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STP Crew Manifest

Senior Staff

Name Description
Jean-Luc Picard [1] Picard's time at the academy was somewhat difficult. He would later think of himself as being undisciplined and not fully committed to his studies. [2] He failed a semester of Organic Chemistry because of the distractions provided by "A.F.", a friend of his. [3] His friendship with Boothby helped him to focus his efforts. [4]

Graduating in 2327, Picard was on Starbase Earhart awaiting his first posting when he became involved in a fight with some Nausicaans. He was stabbed through the heart and had to undergo emergency surgery to have an artificial unit installed. [2]

In 2333 Picard was serving aboard the USS Stargazer when the Captain was killed, prompting Picard to take control of the ship. His actions led to a promotion to captain of the Stargazer. [2] Picard would later comment that although the Enterprise-D was far superior in every way, there were times when he would give anything to command the Stargazer again. [5]

Picard's time aboard the Stargazer included a stint on the Cardassian border during the war with the Federation. At one point he was sent to make peace overtures to a Cardassian vessel. Picard lowered his shields as a sign of good faith, prompting the Cardassian ship to attack. Although damaged, the Stargazer managed to escape. [6]

In 2355 the Stargazer encountered an unknown vessel in the Maxia Zeta system. The vessel attacked, badly damaging the Stargazer. Picard invented the "Picard Manoeuvre" on the spot, using a burst at warp speed to confuse the enemy and then firing all weapons at point blank range. Although he was successful, the Stargazer was abandoned and believed destroyed. [7] Picard's actions were the subject of a court martial in which prosecutor Phillipa Louvois attempted to convict him of negligence. Picard always felt that Louvois had gone beyond simply seeking the truth about the incident and instead pushed for conviction at any cost, something she vehemently denied. He maintained a dislike for her for more than a decade afterwards as a result. [8]

In 2364 Picard was assigned to command the NCC-1701-D USS Enterprise, the new Galaxy class ship. His first mission was to investigate the mysterious Farpoint base which had been constructed on Deneb IV. En route the ship encountered the Q for the first time when a member of the continuum threatened to deny Humanity any further space travel. Fortunately Picard was able to resolve the matter. [1]

Only a few months after taking command of the Enterprise Picard was offered a promotion to Admiral and the post of commandant of Starfleet Academy. He declined the offer. [9]

In 2365 Picard made first contact with the Borg after Q flung the Enterprise into Borg space. Unable to escape, Picard begged Q to return the ship but worried that the Borg would eventually reach Federation space [10] This fear proved well founded and in the following year a Borg vessel did indeed launch the first major attack against the Federation. Picard was abducted and assimilated by the Borg, apparently intended as a sort of official spokesperson dubbed Locutus. [11] As Locutus Picard assisted the Borg in winning the Battle of Wolf 359, a disaster in which 39 Starfleet ships were lost. [12] Some brilliant improvisational tactics by Commander Riker enabled the Enterprise crew to recapture Picard and eventually to use him to infiltrate the Borg command systems and destroy the Cube. [13] Although apparently recovered, his experiences with the Borg would haunt him for months [14] and even years afterward. [15] At lest some of the officers who served at Wolf 359 blamed Picard for the defeat, in spite of his unwilling participation on the Borg side. For many years Ben Sisko, who served as first officer on board the USS Saratoga during the battle, blamed Picard for the loss of his wife. [16]

In 2371 the Enterprise-D responded to a Romulan attack on the Amargosa observatory. Picard uncovered a plot by Dr Tolian Soren to destroy two star systems as part of his efforts to reach the Nexus, a spatial anomaly which was a gateway to a trans-dimensional realm. Within the Nexus Picard discovered James Kirk, who had been absorbed into the anomaly when the Enterprise-B had attempted to rescue some El-Aurian ships trapped in it in 2293. Picard enlisted Kirk's help to defeat Soren, but Kirk was killed in the effort. Picard buried Starfleet's most famous officer in a simple stone cairn on a mountaintop on Veridian III. Unfortunately the Enterprise-D was also lost during this mission when a Klingon vessel commanded by renegades Lursa and B'Etor managed to find a way to penetrate the ship's shields. [17]

