded in the Delta Quadrant with Voyager, and was rather bitter and resentful. He refused to do more than the bare minimum of work and had no friends aboard the ship. In 2376 Harren was one of three personnel selected to take part in an away mission with Captain Janeway to help him integrate into the crew. He killed a dark matter life form whilst on the mission, despite orders to hold his fire from Janeway. He subsequently tried to save the others by abandoning the Flyer in an escape pod. Janeway refused to let him go, rescuing him and returning him to Voyager. [101]
Henard [110] A member of Voyager's crew, Henard was an engineer. In 2371 he was part of the team which retrieved stoled technology from a damaged Kazon ship. [110]
Mariah Henley [104] A former member of the Maquis, Henley became a member of Voyager's crew after her ship was dragged to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. She did not fit well into the crew, and was one of four Maquis selected to receive additional training by Tuvok. [104]
Ensign Hogan [1] A former Maquis, Hogan became a member of Voyager's crew after his own ship was destroyed by the Kazon. [1] He did not support Captain Janeway's efforts to live by Starfleet ethics in the Delta Quadrant, instead favouring giving the Kazon Federation technology in return for their protection; he even went so far as to suggest that Torres should contact Seska directly, a suggestion Torres forcefully declined. [8] An engineer, Hogan assisted Neelix with his investigations into the traitor Neelix believed was operating aboard Voyager. [9] He was stranded on Hanon IV along with the rest of Voyager's crew when the Kazon eventually succeeded in capturing Voyager. [10] He was killed by a large animal which lived in caves on the planet. [11] His remains were discovered by Voth scientist Gegen in 2373, proving Gegen's theory that the Voth and Humanity had common ancestry on Earth. [111]
Jackson [110] A member of Voyager's crew, Jackson was a Maquis who joined the ship after Chakotay's own vessel was destroyed in battle with the Kazon. Jackson assisted Seska in stealing some mushrooms from Neelix's kitchen in 2371 so that they could make mushroom soup for Chakotay. As a result Chakotay suspended replicator rations for two days for all those involved, including himself. [110]
Jarvin [6] A member of the Starship Voyager's crew, Jarvin was present when the ship was trapped within the event horizon of a black hole in 2371. [6] When Voyager found a colony of Humans living in the Delta Quadrant, Chakotay wondered if Jarvin might leave the ship as he had never been comfortable being aboard. [94]
Ensign Jenkins [112] A helm officer on Voyager, Jenkins had the night shift when Harry Kim had command of the ship. She liked to tease Harry about how seriously he took his duty. [112]
Ensign Jetal [84] A member of Voyager's crew, Jetal was part of a shuttle mission in which both she and Ensign Kim were badly injured by an alien attack. Only able to treat one of the victims, the EMH allowed Jetal to die whilst he concentrated on Kim. Guilt over this action provoked considerable psychological difficulties for the EMH afterwards. [84]
Michael Jonas [8] A former Maquis, Jonas became a member of Voyager's crew after his own ship was destroyed by the Kazon. [1] He did not support Captain Janeway's efforts to live by Starfleet ethics in the Delta Quadrant, instead favouring giving the Kazon Federation technology in return for their protection; when Torres declined Hogan's suggestion that she should contact Seska directly, Jonas decided to do so himself. [8] He operated as a Kazon operative aboard Voyager for some months, informing them of incidents such as Voyager's encounter with Dreadnought. [113] The Kazon ordered Jonas to sabotage Voyager's engines in 2372, which he did. The Kazon hoped that Voyager would seek raw materials to repair the engines on the planet Hemikek, where a trap was waiting them. Fortunately Neelix managed to reveal Jonas's identity as a traitor. Jonas attempted to murder Neelix, but was himself killed. [9]
Crewman Jor [108] A member of Voyager's crew, Jor was a Maquis who was assimilated into the crew when Chakotay's ship was destroyed in battle with the Kazon. She was an engineer whose quarters were on deck 4. Jor was a friend of Ensign Tabor. In 2377 she was one of those assaulted by Tuvok whilst he was under the influence of Vedek Teero. [108]
Ensign Kaplan [23] An Ensign aboard Voyager, Kaplan was killed in 2373 when her shuttle landed on a planet occupied by a group of ex Borg drones. [23]
Kyoto [51] A member of Voyager's crew, Kyoto's quarters were on deck six, nowhere near Kes's quarters. [51]
Ensign Lang [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Lang was a security officer. She was briefly head of security in 2373 when much of the ship's complement was abducted by the Nyrians. [114] She was also present when Vorik and B'Elanna went through the pon'farr earlier in the year. [115]
Noah Lessing [7] A member of USS Equinox's crew, Lessing supported his Captain's use of the bodies of an alien species to boost the performance of the ship's warp drive. [42] He was captured by Voyager when Janeway challenged Captain Ransom's actions. Janeway threatened to allow the aliens to kill Lessing if he did not betray his Captain. Although he resisted this, he did help Voyager to contact the Ankari. After the Equinox was destroyed Lessing was stripped of his rank and integrated into Voyager's crew. [43]
Ensign McCormick [97] A member of Voyager's crew. Tuvok was of the opinion that McCormick would miss Ensign Bennet a great deal if he were absent. [97]
William McKenzie [7] A member of Voyager's crew, McKenzie manned the ship's tactical station whilst Tuvok was aboard a Borg vessel in 2373. [23] McKenzie was one of those who was abducted by the Quarren in 2377 and brainwashed to become part of their workforce. He was given the Quarren eployee number 8585. [103]
Mendez [116] A member of Voyager's crew, Mendez worked in engineering. In 2377 he was assigned to track down a power drain on the ship's systems. [116]
Crewman Mitchell [101] A member of Voyager's crew, was stationed on Deck 15. [101]
Ensign Molina [114] A member of Voyager's crew, in 2373 Molina was ordered to watch the Nyrian scientist, Rislan, when he worked with Torres. Molina was knocked unconscious by Rislan, who was acting in accordance with the Nyrian plot to capture the ship. [114]
Lieutenant Mulchaey [117] A crew member on USS Voyager, Mulchaey was present when the EMH's mobile emitter was assimilated by some of Seven of Nine's nanoprobes in 2375. The Borgified emitter took a sample from Mulchaey to allow it to create an advanced form of Borg drone. [117]
Murphy [15] A member of Voyager's crew. B'Elanna was attracted to Murphy, at least according to Seska. [15]
Susan Nicoletti [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Nicoletti's quarters were on deck 4, nowhere near Kes's quarters. [51] In 2374 she was amongst those who recieved a message from home via the Hirogen communications array. [92]
Kashimuro Nozawa [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Nozawa worked in various capacities on the ship. In 2371 he was a part of security, and escorted the Vidiians who visited the ship after stealing one of Neelix's lungs. [77] Torres was once embarrased to walk in on Nozawa in a state of undress as a result of a spatial distortion which had reconfigured the ship's corridors. [51] By 2373 he was to be found operating the ship's transporter systems; when the EMH damaged his personality by adding extra character traits, he used a phaser on Nozawa to facilitate his escape from the ship. [78] When two Voth scientists visited the ship they commented on the unpleasant odour Humans produced after encountering Nozawa in a corridor. [111]

