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It's NOT animal attraction... It is real magnets, and my earing.
Kira: ''What is that stench? It makes me wrinkle my nose!''
Quark: ''Me too!''
Point #1: Captioneers are great fans of infinite variations.
Point #2: Captioneers seem to confuse “anger" with "sexual attraction”.
Point #3: Captioneers seem to have a lot of anger toward Frankie Chestnuts.
Conclusion: Captioneers are crushing on Frankie.
Yes, I DO have too much time on my hands, why do you ask?
I’m not really sure what your problem is.
Excuse me, let me reframe that: I’m not really sure what your problems ARE.
So… the Resistance… is that a moral life choice, or just a preferred activity?
Mr. Worf, PLEASE watch that "spell check"... ladies don't call that their "grouch", only Quark does.
It’s the quality, not the quantity!
It’s the quality, not the quantity. - Just kiddin'
Quark to Kira: Really. I'd get that small growth on your nose looked at. I left it too late, and look at me...
Stand a little closer and you'd see the birth of a parallelogram.
Quark: ''I have always wanted to ask you...''
Kira: ''Yes?''
Quark: ''Can you sell me your earring? It looks very valuable. I might make a good profit reselling it.''
Quark and Kira practicing for the DS9 carrot-balancing contest.
Quark: C'mon, Major, can't you see that there is something between us?
Kira: Only this big orange bogie of yours.
Quark: "Major, you're sexy when you get angry."
Kira: "I get angry when you are here."
Quark: "Isn't it great that it works out like that."
Quark: ''Why your romance with Odo? What is so awesome about him?''
Kira: ''He is exceptionally flexible.''
Quark: ''Now I regret that I have asked...''
Wait... You don't see it?
I can see your earwax from here.
No member of the United Federation of Planets shall pound the crap out of a Ferengi within the full view of the public.
You know it when you see it.
Quark: I hate you!
Kira: I hate YOU!
Quark: Are you as turned on as I am?
Kira: Even more! (embraces each other, passionate kissing ensues)
Unwritten Rule of Acquisition #12
If you lock eyes with a Bajoran, don't look away. They see it as a act of weakness.
Quark: Look, I killed hundreds of Cardassians. So, how about a little respect.
Kira: HA! You killed Cardassians. You served them.
Quark: I killed them through liver failure and bad decisions. You have your way, I have mine.
Monster and Alien.
Your in my personal space Quark! Back up or I'll stun you.
Maybe but i also have this pretty, big lobes.
Quark:look, I can just give it a trim, bob it, a little at the back....
Kira:and you think I would trust a bald species with my hair WHY?
Quark: Of all the bars in this quadrant, you walk into mine.
Kira: I'm here to shut you down. Noise violations and for illegal gaming.
Kira: I find you disgusting.
Quark: Now Kira, aren't we past the flattery stage.
Quark: ''Prove that you are not Odo!''
Kira: ''Prove that YOU are not Odo...''
Quark: ''Because I refused to donate for an orphanage, Captain Sisko called me Scrooge. What is a Scrooge??''
Quark: "Kira... What do you say? We're PERFECT for each other."
Kira: "Well... You WOULD be the perfect target for my new Holosuite Combat Training Program... With the safety protocols disabled."
Kira: ''Captain Sisko wants to do a theatre play for the Earth holiday Christmas. And he told me to ask you if you'd want to play the main character.''
Quark: ''Really, the starring role is for me? Wow! How is my character called?''
Kira: ''The Grinch.''
Quark: When I see you every morning I really wish I followed my cousins advice about going into weapons.
Quark: ''Your religion is silly!''
Kira:''...says the guy who prays to an entity called the Blessed Exchequer .''
Quark came to loathe Thanksgiving when Kira decided his head resembled a turkey enough to use it as such.
NOG! Triple Espresso STAT!!!
After this disastrous encounter Quark made sure he had a complimentary cup of coffee at hand for when he first saw Kira in the morning.