In 2372 Picard and his senior officers transferred to the Enterprise-E, a Sovereign class starship newly built. They conducted a year-long shakedown cruise of the ship, which was at the time the most advanced in Starfleet. When the Borg launched another invasion of the Federation in 2373, Starfleet felt that Picard's experiences as a victim of assimilation made him unsuitable to join the fight, but he disobeyed orders to intercept the Borg Cube at Earth and was instrumental in defeating it. He also managed to defeat an attempt to alter Earth's history by preventing first contact between Humanity and the Vulcans in 2063. [15]

Although Picard was a strong supporter of Starfleet, he was willing to violate Starfleet regulations when he felt it was appropriate. [18] He amassed no less than nine violations of the Prime Directive by 2367 [12], including rescuing Sarjenka's planet from destruction [19] and attempting to correct an accidental case of cultural contamination by bringing a Mintakan aboard the Enterprise and explaining the true nature of Starfleet. [20] In 2365 he refused to allow Commander Maddox to experiment on Lieutenant Commander Data's positronic brain, fighting a court case which established for the first time that androids have rights within the Federation. [8] In 2366 he disobeyed a direct order from Admiral Haftel to turn the android Lal over for experimentation on the same grounds. [21]

Picard's most notorious violation of orders came in 2375 when he actively fought against the joint Federation/Son's mission to remove the Ba'ku from their planet so that the healing properties of the planet's metaphasic radiation could be harnessed fully. Picard sent the Enterprise-E to reveal the conspiracy to the public whilst he battled the Son'a on the planet. [22]

In 2379 Picard took the Enterprise-E to Romulus on the orders of Admiral Janeway, seeking to establish relations with the new government after the coup which was staged by Shinzon. Shinzon proved to be a clone of Picard created by a former Romulan government; they intended to use the clone to replace Picard with a spy of their own. When the government changed the plan was abandoned, and Shinzon was sent to Remus to die. Instead he prospered, becoming a highly successful leader during the Dominion war. Shinzon used a Thalaron weapon to eradicate the Romulan senate and had planned to do the same to Earth; he needed Picard in order to repair faults in his own genetic makeup. In a pitched battle between the Enterprise-E, and Shinzon's flagship the Scimitar, Picard was eventually able to board the enemy ship and kill Shinzon. Picard's life was saved by Data, who transported him back to the Enterprise before firing on the Thalaron weapon, sacrificing himself to destroy the Scimitar. [23]

In 2380 the Borg began sending cubes into the Alpha Quadrant to attack the Federation and other powers. Picard, realising that the Borg intended to finally bring their full might to bear on the Quadrant with the intention of obliterating all of the major powers there, became increasingly withdrawn and depressed, coming to regard the situation as hopeless. [24]

Locating the Azure Nebula as the source of the Borg incursion, the Enterprise-E and the USS Aventine explored a series of subspace tunnels which the Borg were using to arrive in Federation space. Picard wanted to destroy the tunnels, though many of his officers and Captain Dax of the Aventine disagreed, and were subsequently proved right when aalysis of the tunnels showed that their collapse could cause catastrophic consequences. The major powers all sent large fleets to attempt to blockade the nebula instead. Whilst investigating the tunnels the Enterprise-E and Aventine missed the arrival of a massive Borg armada which destroyed the fleet and began the process of annihilating the Quadrant. [25]

The disaster sent Picard deeper into depression, and he began to believe that resistance to the Borg was indeed futile. He began to oppose the efforts of the USS Aventine and USS Titan to fight the Borg, considering their plans too dangerous. He was also dubious of the attempts to involve the Caeliar in the fight, instead ordering LaForge to start construction of Thalaron weaponry to fight the Borg - an order which LaForge flatly refused to obey under any circumstances. This action and conversation with Captain Riker convinced Picard that he needed to re-asses his approach, and together the three crews were able to convince the Caeliar to intervene and destroy the Borg for good. This finally freed Picard completely of the residual effects of his abduction, a very emotional moment for him. [26]