In 2374 Nozawa assisted Seven of Nine in beaming aboard a sample of deuterium from a Demon class planet; he was injured when the transport failed catastrophically, though Seven was able to evacuate him safely from the room. [118] In 2377 Nozawa was abducted by the Quarren and brainwashed into believing that he was a part of their workforce. He had the employment number 8582 [103]

Ensign Parsons [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Parsons served in the operations department. [77] At one point Neelix speculated that Parsons was being posessed by the Komar after he changed his food order. [109]
Robertson [64] A member of Voyager's crew, Chapman mistook Seven of Nine for Robertson when she went to ask him for a date in 2375. [64]
Rollins [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Rollins was a bridge officer. [7]
Ensign Ryson [119] A member of Voyager's crew; under the influence of a Borg vinculum Seven of Nine stole a leg of Kelaran wildebeest from the kitchen which Neelix had been saving for Ensign Ryson's birthday, which was close to Stardate 52188.7. [119]
Lieutenant Stadi [1] Helmsman aboard USS Voyager on her maiden flight, Stadi brought Tom Paris to the ship by shuttlecraft and piloted Voyager into the Badlands on her mission to find a Maquis ship. She was killed when the ship was dragged into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. [1]
Ensign Strickler [7] A member of Voyager's crew, in an alternate timeline Strickler was killed along with Crewman Emmanuel when the EMH was forced to seal a hatch before they could escape from a plasma explosion on deck 5. [37] Torres ordered Strickler to fetch more phaser drills as part of the effort to rescue crewmembers of the crashed Delta Flyer in 2375. [120]
Ensign Suder [7] A former Maquis, Suder became a member of Voyager's crew when Chakotay's ship was destroyed after being dragged to the Delta Quadrant. Suder had always loved violence, and during his time on Voyager he murdered engineer Frank Darwin. Tuvok captured Suder and engaged in a mind meld with him in an attempt to help him control his violent impulses. Instead Tuvok acquired some of Suder's personality. [105] Suder became largely rehabilitated after his arrest, and was instrumental in assisting in the recapture of the ship from the Kazon. It was a measure of how far he had come that Suder found it extremely difficult to kill some of the Kazon invaders. [11]
Ensign Swinn [7] A crew member aboard Voyager, Swinn took over from Neelix in the kitchen when he and Tuvok were combined in a transporter accident. Swinn struggled to cope with the job, and was glad when Tuvix stepped in to help. [41] When Captain Janeway and Chakotay were abandoned on a planet after contracting a deadly disease in 2372, Swinn was one of those who found it difficult to deal with the decision. [12]
Ensign Tabor [7] A member of Voyager's crew, Tabor was one of the Maquis who was taken aboard when Chakotay's ship was destroyed in battle with the Kazon. Tabor's grandfather and brother died during the occupation, apparently because of the unethical medical practices of Crell Moset. When a holographic version of Moset was created to assist Voyager's EMH in 2375 Tabor strongly objected, arguing that the use of the program was condoning his work. He even offered to resign his commission rather than continue serving aboard a ship on which the program was being used. [40] During his time in the Maquis, Tabor was an excellent fighter who would rarely so much as dirty his clothes in a firefight, leading his associates to joke that he must have his own personal forcefield. [108]

