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Caption Competition


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Name Caption
Horta not Vorta I've got to have thirty minutes.
Bird of Prey Beata: "You know, you would look even more attractive with a beard!"
Riker: "That may well be. But we in the Federation don't care about such superficialities anymore." (Thinking: "Note to self...")
MR. WORF The Capt. had forgot to tell Cmdr Riker there would be a urine sample to test for STDs.
Mikey "You hold the carb, I'll light the bowl."
Mikey "I don't know what the F*&$ it is either, dear, but we still have to send your Aunt Rhoda a thank-you note."
Bird of Prey Riker was young and needed the money! (Unfortunately, nobody told him yet that the Federation doesn't use money...)
MR. WORF Beata : Commander ! What's this yellowish goo in my Worship Stone ???
Riker : OH !!!! I'm sorry , I ran out of Kleenex so I blew my nose into the stone. I was going to clean it .
Besta : No need....., It looks so mesmerizing slowly running down the sides into a gooey blob.
MR. WORF Besta : What is this for ?
Riker : It's how I transform into the Yellow Launtern .
N'tran DS 12 "Barkeep, get my friend a Pangalactic Gargleblaster."
MR. WORF Johnathon Frakes takes a last look at the Script to see when the love see is coming.
Bird of Prey Beata: "What is this?"
Riker: "A piece of honeycomb for my queen bee!"
Sondak Your ENTIRE chest? I don't think this is enough wax.
Miss Marple "Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.".-George Orwell
"This is SHINEY!" - Mistress Beata
MR. WORF Riker checks on his PADD device to record the Day Time Emmy's .
AdmiralM At this moment Riker thinks he should let Picard go on more away missions.
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: “I have a strong interest in other cultures mating rituals.”
Mistress Beata: "...and I'M interested in Tiberian bats... What about it?"
ilandra Beata "My babel fish has escaped!"
Bird of Prey Woman: "Do you know what the people of my planet do with this thing... in the bedroom?"
Riker: "No. And I am not quite sure if I want to find out..."
AJ What do you give to a person that already has everything? A random piece of glass that serves no purpose whatsoever.
Miss Marple Melania is ENTRANCED.
ilandra Riker wondered if Beata would consider swapping clothes.
ilandra Jonathan Frakes decides he wants to do more directing from now on ...
ilandra Jonathan Frames decides he wants to do more directing from now on ....
ilandra Riker thought his Bluetooth device was far superior to Beata's.
MR. WORF Beata : And the Award for Best Male Performer in a Space Porno is : COMMANDER WILLIAM RIKER !!!!!
MR. WORF A Clip from the New 24th Century No!No!NO! hair removal system .
MR. WORF Poor Riker had no idea Beata was about to do a breast implant on him !!!
MR. WORF Beata gazed upon the mold of Rikers " Johnson " as he put it.
AdmiralM Beata grins now that she adds Rikers balls to her collection.
The Geek Sure, Riker may be sexy here, but he'll never be "Burt Reynolds in the 70s sexy". (RIP, Burt)
Miss Marple Mistress Beata is SO HAPPY that The Geek is BACK!
MR. WORF Beata : Thank you so much for your sperm sample.
Riker : No problem , there's more where that came from .
MR. WORF Little did Riker know that there culture hadn't quite developed the condom just yet.
Bird of Prey What young Will Riker doesn't know yet is that for the rest of his life he will regret posting this picture on the internet...
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "...think about Parrises squares... think about Parrises squares..."
N'tran DS 12 Too Sexy for his Shirt.
mwhittington Riker: Wait, that goes in WHERE!? Will there at least be lubricant?
PegasusJF There be hormones here, LOTS of hormones
PegasusJF Beings came from all over the galaxy to Angel 1 to get the toughest glass jars opened.
AdmiralM What happens on Angel one stays on Angel one.
Frankie Chestnuts Wardrobe Malfunctions... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Frankie Chestnuts Mistress Beata (to self): "The Orb of Ecstasy, or actual physical contact with a smug off-worlder... The Orb of Ecstasy, or actual physical contact with a smug off-worlder... Decisions, decisions..."
The Geek In this case,I think I will allow for, even commend, Riker's smugness.
The Geek During his early years after leaving the lab, Odo was forced to do... things... to make ends meet.
Frankie Chestnuts Riker's worst nightmare: Pretending to be submissive on a planet dominated by women.
McFortner Beata (thinking): HOW did he pass a kidney stone this large?
The Geek Beata: "Wow, what is this?"
Riker: "In Starfleet, we call that a 'plot device'."
Beata: "What does it do?"
Riker: "Generates a plot. Sometimes, an episode can be derived from an especially large, and often expensive plot device."
Beata: "Will this do that?"
Riker: "No, no. This is single episode story, and you are a one-off character. What you got there won't even be referenced in the next scene."
MLCoolJ Beata: Am I gonna do it with Riker tonight? *shakes crystal ball*
Crystal Ball: Reply hazy. Try again.
The Geek Beata: "...and to think that when this ritual is complete, I will have your testicles in this jar."
Riker: "Uh, huh... wait, what?"
The Geek Star Trek on Ice
The Geek Star Trek: The Fabulous Generation
Chromedome "And the winner of the Least Convincing Drag Queen is ..."
Frankie Chestnuts Star Trek Fashion Shows:
…and here we see Will in a semi-off the shoulder, powder blue lamé tunic. Isn’t he stunning. Jewelry by Christian Dior.
Thank you Will.
And here comes Jean-Luc in a cute pair of short-shorts with a matching tank top. Strut your stuff, Captain!
Miss Marple A couple with too much time on their hands.
Frankie Chestnuts Riker (to self): “I think I’ve got this... she can’t resist me!”
Mistress Beata (to self): “DAMN!! I hate these puzzles. How do I get this little ball out of here.”
Miss Marple Lifetime's Intimate Portrait: At home with Frankie Chestnuts
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: “I have a strong interest in other cultures mating rituals.”
Mistress Beata: “Oh, I definitely have something interesting for you to experience.”
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: “Go ahead, I’m ready. Insert the devise.”
Mistress Beata (thinking): “Hmmm... wonder if he realizes how big it is...”
Miss Marple This scene was the impetus for the "Manscaping" trend.

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