By 2385 Picard had been promoted to Admiral. He was heavily involved in the Federation mission to relocate the Romulans when their planet was threatened by a supernova. When Mars was attacked by synthetic lifeforms the Federation withdrew its support for the Romulan rescue mission. Picard tried a last ditch attempt to get Starfleet to continue by threatening to resign. Unfortunately, the plan backfired when Starfleet accepted his resignation. [27] At which point he retired to his vineyard in France where he ran the family wine business. [28]

In 2399 Picard was approached by a young woman, Dahj, who had seen him on a news broadcast and felt a deep connection to him. She had seen a vision of him after she was attacked by assassins in her flat. She had somehow managed to fight off and kill the assassins despite having no training in self defence. Picard discovered a painting of a young woman identical to Dahj, which was painted by Data before his death. Picard surmised that Dahj was an andoid with some connection to Data. Before he could prove this she was attacked and killed by more assassins. In order to make sense of the events Picard visited the Daystrom Institute in Okinowa, Japan, in search of Bruce Maddox. There he met Doctor Agnes Jurati a colleague of Maddox. He told her of his suspicions and asked if such a thing was possible. She told him that Bruce was working on that principal before his disappearance and that his work would have resulted in a pair of twinned androids. On discovering this Picard decided to mount a mission to find and save the second android. [28]

In order to mount his rescue mission Picard approached the Startfleet Commander in Chief to obtain a ship. He was, however, turned down. Picard decided to go anyway and contacted an old friend and colleague Raffaela Musiker in order to obtain a ship prepared to take on his mission. [29] Raffi was not pleased to see Picard at first but eventually agreed to help, putting him in touch with Cristobal Rios, an ex-Starfleet officer who now owned his own cargo vessel. [30] Raffi had tracked Maddox to a planet called Freecloud and Picard, Agnes and Raffi all set out to locate him. This marked the first time Picard had left Earth since his reitrement, almost 14 years previously. [30] Prior to visiting Freecloud Picard paid another visit to Vashti in order to enlist the help of a Qowat Milat to help on the mission. The sisters turned him down but Elnor, then a grown man, agreed to assist him. Whilst on Vashti Picard was attacked by former Senator Tenqem Adrev and a group of others from the Romulan Rebirth movement. It was only due to intervention from Elnor that Picard survived. With Elnor joining the group they proceeded to Freecloud where they rescued Maddox using a very contrived plan. Maddox, however, died soon after. Although it was not known at the time he was killed by Agnes, but not before he revealed that the second android, called Soji, was currently on The Artifact. [27]

Assisted by Raffi, Picard obtained permission to visit The Artifact. When he arrived he was quite disturbed to be back on board a Borg Cube once again. It brought back horrible memories and left him upset and confused, to the point at which he nearly fell from a high walkway and was only saved by ex-Borg who were in the area. He went on to meet with Hugh a former Borg that he met when the USS Enterprise discovered a crashed Borg vessel. Hugh gave him a tour of the Borg reclamation facilities that he was in charge off. These helped free former Borg, removing many of their implants and providing them with as normal a life as possible. Picard was very impressed with the breadth and scale of the work. He told Hugh of the real reason for his visit and Hugh assisted him in finding Soji. When the Romulans attempted to kill Soji, Hugh assisted Picard in rescuing her and transported them both to the distant planet, Nepenthe, using assimilated Trajector technology located on the Cube. [31]

Picard had chosen the planet Nepenthe because it was home to his old friends and colleagues Will Riker and Deanna Troi together with their daughter Kestra. There he explained to Soji what had happened to her sister and what he believed her history to be. Deanna attempted to help her to come to terms with the revelations, but it was Kestra that provided a novel teenage perspective that made her realise that it wasn't all bad news to discover that she was an android. [32] Once Picard's ship arrived at the planet they were able to continue on their journey. With the help of some recovered memories Soji was able to guide them to the planet where she was constructed. Enroute Picard contacted Starfleet CIC and updated her with the information they had discovered. Picard insisted she provide a fleet to defend the android homeworld, to which she agreed. [33]