Tabor assisted Paris in creating a holoprogram which recreated the Palace Theater from 1930s Chicago. While working alone in the program he was attacked by Tuvok, who was under the influence of Bajoran mind control technology. Tabor subsequently spent 29 hours in a coma during which his own mental programming took over. Along with the other programmed Maquis, Tabor subsequently attempted to take control of the ship. When the attempt failed, Tuvok was able to use a mind meld to overcome the programming. [108]

Billy Telfer [101] A member of Voyager's crew, Telfer was a hypochondriac who visited sickbay frequently - the EMH stated that he could have treated him for the condition, but Telfer was afraid of the medication. He was a good friend of Celes Tal, and helped to build her self confidence. Billy was terrified to be selected to go on an away mission with Captain Janeway as part of a project to help him integrate into the crew. His fears were well founded when he was infested with a dark matter life form on the mission. This actually helped him overcome his hypochondria - he reasoned that once he knew how bad things could get, worrying about aches and pains and mild fevers seemed trivial. [101]
Ensign Trumari [102] A member of Voyager's crew; under the influence of an alien entity the ship's computer once identified Ensign Trumari as being on deck 4, section 30. [102]
Tuvix [41] Created in a transporter accident which combined Neelix and Tuvok, Tuvix served as a member of Voyager's crew for some weeks before the EMH developed a method of separating the two parts of him again. Tuvix declined the procedure on the grounds that he now constituted an independent lifeform with a right to live his own life; Janeway forced him to undergo the procedure anyway. [41]
Vorik [7] An engineer aboard Voyager, Vorik underwent the pon farr in 2373. He somehow communicated the chemical imbalance to B'Elanna, and the two engaged in physical combat in order to purge the condition. [115]
Crewman White [98] A member of Voyager's crew. Like Crewman Boylen, Crewman White was often late for her duty shift. [98]
Ensign Samantha Wildman [7] A crewmember aboard USS Voyager, Wildman was a xenobiologist who served on the ship during its time in the Delta Quadrant. She was pregnant when she came aboard, having been trying to become so for several months before. [121]She suffered shooting pains in her legs during pregnancy because the baby put pressure on her sciatic nerve. [46] Her husband was a Ktarian named Greskrendrek, and Samantha considered naming the child after him as this was a tradition in his family for more than five generations. [113] She ultimately named the child Naomi. Samantha gave birth in 2372, but the child died shortly afterwards. However, a duplicate Voyager which was created by a subspace divergence field also had a Naomi Wildman on board. When the duplicate ship was threatened with destruction, its captain sent the child to the original Voyager as a replacement. [61] Samantha was a dedicated watcher of Neelix's entertainment program. [122] In 2375 Samantha was almost killed when the Delta Flyer crash-landed on an uninhabited planet. She worried about Naomi's future without her, but was comforted by Tuvok's reassurance that she had been an exemplary mother to her child and that Naomi would continue to flourish on Voyager no matter what happened to her mother. [120]
Crewman Yosa [108] A member of Voyager's crew, Yosa was a Maquis who joined the ship after Chakotay's vessel was destroyed in battle with the Kazon. In 2377 Yosa was one of those attacked by Tuvok whilst he was acting under the influence of a Bajoran Vedek. Tuvok activated Yosa's own programming, prompting he and the other maquis to attempt to take over Voyager. The attempt failed and Tuvok was able to remove the programming with another meld. [108]
Yosa [108] A member of Voyager's crew, Yosa was originally a Maquis who was forced to assimilate into Voyager's crew after his own ship was dragged to the Delta Quadrant. He was one of those who was attacked by Tuvok in 2377 when the subliminal commands implanted by Vedek Teero were activated. Under the influence of a meld conducted by Tuvok, Yosa and the other Maquis attempted to take over Voyager. The attempt failed when Tuvok overcame his conditioning, and he subsequently used another meld to remove the programming from Yosa and the others. [108]

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99 Speculative He appeared as an extra in TNG's "Justice" and we presume that this was the same character early in his career
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Source : Speculative
Comment : He appeared as an extra in TNG's "Justice" and we presume that this was the same character early in his career
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