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Caption Competition

1 Jul 2017

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Bodhi "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

Special Mention

Name Caption
MLCoolJ Data: It would appear that Wesley's attempt to equip Cardassian voles with miniature phasers has had some...unfortunate results.
Wesley: I SAID I was sorry!
Miss Marple Data: I believe it is time to "call the Maytag repairman".
Miss Marple Data: This is why we need more than one washing machine on a ship of this size, and a separate dryer is really a "must".
Miss Marple Data: ... and did you empty your pockets before you put your pants into the washing machine?
Niall Johnson Well, sure I can fix it, but I'm gonna need a very expensive part that won't get here for a couple of weeks, and that's if I order it today. Which I won't.
Admiral Adam Data: it appears to be a hole, Geordi.
Geordi: yes date, anything else?
Data: a big hole?
Wesley: hold on, I'll hit his reset button.
Mikey "24th century or not, Geordi, you must still refrain from putting aluminum foil in the microwave."
Optimuskr Geordi: "What could have caused this?"
Data: "This may be the reason the dryer instructions says no heat for on replicated clothes."
Optimuskr Data: "Geordi, Wesley will resolve the incident in 42 minutes, we should head to the ten forward until needed."
Bird of Prey Data: Call the Captain. We have a mole on this ship.
Geordi: You mean some crew member is secretly working for one of our enemies?
Data: Not... THAT kind of mole.
Bird of Prey ''Data: ''Geordi, tell Mr. Worf that this is NOT how to trouble-shoot a computer program! And people say that I tend to interpret things too literally...''
Bird of Prey Data: ''We just found this episode's major plot hole!''
Admiral Dunsel This incident illustrates the reason why one must empty their pockets of things like keys, wallets.., and phaser pistols, before doing their laundry.
MLCoolJ Data: We were finally able to destroy MichaelGub, though there was some collateral damage.
Picard: An acceptable trade-off.
Frankie Chestnuts Wesley: "I guess THAT'S what happened when you mount a 'LASER' into the head of a cat."
Data: "Where is Spot?"
Bird of Prey Geordi: What is your analysis, Data?
Data: It is a hole.
jg Data: I do not know what happened, but let us agree it is probably Wesley's fault.
Miss Marple There's your problem. We're gonna haft get a couple of guys in here, shut off all the water, pull out all these bulkheads, ... It's gonna cost you.
Frankie Chestnuts Data: If you recall, I did warn you; You should have gone with the copper piping in here.
Mikey While Data is confident, Wesley still - even with the help of a tricorder - can't tell his own ass from a hole in the wall.
Bird of Prey Data: ''It appears that this console is in fact out of plywood and paint instead of a duranium-alloy...''
Niall Johnson When was the last time this septic tank was emptied?
AJ SO, I figure it'll be about 200 latinum for parts, another 50 for labour costs. Just leave your keys at the register. We'll get to work right away and you'll be able to pick up your starship first thing tomorrow morning. It'll be as good as new.
Bodhi Mysterious, black, frighteningly hot... But enough about Geordi.

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