Although they were initially greated warmly by the androids on the planet they eventually felt threatened by the imminent Romulan attack and confined Picard to his room so he could not interfere with their plans to contact the higher androids. Agnes remained free by promising to help them in their goal. [34] Agnes freed Picard and together they held off the whole Romulan fleet with their single cargo vessel and a gadget that allowed them to present fake duplicates of their ship. After their ruse was discovered the Federation fleet arrived to take over the defence. It was after he had convinced Soji that she didn't need to summon the higher androids to protect her people that Picard finially succumbed to his brain anomaly, causing him to die shortly after beaming to the planet's surface. [35]

Following his death Altan Soong, Agnes and Soji were able to transfer Picard's consciousness to a massively complex quantum simulation that had been built to house Data's consciousness. There he was able to talk with Data and thank him for his sacrifice. [35]

Soon after he was transferred to the body of a Golem, an android form which allowed him to continue to live his life. The Golem had been programmed to have much the same life expectancy as Picard had he not had the brain anomaly. Picard followed Data's wish for the simulation he was contained in to be terminated. Following the revelations from Picard's mission the Federation ban on synthetic life was lifted, allowing Picard and Soji to explore the universe together with the rest of the crew of La Sirena. [35]
Doctor Agnes Jurati [28] Doctor Agnes Jurati was an expert in androids and worked in the Federation's Division of Enhanced Synthetic Research, part of the Daystrom Institute in Okinawa, Japan. Previously she was a member of Starfleet and was recruited to the Institute by Bruce Maddox. The androids that attacked Mars came from their laboratory. [28] Prior to his disappearance Agnes had a romantic relationship with Bruce Maddox. [29]

In 2399, she was approached by Picard who came looking for Bruce Maddox. Picard questioned her on the possibility of creating sentient androids like Lt. Commander Data. She told him of Maddox's theory of quantum neuronic cloning, which Maddox theorised could be used to duplicate an existing sentient android using one of its neurons from its neural network. She was fascinated when he told her that he thought he had met such an android, but that it had been destroyed. When she told him that the process would create a pair of twins he put together a mission to go and find the second android. [29]

During a mind meld with Commodore Oh, Agnes learned that work on sentient androids would eventually result in the death of all organic life in the universe. She was horrified by this and agreed to go along on Picard's mission, whilst working for the Commodore. [32]

After Maddox's successful rescue from Bjayzl, Agnes treated him for massive abdominal haemorrhaging, however, as soon as she was alone with him she discontinued his treatment causing his death. [36] During the long transit from Freecloud to The Artifact she started a romantic relationship with Chris Rios. [31] When she became aware that the ship was being tracked by a Romulan Snakehead ship Agnes injected herself with a hydrogen compound which put her into a coma, [32] but did manage to disable the Viridium tracker in her blood stream. [33]

When Picard returned to the ship, Raffi informed him that she believed that Agnes had killed Maddox. When she came around he questioned her. She admitted that she had done it and told him of her visit from Oh. She relayed the horrific vision that Oh had put in her mind. Telling him that she had thought about committing suicide every day since. Picard told her that they were going to Deep Space 12 and once they got there she would have to surrender herself to the authorities for the murder of Bruce Maddox. [33]

When Agnes met Soji she was amazed at her abilities. She was even more impressed with the little imperfections that made her, in Agnes' opinion nothing short of a work of art. When Soji asked her if Commodore Oh had ordered her to kill her too, Agnes said that even if she had, now that they had met she would never take the opportunity even if the chance arose. Agnes and the crew of La Sirena pulled together information on the Admonition, the first contact mission with the ibn Majid, the Federation ban on synthetics and Commodore Oh and came up with the reason for the existence of the Zhat Vash and their mission. [33]

