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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
jg Bones: He has an STD, but won't say how he caught it.
Kirk: An STD? I thought Vulcans went through Ponn-Farr. I didn't think Vulcans were interested in such things until that time.
Spock: You forget I'm only half Vulcan. The human half loves da booty.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple Scissors, Rock, Spock, Lizard.
Silent Bob Kirk: "Are you freaked out about all the skulls around here?
Spock: "That would be illogical, Captain"
Frankie Chestnuts From the “Male Guide to Posing”, from right to left, we see:
REALLY Pompous
... put your hands on your hips,
and pull your knees in tight,
and do the pelvic thrust,
that really drives you insane,
Merat Well, Spock? He's in your division, what do YOU suggest we do with Ensign Lecter?
Frankie Chestnuts Bones (Mouthing to Spock): *Poser*
Kirk (turning): "What was that?"
Spock (Mouthing to Bones): *Poser*
Kirk (turning): "What?"
Chromedome Bones: "See, green blood, green bogeys, 'nuff said."
Mikey "Hmmm... I think you're right, Bones - the left one IS pointier."
ignatio Kirk: SEVEN YEARS?!?
Silent Bob Kirk: "You bonehead!"
Spock: "It is illogical to be insulting captain"
Kirk: "I was talking to the skull behind you"
Obama3rdterm Continued assertions of "No collusion" are illogical.
Bird of Prey Kirk: "Bones analyzed the skulls on this shelf and found out they are all fake! That archeologist who joined our crew is a total fraud!"
Spock: "What a skullduggery."
Bird of Prey Spock: "I don't believe you, Captain."
Kirk: "So? Look at my hips then!"
Spock: "Why?"
Kirk: "Hips don't lie!"
Chromedome "So you're saying that Michael Cohen paid you hush money for 'services rendered' during the election campaign and that now we've got to go back in time so you can testify at the Mueller inquiry?"
"That is correct, Captain."
"What do you think Bones?"
"It's gotta be true. We all know Spock doesn't have a sense of humour."
Bird of Prey Kirk: "If you are half-Vulcan, then why are both of your ears pointy?"
Frankie Chestnuts Kirk: " you're telling me that if you don't get some Vulcan tuchus once every 7 years you DIE? I can't survive THREE DAYS!"
The Geek Kirk: "Do I look authoritative when I stand like this?"
Spock: "Yes, Captain. Very authoritative."
The Geek MCCoy: "Okay, Spock, it's time for your annual physical."
Spock: "if I were human, I believe my response would be, 'go to hell'."
Kirk: "..."
Spock: "If I were human."
Bird of Prey Kirk: "Well Mr. Spock, we are all EARS, make your POINT!"
Spock: "There is no need to speak these words in all caps, Captain."
Frankie Chestnuts Kirk: "So, what do you think, Chinese?"
Spock: "Uh, how about Thai?"
Bones: "Nah, too spicy. Greek?"
Kirk: "Uh, Mexican?"
Bones "Pizza?"
Spock: "Thin or thick?"
All Three: "CHICAGO!"
Harry Kim "Bones, you sure you put his brain back in right?"
MLCoolJ McCoy: It still amazes me how Spock can stand there like that for hours on end.
Kirk: Whatever he's thinking about must be deep and profound.
Spock: (thinking) What *is* the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Bird of Prey Kirk: "What do you mean, we have run out of redshirts!?"
Miss Marple Spock: I have no idea where The Geek has been hiding out...

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