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Caption Competition


Caption comp image

Name Caption
Sokratis When I said I had to go, I didn't mean on an away mission!
Sokratis For the last time Chakotay, I will not play a part in your production of "The Banana People Stole My Cow"!
Sokratis Seriously, you'd tell me if I had gagh stuck in my teeth, right?
Sokratis What do you mean, I am smiling!
EMH_MkI Chakotay: You're just going to have to grit your teeth and get this done.
B'lanna: ...
Chakotay: I didn't mean this instant.
Frankie Chestnuts Torres: "OK Chakotay... You piss me off one more time and I'll suck your eyeballs out of your skull."
Chakotay: "Well, good morning to you too, Lieutenant.
Bird of Prey B'Elanna: ''Don't laugh at my hair! I don't laugh at your stupid tattoo either!''
Bird of Prey B'Elanna: ''A PADD is a shoddy birthday present, Chakotay!''
Frankie Chestnuts Klingon PMS:
Defiant688 I sense a soul in search of answers.....You're not going to make me retake this test.....are you?
Miss Marple I'm sorry Chakotay, but I'm looking for a much more effeminate man as a life mate.
Chakotay: well Qapla' with THAT!
MLCoolJ Chakotay: ...And you still need to learn to control your temper. Which reminds me of a story told among my people about a warrior who...
B'Elanna: Oh, God, not again.
mckinneyc See I do brush and floss!
Bird of Prey Chakotay: ''Wow, you are looking much better than last week!''
B'Elanna: ''That wasn't me. That was another Klingon woman.''
Chakotay: ''Oh sorry, it is just that... Uhm...''
Frankie Chestnuts EMH: "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
B'Elanna (through gritted teeth): "LAACK JAAA!"
Jonesy "An F?! Do you have ANY idea how many nights I stayed up late writing that history report?"
PegasusJF B'Elanna: There is no B'Elanna only Zuul.
PegasusJF B'Elanna is mad as hell and will not take Chakotay's s**t anymore.
MLCoolJ And Round #47 of the Delta Quadrant Staring Contest!
Frankie Chestnuts B'Elanna: "ANGRY BIRDS!!??? I have enough to deal with every day with just my ANGRY THOUGHTS!"
N'tran DS 12 Do Klingon females always bare their teeth?
Frankie Chestnuts Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #31:
They have a third sister working undercover on DS-9. Fortunately, she had access to excellent dental care.
Frankie Chestnuts B'Elanna: "Chakotay... Help me out. I was just chewing out Harry... and I think I got a piece of him caught in my teeth."
Miss Marple Through gritted teeth: No, I need a "feminine pad", thank you.
Miss Marple YOU WIN, Cyrus Ramsay!
AJ If you show me that list ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to make you copy it onto these walls in your OWN MUSHY BLOOD!
Cyrus Ramsay Have hours of fun with the "Klingon Control" app.
Miss Marple My teeth? Why thanks... my father taught me to floss when I was little.
The Geek Chakotay: "Okay, you're right! Your hair is fine, but if you ever think about changing it, I'll just leave this list of hairstyles right here for you, okay?"
Frankie Chestnuts Where will YOU be when your twenty condoms of China White Heroin burst?

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