During her time on Coppelius, Agnes underwent a mind meld with Sutra, an android. It was during that meld that Sutra discovered that the Admonition was intended for synthetic life and not organics and discovered the method of contacting the advanced synthetics. Agnes agreed to work with Soong to produce a Golem that would be able to take his consciousness, making himself synthetic. [34]

Agnes broke Picard out of his android confinement, allowing him to return to La Sirena. The two then used this ship to hold off the Romulan fleet just long enough to allow time for the Federation fleet to arrive. Following Picard's death Agnes, Soong and Soji transferred his consciousness into the Golem. After leaving Coppelius she joined the crew of La Sirena. [35]
Elnor [27] A Romulan male who moved to Vashti around 2380, he was young at the time. He was brought up by nuns from the Qowat Milat, a Romulan all female group who Picard once described as "the most skilled single-combat fighters that I have ever seen". Although he was brought up to believe in their ways and trained in their skills he could never really be a member of the Qowat Milat because he was male. When he was young Elnor spent a lot of time with Picard during his many visits to the planet. He grew fond of him. When the Federation cancelled their rescue mission and Picard was unable to visit Vashti again he was very upset. Although the nuns always intended to find a better home for him, nowhere more suitable ever came up and so Elnor remained with them. [27]

In 2399, Picard returned to the planet in search of a Qowat Milat to assist him in his mission to rescue Soji. Picard discovered that Elnor had grown into a young man and had continued his training becoming extremely proficient with his sword. The Qowat Milat turned Picard's request for assistence down but Elnor eventually agreed to help him. Elnor came to the aid of Picard when he was accosted by former Senator Tenqem Adrev and a group of others from the Romulan Rebirth movement. Eventually Elnor was forced to kill Ardev in order to save Picard's life. Elnor also assisted Picard when he rescued Bruce Maddox from Bjayzl, a criminal business woman, on the planet Freecloud. [27]

When Picard visited The Artifact, Elnor was unable to go with him for political reasons. When it becomes obvious that Picard was in danger Elnor beamed over to the Cube anyway, arriving just in time to save the lives of Picard, Soji and Hugh. After Picard and Soji were transported off the Cube by Hugh, Elnor stayed behind to protect Hugh and the xBs. [36]

When Hugh was attacked by Narissa and her henchmen, Elnor was able to kill most of the Romulans apart from Narissa, who unfortunatly killed Hugh before escaping. Afterwards he tried to avoid Romulan guards and eventually ended up hiding in Hugh's office where he found and used an SOS button for the Fenris Rangers. [32]

Elnor was still hiding in Hugh's office, when lots of Romulans attacked. He was able to fight off most, but, was about to be overwelmed when Seven of Nine, answering his call for a Ranger, came to the rescue. Together they were able to kill off the remaining Romulans. Seven of Nine and Elnor returned to the Queencell, where Seven attempted to take control of the Cube. Narissa fought back killing all the remaining Borg by blowing them into space. [33]

Seven and Elnor were eventually able to reactivate the Cube and travel to Coppelius. On arrival the Cube was attacked by Orchids launched by the androids on the planet. Fortunately the Cube's constuction allowed Elnor and the other occupants to survive the crash into the planet. Shortly afterwards Elnor discovered that Picard was dying and wanted to return to help him. Picard insisted he stay and help the ex-Borg, as they were more in need than he was. [34]

Elnor took part in the unsuccessful attempt, by La Sirena's crew and Narek, to destroy the transmitter that the androids built. He was also the last person Picard spoke to before his death. Elnor joined the resurected Picard on the crew of La Sirena. [35]
Raffaela Musiker [29] Human female, known as Raffi to her friends. [29] In the 2380s, Raffi held the rank of Lieutenant Commander and worked with Admiral Picard as part of the team putting together the plans for the rescue of the Romulans in the lead up to the supernova that would eventually destroy their homeworld. After the destruction of the shipyards at Utopia Planetia, in 2385, the Federation cancelled the plans. When Admiral Picard threatened to resign if they didn't continue the work, they accepted his resignation. Following this Raffi was called to the CICs office, she assumed she would be dismissed from Starfleet. [30]

