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TAS Cast

Main Cast

Actor Main Character
DeForest Kelley Leonard H. McCoy
George Takei Hikaru Sulu
James Doohan Montgomery Scott
Leonard Nimoy Spock
Nichelle Nichols Nyota Uhura
William Shatner James T. Kirk

Other Cast

Actor Character Number of episodesDown
James Doohan Gabler 4
Nichelle Nichols Computer Voice 2
Majel Barrett Computer Voice 2
James Doohan Transporter Chief Kyle 1
James Doohan Malignant alien 1
James Doohan Pod Ship 1
Billy Simpson Young Spock 1
James Doohan Aleek-Om 1
James Doohan Ensign Bates 1
James Doohan Erikson 1
James Doohan Guardian of Forever 1
James Doohan The Healer 1
James Doohan Commander Thelin 1
Keith Sutherland Young Sepek 1
Majel Barrett Amanda 1
Majel Barrett Grey 1
Mark Lenard Sarek 1
James Doohan Robert Wesley 1
Majel Barrett Cosmic Cloud 1
James Doohan Security Officer Carver 1
Majel Barrett Theela 1
Nichelle Nichols Dara 1
Nichelle Nichols Security Officer Davison 1
David Gerrold Korax 1
James Doohan Koloth 1
Stanley Adams Cyrano Jones 1
James Doohan Romulan Commander 1
Nichelle Nichols Lieutenent Ann Nored 1
Ted Knight Carter Winston 1
James Doohan Agmar 1
James Doohan Doctor Keniclius 5 1
Ed Bishop Asmodeus 1
George Takei Megan voice 1
James Doohan Lucien 1
George Takei Amusement Park Computer 1
James Doohan White Rabbit 1
Majel Barrett Queen of Hearts 1
Nichelle Nichols Alice 1
James Doohan Human miner 1
James Doohan Male Ursinoid miner 1
Majel Barrett Lora 1
Nichelle Nichols Female Ursinoid miner 1
Roger C. Carmel Harcourt Fenton Mudd 1
James Doohan Mendent of Terratin 1
Nichelle Nichols Mess Officer Briel 1
George Takei Klingon #1 1
George Takei Commander Kuri 1
James Doohan Bell 1
James Doohan Kaz 1
James Doohan Captain Kor 1
James Doohan Xerius 1
Nichelle Nichols Devna 1
Nichelle Nichols Magen 1
David Gerrold Nephro 1
James Doohan Aquan male voices 1
James Doohan Cadmar 1
James Doohan Domar 1
James Doohan Lemus 1
James Doohan Lt Clayton 1
Majel Barrett Aquan female voices 1
Majel Barrett Rila 1
James Doohan Chuft Captain 1
James Doohan Computer voice 1
James Doohan Kzin flyer 1
James Doohan Kzin telepath 1
Majel Barrett Slaver device 1
James Doohan Lieutenant Commander Tom Markel 1
Majel Barrett Randi Bryce 1
David Gerrold Em/3/Green 1
James Doohan Sord 1
James Doohan Tchar 1
Majel Barrett Lara 1
Majel Barrett Vedalan 1
George Takei Huron helmsman 1
George Takei Orion Lieutenant 1
James Doohan Captain O'Shea 1
James Doohan Orion Commander 1
James Doohan Orion Ensign 1
James Doohan Transporter Chief 1
Majel Barrett Huron first officer 1
James Doohan Commander Ari bn Bem 1
Nichelle Nichols Alien Entity 1
James Doohan Search party crewman 1
Lou Scheimer Romulan Commander 1
Norm Prescott Romulan crewman 1
James Doohan Kol-tai 1
James Doohan Supreme Prefect 1
Lou Sheimer Demos 1
James Doohan Ensign Dawson Walking Bear 1
James Doohan Kukulkan 1
James Doohan Karl 4 1
James Doohan Commodore Robert April 1
Nichelle Nichols Karla 5 1
Nichelle Nichols Doctor Sarah April 1

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