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Caption Competition

Last Month

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Name Caption
DBB Kes: You have to relax your eyes. Allow them to cross while looking at the picture and the hidden image will appear. It's a flying bird.
Neelix: Wha...?

Special Mention

Name Caption
MR. WORF Ethan Philips was having a tough time in the first season reading the teleprompter with his prosthetics .
Chromedome "And the winner of the most god awful haircut in Starfleet goes to ...."
AdmiralM Story line 2yr alien girl old ugly alien man.Who wrote this Harvy Weinstien.
Bird of Prey Kes: "Ohn no..."
Neelix: "Are this... the Captain and Mr. Paris!?"
Kes: "Yes. And apparently they turned into salamanders."
Neelix: "What? Again!?"
Bird of Prey When a Trek episode's plot is so ridiculous that it shatters even the CHARACTERS' suspension of disbelief...
The Geek Neelix: "Why are the males always getting naked?"
Kes: "This is 'Enterprise', it just happens. Now shut up, I'm trying to watch..."
Bird of Prey Noticing the reactions of his shipmates, the Doctor immediately regretted adding hair to his program...
Skipbear "Oh, so that's what's in a 'Dirty Janeway'".
Mikey "...L. I. X.... okay, second line, er, S. U. C. K. S... umm, Doctor? About this eye chart..."
Bird of Prey Kes: "Uh.... Captain? We have a question..."
Neelix: "...what exactly does 'main computer core deleted' mean?"
Bird of Prey Neelix: "Kes, don't tell the Starfleet people, but I always have trouble reading that damn font that their LCARS uses..."
Bird of Prey Kes: "...and this planet is really called Squint?"
Neelix: "I think... I know why..."
Chromedome "Neelix, is that Frankie Chestnuts?"
DBB Shock and awe.
Frankie Chestnuts The first day of shooting, The cast is always surprised seeing themselves after coming out of makeup. Jennifer is particularly surprised because Ethan hasn’t been to makeup yet.
Bird of Prey Neelix: "Captain, where did you learn to do Uhura's fan dance...?
Obama3rdterm Watching the election results with surprise and disbelief.
Bird of Prey Neelix: "Our Mirror Universe counterparts are supposed to be our polar opposites, right? So why is mine looking so... so...."
Kes: "Fascinatingly handsome... Sigh..."
Bird of Prey Neelix: "What is this hideous alien monster, staring back at me?"
Kes: "That's a mirror, Neelix."
Mikey "What do you make of that, Neelix"
"I could make a hat, I could make a brooch, I could make a pterodactyl..."
The Geek If these two were to merge in a transporter malfunction, the resulting being's name could be Kleenex.
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: "What the hell IS that thing?"
Kes: "Well... that's a bunny rabbit in a stocking up at the top. And THAT is a Christmas tree."
jg Kes: Are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Neelix: Yes, we're watching our careers going away.
Cyrus Ramsay Ethan:"Have we really signed up for seven years of this?"

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