Over the next 14 years Raffi's life followed a slow decline into paranoia and conspiracy theories. She took up a habit of smoking snakeleaf, a form of narcotic. She believed that the Tal Shiar were involved in the attack on Mars. She also believed that Starfleet was somehow complicit in the attack. This theory and her drug taking lead her to neglect her son and husband, eventually leading to their separation. [30]

In 2399, when Admiral Picard visited her, she was living alone in a shack near the Vasquez Rocks in southern California. She was growing her own snakeleaf and using it frequently together with alcohol. She still fervently believed in her Romulan / Federation theories. She was angry with Picard as he hadn't been in contact with her since his retirement. Despite her anger she provided Picard with the name of a ship captain, Cristobal Rios, who would be willing to help him on his mission to track down the sister of Dahj. [30]

After leaving, Raffi was contacted by Picard a second time, when he provided her with a bundle of information on Bruce Maddox, a scientist who would likely know the location of Dahj's twin. Raffi was able to use this information to identify planet Freecloud as a likely location for Maddox. She also tracked her son down to Freecloud and hitched a ride with Picard to the planet to get back in touch with him. [30]

On arrival at Freecloud Raffi discovered that Maddox had been taken prisoner by Bjayzl, a criminal business woman, who was going to sell him to the Tal Shiar. Raffi helped Picard to plan a rescue mission. She then beamed down with the hope of meeting up with her son. [36]

When Raffi found her son, Gabriel Hwang, he was at the Stardust City Reproductive Health Service. He was surprised to see Raffi and was very antagonistic towards her. Raffi attempted to convince him that she had changed but when he asked her to talk about her conspiracy theories Raffi was unable to let the issue go, demonstrating that she still had a problem. When Pel, Gabriel's wife, came in she was clearly pregnant. Gabriel introduced her to Raffi, who she had never met. Gabriel left, not wanting to see Raffi again. Following her disastrous meeting with her son, Raffi returned to the ship and hid in her room with a bottle of brandy. Picard attempted to talk to her but she refused to see to him. [36]

Once it became obvious that Soji was on The Artifact in Romulan space, Raffi was called on, once again, to help. Raffi contacted an old Starfleet friend, Captain Emily Bosch, who she knew as Emmy. When Emmy heard what they were planning to do she refused to help, saying that arriving without clearance would be an act of war. When she discovered that they were already on their way and would arrive within three hours, she relented and arranged for the documents. Afterwards, Emmy insisted that Raffi never contact her again. [31]

After Picard escaped The Anomaly using a trajector, Raffi and the crew of La Sirena attempted to join Picard at Napenthe. However, they found that they were being tracked by a Romulan Snakehead ship. After all attempts to lose the following ship failed, Rios began to think that Raffi was colluding with the Romulans. It turned out, however, that Agnes Jurati was the one being tracked. [32]

Raffi was instrumental in piecing together the plot by the Romulans to prevent artificial life from being produced in the galaxy. She pulled together pieces from Rios's experience with first contact years before, Agnes's revelations from the Admonition and her own theories about the attack on Mars in order to uncover the work of the Romulan Zhat Vash. [33]
Cristobal Rios [30] Cristobal Rios was a human male and the executive officer of the USS ibn Majid, a Federation heavy cruiser. In 2390, he was part of the first contact procedure with Ambassador Beautiful Flower and his assistant Jana, when orders were received from Federation security to kill the contacts and destroy their ship. After the event the Federation removed all records of the ibn Majid. Captain Vandermeer killed himself soon afterwards out of remorse. [33] It was only after the events at Coppelius that the information came out. [35]

After leaving Starfleet he became Captain of La Sirena, a Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter. In 2399 ex-Admiral Picard hired Rios to take him on a mission to find Soji Asha, Dahj's twin sister. Within minutes of talking to Rios, Picard had identified him as a Starfleet officer to the core. [30] During their visit to planet Freecloud Rios pretended to be a 'facer, a flamboyant go between for criminals. A role that his usual broody existentialist spaceman persona didn't prepare him for. [36]