Quark: "Oh yeah? Well not only is my nose more wrinkled than yours, but my forehead is as well!"
Kira: "Alright, you little troll. You win this one, but this is not over. Not by a long shot!"
Kira: F*ck you.
Quark: F*ck you.
Kira: F*ck you!
Quark: F*ck you!
Kira: F*CK YOU!
Quark: F*CK YOU!
Kira: ...My quarters, 10 minutes....
Kira: ''If you and Gul Dukat were the last two men in the whole galaxy... I would choose Dukat.''
Quark: ''Ouch, THAT hurts!''
Most people knew Quark had "Vulcan Love Slave", but nobody knew he had "Bajoran Pleasure Servant".
Prominently Pictured: "Profit" and "Peed off"
Quark: I see you too one of my ideas and reinvented it to make it much more clever and simple, is there any chance I could profit any way from it?
Kira: No.
Armin and Nana, the EXACT instant they realize that they are wearing each other's nose prosthetic.
"Oh, how we danced!"
Kira: ''I am a customer with a complaint.''
Quark: ''Very well. But for security reasons - mainly my security - you have to go to more than one arm's length distance from me. So you can't reach my throat, you know?''
Ever the practical joker, Odo originally planned on giving Kira a little scare just before their first kiss on the Promenade...
Kira: You're stepping on the Fecesian ambassador Quark.
Quark: It's ok, he likes it, it's like a back run for their species. I get along with them fine. We do good business.
In fact, they made me a honorary Fecesian.
Kira: ...
Kira: You're stepping on the Fecesian ambassador Quark.
Quark: Do not touch me, I am now the Ferengi Ambassador.
Quark didn't have the Stress Reliever Kit sign on his forehead, but his head was firm enough and Kira was certainly stressed enough.
Quark: ''You are cute when you are angry. And you are always angry.''
(Quark) Major I'll tell you what you want if you rub my Lobs. (Major) I don't want a you as a pet! I want that name or ELSE!!!
As tempting as it was, the DS9 writers never went for the Quark/Kira romance. There simply wasn't enough whisky in the world to scrub that image from the audience's minds.
Guess who in this picture is really Odo!
Sha La La La La Bye oh Bye, You're a point too Shy, you need to...KISS THE GIRL!
After Kira found out this was Odo, she didn't talk to him for weeks.
Odo would sometimes play a game with his new love Kira. He would take a random form and surprise Kira by kissing her. However, there is this one time it backfired terribly."
Na, my nose is more riged than yours
Kira: By "some fungi", I meant some mushrooms. I did not mean some "fun GUY”, which would NEVER be you.
Quark: ''You have to understand that I am a Ferengi. I won't give you anything without ANY form of payment.''
Kira: ''My form of payment will be me not punching you to a pulp.''
Quark: ''Fair enough. We have a deal!''
RDM comments: Extra with sombrero disrupts confrontation scene between Shimerman and Visitor
One Kiss! Please!
Quark: ''I am a realist. For this fight, I placed my bet against myself.''
Announcer: "TONIGHT... On Celebrity Death Match..."
Ummm, Major that's not my hand on your hip!
"Quark unless you remove your hand from my hip, you'll never raise a glass again."
(Quark) Major, I'm sorry that Rom wore your underwear. (Major) Don't blame your brother since the security monitor caught you walking down the hall!
As Kira gassed into Quarkis eyes ..... she had this irresistible urge to rip his lobes off his head. Mainly because he had his hand on her grouch.
Is there an echo in here, or is it just you?
A Ferengi and Bajoran walk into a bar...
Quark: I want my manhood back.
Quark: I want my hand back.
Star Trek: Deep Space 9: The Movie
A jaded nightclub owner at war-torn Deep Space 9, whose loyalties are put to the test when his old flame, Kira, reappears to seek Quark's help in escaping from the Cardassians.
Kira: But what about us?
Quark: We'll always have Paris. We didn't have, we, we lost it until you came to Deep Space 9. We got it back last night.
