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All these comments about ladie’s long legs… My mother said that legs like that always went up and made an ass of themselves. I don’t know why, but she kept repeating that.
Quark: "Good God, Odo! What the hell did you eat?"
Odo: "Technically, I absorb nutrients while I am regenerating... But it was a burrito."
Victoria’s Secret runway show is nothing compared to Frederick’s of Hollywood's runway …IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
When you visit Frederick's of Hollywood's headquarters, you'll notice pictures of their "products” lining their hallways. Impressively, they also have a very strict non-sexual harassment clause that you sign when they hire you.
Quark: What IS that?
Odo: It is our moral compass, shriveling up and blowing away ...
Quark: "I never noticed that the station's windows have wipers..."
Odo: "That's for getting rid of all the star dust."
Ye canna change the laws of Christmas, Jim!
"Oh man, that's gross! I know we told him to get stuffed but ... sage and onion ... really?"
"Is Christmas over yet?"
Quark: "Well, aren't those nice fireworks out there?"
Odo: "That's Starfleet battling the Dominion!"
The Great Bird of the Galaxy buzzing the station.
Odo: "You weren't kidding, your new business idea literally spells profit!"
Quark: "Those giant letters were quite expensive, I can tell you!"
Odo: "Is that the proverbial elephant in the room?"
Quark: "No, that's just a very obese Ferengi."
Odo: "Shouldn't someone finally fix the structural damage up there?"
Quark: "Someone in fact did! But it was Rom."
Odo: "OK, that explains why it's looking WORSE now than before..."
Two wide-eyed waifs, scanning the Christmas Eve sky for Santa's bright red sleigh.
Just two dudes... watching… waiting… hoping that they were well behaved ENOUGH to score some gifts this year.
Quark: "Whoa! It's snowing on the Promenade!"
Odo: "Huh. Again?"
Quark: "What do you mean, AGAIN!?"
Odo: "This already happened in 'If Wishes Were Horses'. Look it up on Memory Alpha!"
Quark: "What's this? It's... green!"
Odo: "It's the green screen. The VFX people are sleeping again..."
5... 4... 3... 2...
Just two dudes... watching… waiting… hoping to make a run for it when the shit actually hits the fan.
Meet Odo: Shape Shifter… Security Chief… Pompous A-Hole… Founder…
Odo: "Quark... do you see that red dot on the wall there?"
Quark, to self: 'I don't know if I should kill Rom, or give him a raise.'
Just two dudes... watching... waiting... trying to avoid the splatter of trickle down "economics"...
Business ALWAYS picked up when Quark rented out space upstairs for the La Leche League weekly support group meetings.
Quark: "I didn't know that we have window cleaners..."
Odo: "Well, SOMEONE has to do all the cleaning on large Federation vessels and stations!"
"Odo, has anyone ever said you look gorgeous in beige?"
"I hope that sleigh is pressurised."
"Look out, the carol singers are here! Hide!"
"Wow! That Boris Johnson has all the tact & charm of a Klingon!"
Quark gets right up Odo's nose
"Is that REALLY Frankie Chestnuts? I thought he was taller."
Odo: How much?
Quark: Only $4,800....
i will have what you gave him
l can see right up her skirt
Quark: "Is that... a real dinosaur?"
Odo: "Well, they aren't extinct on every planet!"
Odo: "Quark, why is there a giraffe on the Promenade?"
Quark: "Beats me, I don't have anything to do with that. This time."
Any moment now, that piano is going to drop on Odo's head. Any moment!
"How did you get a big screen TV in here? And why are you watching a rival network?"
"Because it's worth all the hassle to see you get killed on Stargate SG-1."
Quark: "Okay, I admit that the kanar-jalapeño cocktail what not one of my best ideas."
Odo: "Not if literally taking off like a rocket is the drinkers' usual reaction."
Odo: "That starship flies awfully close to the space station. You can even peek into the windows!"
Quark: "Tell me when the quarters of the female crew members are passing by!"
Odo: "You added a huge chandelier to your bar? Isn't that a bit too kitschy?"
Quark: "That word doesn't exist in the Ferengi language."
Both Quark & Odo's jaws dropped when they saw Dax in a Bikini !!!
Odo: "Why is the dartboard up there now!?"
Quark: "After learning that Dr. Bashir is genetically augmented, Chief O'Brien decided to render the game a bit more challenging for him."
How do you get a one armed Pakled out of a tree?
Wave at him.
Odo: What's the word for that?
Quark: There ARE no words for that.
look at that spider it huge
Quark & Odo stare out one of the windows , seeing a Little Red Sliegh pulled by 8 Raindeer coming out of the worm hole. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone !!!
I’m just like you guys: I always feel a little intimidated when I work with tall women who have breasts larger than my head.
It is NOT your imagination: President Trump IS aging rapidly.
Quark: Put your eyes back into head Odo, That's just my grandmother.
Odo: What is she doing here?
Quark: Grandma come to live with us ...due to medicare cuts.
Odo: But why is she NAKED?
Quark: Because she is a LADY, not that you'd know anything about THAT!
Quark: "Whoa! Who would have thought that you can fly a runabout indoors?"
There's a reason why Quark hired dabo girls to clean the upper section of his bar while wearing miniskirts... especially when they bend over to pick up trash.
Odo: "Who is that?"
Quark: "My newest dabo girl. I hired her because of her gorgeous legs that don't seem to end!"