When Rios first saw Soji he immediately recognised her as being identical to Jana, bringing back the painful memories of that encounter. [33]

Rios took part in the attempt by La Sierna's crew to destroy the antenna used to contact the higher androids, although this was ultimately unsuccessful. Following Picard's death he admitted to Seven of Nine that he had sworn to never again let another self-righteous, hard-assed old starship captain into his heart, however, Picard had caused him to break that promise. [35]


Name Description
La Sirena EEH / Ian [33] An Emergency Engineering Hologram who served on board La Sirena. His appearance was modelled after that of Captain Rios. He is also known as Ian and unlike Rios he had a Scottish accent. [33] When Rios retreated to his room after meeting Soji for the first time, he left the holograms in charge of the ship. Raffi used this opportunity to interview the holos in an attempt to piece together what had happened on the USS ibn Majid. The process was ultimately unsuccessful. [33]
La Sirena EHH / Mister Hospitality [27] An Emergency Hospitality Hologram who served on board La Sirena. His appearance was modelled after that of Captain Rios. He's also known as Mister Hospitality and he is quiet and shy. Picard once asked him why such a small ship had an EHH, he said he was installed as part of the standard package. Captain Rios admitted to Picard that he really didn't like the EHH. [27] When Rios retreated to his room after meeting Soji for the first time, he left the holograms in charge of the ship. Raffi used this opportunity to interview the holos in an attempt to piece together what had happened on the USS ibn Majid. The process was ultimately unsuccessful. [33]
La Sirena EMH / Emil [30] An Emergency Medical Hologram who served on board La Sirena, his appearance was modelled after that of Captain Rios. He was given the name Emil and unlike Rios he had a British accent. [30] When Rios retreated to his room after meeting Soji for the first time, he left the holograms in charge of the ship. Raffi used this opportunity to interview the holos in an attempt to piece together what had happened on the USS ibn Majid. The process was ultimately unsuccessful. [33]
La Sirena ETH / Emmet [27] An Emergency Tactical Hologram who served on board La Sirena. His appearance was modelled after that of Captain Rios except that he was tatooed and had an unkempt appearance, even by Rios's standards. He was also called Emmet and preferred to speak in Spanish, although he could speak English. [27] When Rios retreated to his room after meeting Soji for the first time, he left the holograms in charge of the ship. Raffi used this opportunity to interview the holos in an attempt to piece together what had happened on the USS ibn Majid. The process was ultimately unsuccessful. [33]
La Sirena ENH / Enoch [30] An Emergency Navigational Hologram who served on board La Sirena. His appearance was modelled after that of Captain Rios. He was also known as Enoch and unlike Rios had an Irish accent. [30] When Rios retreated to his room after meeting Soji for the first time, he left the holograms in charge of the ship. Raffi used this opportunity to interview the holos in an attempt to piece together what had happened on the USS ibn Majid. The process was ultimately unsuccessful. [33]

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32 STP 1 Nepenthe
33 STP 1 Broken Pieces
34 STP 1 Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1
35 STP 1 Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2
36 STP 1 Stardust City Rag
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Encounter at Farpoint
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 4)
Episode : Tapestry
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Game
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Final Mission
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 1)
Episode : Relics
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Wounded
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Battle
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Measure of a Man
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Coming of Age
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Q Who
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 6)
Episode : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Drumhead
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : Family
Film: Star Trek : Generations
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Emissary
Film: Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Series : TNG Season (Disc )
Episode : Various Next Generation episodes
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Pen Pals
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 1)
Episode : Who Watches The Watchers?
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 4)
Episode : The Offspring
Film: Star Trek : Insurrection
Film: Star Trek : Nemesis
Novel : Star Trek : Destiny, Book 1 - Gods of Night
Novel : Star Trek : Destiny, Book 2 - Mere Mortals
Novel : Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : Absolute Candor
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Remembrance
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Maps and Legends
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : The End is the Beginning
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Impossible Box
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : Nepenthe
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Broken Pieces
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2
Series : STP Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : Stardust City Rag

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