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Caption Competition


Caption comp image

Name Caption
Bird of Prey Kirk: "Crud we are too late for this party. It's literally dead already."
Chromedome "Jim, I know you use Lynx Africa deodorant because you think it attracts women, but I think you've overdone it this time."
Chromedome Through the stench of dead corpses came something strange ... the smell of Lynx Africa!
Chromedome "Strange. She's been stoned to death ... with polystyrene rocks!"
Bird of Prey Kirk: "Why do we even have you aboard, Bones? You have been exposed! The tricorder does all the work for you! Look, I scanned her, and the display literally says: 'She is dead, Jim!'"
Bird of Prey Kirk: "She is dead, Bones."
McCoy: "On second thought, let's keep doing it the other way around. It just sounds catchier that way."
Bird of Prey Kirk: "He is dead, Bones."
McCoy: "On second thought, let's keep doing it the other way around. It just sounds catchier that way."
MR. WORF Kirk : Damn it ! What caused this ??!!!
Bones : Jim ! It could be the Flying Purple People Eater !!!
Spock : We are being watched . My Phaser is ready.
Chromedome "C'mon Bones, pay attention and try to look concerned."
Horta not Vorta "You Gorn bastards, you've killed my sister."
Chromedome "No, she doesn't have the winning lottery ticket either."
Chromedome The actress is glad she isn't lying the other way or she'd have a close up of Shatner's crotch.
Chromedome "It's no use hiding behind the girl ... she only stops 5 points of damage ..."
(offscreen there is the rattle of RPG dice rolling)
Chromedome "So this is what happens when Tribbles go bad!"
AdmiralM Trade negotiations were slow on planet narcolepsy.
Bird of Prey Kirk: "Hey, this isn't my tricorder! This is just a cassette tape player!"
Miss Marple Kirk, to self: Have I lowered my dating expectations TOO much?
Miss Marple Kirk: According to the tricorder, technically she can be CONSIDERED as wearing a red shirt, but nothing else here makes any sense.
Miss Marple Bones, to self: ...this reminds me of my childhood... -Except there's more to eat here.
Miss Marple Bones: Well Captain, if you are REALLY hungry, I'm sure no one's going to miss her... Remember, Spock's a vegetarian.
Spock: I am not hungry.
Bryan Moore "Bones, according to these tricorder readings, she burned dinner..."
Bird of Prey Kirk: "Well, I guess I am just that drop dead gorgeous..."
Bird of Prey Kirk: "That's strange... They are all dead, yet none of them wears a red shirt..."
MR. WORF Kirk : Bones ! Why does this tricorder keep displaying M-5 Was Here ????
Bones Thinking : OMG !!! Daystrums Engrams have gotten loose !!!!
MR. WORF BONES !!! ; These wounds are consistent with a phaser blast from 30 yards !!! There from a Type 2 Phaser !!
SPOCK : Wasn't me .
Bird of Prey Kirk: "What is it with people having nasty skin conditions in the caption competition pictures recently...?"
Bird of Prey Kirk:"See, with this new program in our tricorders, we will find out who the killer was in no time. You could say that it is... a killer app!"
Bodhi "Oh my, this is terrible! The Cubs lost again!"
Bodhi "Well gentlemen, the Mexican border is safe once again, our work here is done."
mwhittington Bones: Looks to me like she died of space herpes.
Kirk: Oh, crap!...Uh, I mean, that's a shame. By the way, is space herpes curable, and do we have the cure aboard?
Bones: Jim, you can only get space herpes through...*sighs* Not again, Jim!
Bird of Prey Kirk: "Great. First that planet with the horned albino gorillas, and now we are on one where people get attacked by a land octopus."
Ayni Kirk : She's dead Bones !
McCoy : That's unfair...
Spock : Do you know her ?
McCoy : What ? Oh no... It's... It's... It's my catchphrase !
MLCoolJ Kirk: I think she did a little too much LDS.
Bones: "LDS"?
Bird of Prey MCCoy: "I TOLD you that because of her medical history, she won't survive long here on Glutenia V!
MR. WORF Kirk : Bones ! What happened here ??
Bones : Jim .... I .... Think .. I hope I'm wrong but , I think Meryl Streep was here !!!
Spock : My Phaser is set on KILL !
The Geek (voiceover): "This week on Star Trek: Captain Kirk spends 10 minutes mansplaining a medical tricorder to a Doctor."
The Geek Bones: "She's dead, Jim."
Kirk: "Oh, hoo, hoo, look who knows so much! It just so happens that your friend here is mostly dead! Mostly dead means slightly alive. If she were all dead, there would only be one thing to do."
Bones: "And what is that?"
Kirk: "Go through her pockets and look for loose change!"
Spock: "I should have listened to my father..."
Miss Marple Each thinking: She took the "brown acid".
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: "Curious case, Jim... swollen lymph node(s)... purple spots... epistaxis... I am really stumped."
Spock: "Perhaps this arrow in her back will help with your diagnosis."
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: "I don't need to see the Tricorder... She's a space hippie and she drank the grape Kool-Aid."
Kirk: "But it appears she isn't dead..."
Bones: " need to look... Grape Kool-Aid."
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: “I’ve seen worse...”
Spock: “Doctor, it is apparent that the patient is dead.”
Bones: “Like I said... I’ve seen worse.”
Miss Marple Bones: I don't understand... none of the people are wearing red.
Miss Marple Bones: She went up to 11, and then she died.
Kirk: So THAT'S why we usually only go up to 10...
Miss Marple Bones: She's fallen Jim, and she can't get up.
Chromedome "She's acting Jim, but not as we know it!"
Chromedome Kirk: "Strange, I can't find her name in my little black book ... I mean tricorder."
Chromedome "Set your acting level to ... HAM!"
MLCoolJ Our heroes survey the aftermath of one of the worst battles ever fought: "Star Trek: Discovery" fans vs "The Orville" fans.
The Geek Kirk: "According to the tricorder, she finds me irresistible."
Bones: "Please give me my tricorder, Jim..."
Spock: "Captain I must also point out the tricorder is currently deactivated."
The Geek Kirk, "I swear she was like this when I found her!"
Bones: "(sigh) I'll get the cream."
Spock: "I shall contact your attorney, Captain."
The Geek Kirk: "I'll have you know I had nothing to do with this."
Bones: "Right. Just like you had nothing to do with Lt. Palamas."
Spock: "Or your position of non-involvement with Edith Keeler."
Bones: "Or, do you remembe..."

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