"I don't know, Rene, why DID the producers do another 'We got shrunk down' episode?"
"Odo, look, it's Kira riding her 'Season 1 Poor Bajoran high horse' again"
Quark: "That's the Nausicaan who is bullying me! Arrest him!"
Odo: "I'd need larger handcuffs for this..."
Quark: "When you look through those portals do you contemplate the vastness of space, the depth of eternity, the mystery of existence and wonder what it's all about?"
Odo: "No, I just note that Maintenance haven't cleaned the windows properly again."

Odo looked up seeing Kathleen Wynne dining upstairs. He was sure he would finally get to arrest this Bitch for crimes against Ontarians .!!!
Odo: "What is this??"
Quark: "The hoo-mons like to see festive decoration around this time of the year. Thus, Quark's Bar proudly presents the largest Christmas tree this side of the wormhole!"
Quark: Not everyone looks down on you, Odo. It's mainly just those guys up there, ... and there, ... oh yeah, and there...
Odo: "Did you know Morn has wings!?"
Quark: "I am as surprised as you are..."
Quark: "Who'd have though it; a 50 foot high Vulcan."
Odo: "So the animated series IS canon after all."
Odo: "I do wish Apollo would dress more decorously when he visits."
Great! Ensign Silva's pet Tarkalien Bat is loose again.
Odo: ''Why is there hasperat... on the ceiling?''
Quark: ''Oh, that was all Morn's fault. He did... Morn has... It's hard to describe actually - but it was absolutely hilarious!''
Quark: "Well, there goes another tourist."
Odo: "If only they'd learn to use the air conditioning instead of opening the windows."
"Look! What's that up there in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SUPER- oh, no, sorry. It's a bird."
Hey guys, it's rude to stare ...
Odo: "Can you smell something funny?"
Quark: "Yeah, I just dropped a huge smelly one."
Big Ears & Big Nose gaze with awe at Big Butt
"At least they didn't give us a caption like THAT!"
Quark with a sinister grin on his face , after slipping a Laxative into Odo's drink.
Quark: "Wow! Of course I was aware that Dax isn't exactly short, but those high heel really make her look exceptionally tall!"
Well.... I've never seen the wormhole do that before
They can look high or low, but there are some Star Trek characters that there is absolutely no fan base love to be found
Quark: What are you looking for?
Odo: The smallest amount of fan base sympathy for Wesley Crusher
Quark: Heh, not having much luck are you?
Odo: It's GOTTA be here somewhere!
Quark: What are you looking for?
Odo: The smallest amount of fan base sympathy for Wesley Crusher
Odo: How is Jake floating around the promenade like that!?
Quark: Oh, that? He wanted to try a new drink I acquired.
Odo: What's in it?
Quark : I can't tell you that! The inventor, Willy Wonka, swore me to secrecy!
*sniffs* she's here
Odo: What's this? What's this? There's something very wrong
Quark: Nope, just MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Look! Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a.... Klingon?
Watching the plane crash of the Trump Presidency.
Odo: "You offer bungee jumping now?"
Quark: "The people love it! It drives crowds into my bar!"
Odo: "What if someone gets hurt?"
Quark: "Better them than me."
Odo: "They might sue you."
After drinking too much Saurian brandy, Morn accepted a dare to fill one stomach with Diet Coke and the other one with Mentos. Two minutes later, everyone got to watch him rocket across the Promenade.
Odo:"I've NEVER seen a Dabo Girl that big."
Quark: "Shut up and have another drink."
Odo: “What the HELL is THAT?!
How'd that dang deal get here?!
Hey! Come on over here and look at this deal!”
Quark: “What the hell is that?”
Odo: “I don't know WHAT the hell that is!”
Quark: “What in the hell is THAT?!”
Odo: “Hey, you kids! Get away from there!”
Quark: “I would not mess with that thing…”
ODO: “Don't put your LIPS on it!”
Quark: “WHAT the hell is this?”
Odo: "Well... I've seen worse, but that's some serious water damage. You're going to need a plumber... a drywall guy... and a painter."
Quark: "Well... It was pretty messy... But it was worth it."
Odo: "Whoa... That's one BIG Dabo Girl..."
Quark: "Yes, it is."
Odo: "Whoa... That's one BIG Dabo Girl..."
Quark: "264th Rule of Acquisition: 'The bigger the Dabo Girl, the bigger the bet'."
Odo: "Whoa... That's one BIG Dabo Girl..."
Quark (speechless)
Odo: "Holy Crap! I don't think I've ever seen someone go through puberty while standing in the promenade."
Quark: "Ferengis mature very quickly."
Odo: "I was referring to Jake."
Quark: "Stupid hoo-mans..."
Odo: "What the...? Is that Santa's sleigh being pulled by a shuttle craft??"
Quark: "Aaaaand there he goes! Another one falling down from the upper level of the Promenade!"
Odo: "I have been telling everyone since the Cardassian Occupation that this flimsy balustrade is a security hazard - but does anybody ever listen to me!?"
Where's Morn?
A moment of profound wonder
The only scene in which we find... Odo does have boogers
Looks like Worf and Jadzia just finished their argument in the holosuite
Quark and Odo watching the Alpha Quadrant's new reality show: "Keeping Up with the Cardassians".
Where's that Christmas music coming from?
Odo: That's not me.
The Great Bird of the Galaxy strikes again.
Quark: Look! Up there!
Odo: *looks*
Quark: Ha ha, made you look!


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