Kira: When I said I would never leave you.
Quark: And you never will. But I've got a job to do, too. Where I'm going, you can't follow. What I've got to do, you can't be any part of.
Here's looking at you kid.
Kira and Quark begin their daily dance. Usually, this ends up with Quark's face mashed into the Dabo table.
The Baj-Curious Holosuite Program. TASTE the rainbow!
Passive Aggressive converstion...IN SPAAAAAACCCCCEEEE!
If that orange thing coming out of Quark's nose is what I think it is, I don't think I can keep this 'fairly clean'!
"it's called "Rule 34" Google it........."
Prom Night dates we regret going on.
"Your ridges are so sublime! So subtle! So feminine!"
He has no idea that the "Bajoran Ear Pinch" isn't a good thing.
Wait, are you trying to sell ME something, Major?
The curious case of the people whose heads were wider than they were tall
Quark: "My lobes aren't the only thing that are abnormally large...
You're standing on my feet."
It's high noon in the Promenade
And Round #47 of the Deep Space Nine Staring Contest!
Kira: ''How do you like my new hairstyle?''
Quark: ''Are you trying to make me hair-envious?''
Believe it or not, we are about three seconds from a passionite kiss and much dry heaving will be had by all!
Believe it or not, we are about three seconds from a passionate kiss.
You know the phrase don't kill the messenger, well when Quark draw the short straw to tell Kira about the new Monthly Caption update, it became apparent Kira does not know or care about that rule.
Kira: You know prosthetic lobes are a thing.
Quark: O.O
Quark is envisioning her slowly putting a lot more clothes on.
Kira: I am not looking down my nose at you, i’m just LOOKING at you.
Kira’s original character concept was supposed to be a sexy android that protected her perimeter by spewing orange flames from her nose. Alas, the CG technology was not up to the task.
Kira may be one, but she is more than capable of making any male into her one.
In Ferengi horror films, the vampire bites the lobes.
Kira: "I figured out what you need, Quark... A breath mint."
In future years: The name "Kira" was used to frighten young Ferengi males into behaving.
PegasusJF and Frankie Chesnuts trying to come up with the best jokes the quickest.
Sisko: "The finals for the DS-9 Staring Contest begins in 3... 2... 1..."
20 years later Bashir: As you see, the Lobes of a Ferengi are very prominent on the males. They are, like human ears, composed of cartilage with very high blood vessel and nerve density. Unfortunately it leads to very painful bloody wounding that is very difficult to repair and transfusions are a necessity. This poor fellow was so badly hurt we had to amputate his lobes to save his life.
Here we see Kira sporting her "Lobe-do". It was all the rage on DS-9 for about 4 days.
Kira: "Quark, if you get any closer to me, you'll find your lobes on display in the Promenade.
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Entry on Ferengi Lobes: You can use them to please or punish, your choice
Ferengi Horror Film
Quark: "Kira... you've got to tell me...Where do you get your hair done?"
War between the Sexes...IN SPACCCCEEEE!
Quark: Are not my lobes exquisite?
Kira: All I see are handles on a very large bulls-eye.
Soon after, helmets that protected ones lobes became all the rage.
Soon after this incident the 286th Rule of Acquisition was drafted: "Always have a helmet handy"
Quark (three seconds later): My God, It's full of stars
Many traveling Ferengi found themselves in the Vault of Eternal Destitution while their doctors enjoyed many eternities in the Divine Treasury
Quark: You can't hurt me, the law...
Kira: I AM THE LAW!!!
In the next scene, a high soprano scream shatters the glass and vents them all into space
Kira: You have at least three very sensitive areas within easy reach, tell me, is this where you want to be?
QuarK: Why yes, I am fully functional.
Kira (clenching fists): Let's do something about that...
Kira: Do you realize just how many ways I can kill you right now?
The size of your nasal wrinkles doesn't matter; it's what you do with them that's important.


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