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Caption Competition

1 Jan 2017

Caption comp image


Name Caption
AJ Even after hours of meditation I still fail to see the logic behind lense flares.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple Scenery painted by Mark Rothko's less successful cousin, Chuck.
The Geek Saavik: "Any advice, Admiral?"
Kirk: "Prayer, Mr. Saavik; the Klingons don't take prisoners."
Spock: "Hail Mary, full of grace..."
Mikey "Dear Lord, please make Bill stop singing."
dat guy "don't let uhura be pregnant"
AJ Please, please no lense flares!
Miss Marple Spock sniffs quietly, trying to remember if he used deodorant today.
Horta not Vorta Out of his Vulcan Mind.....Back in Ten Minutes
Miss Marple Before digital remastering, that background looked FLAWLESS.
Miss Marple Cards Against Humanity is wicked, ...until you've played Cards Against Vulcanity.
Bird of Prey Spock: ''Excellent!
Kirk: ''Have you been binge-watching 'The Simpsons' again?''
Spock: ''Er, I mean, fascinating! Sorry, got confused with the catchphrases there.''
Frankie Chestnuts Spock (to self): "Wow… What to have? Chinese? How 'bout Thai? No,no, no... too spicy. Greek? Mexican? Pizza? …YES, Pizza!
Now… Thin or thick? New Haven? CHICAGO!"
Chromedome Spock prepares for the Vulcan Nose Pick
EMH_Mk1 Spock: My mind to my mind. My thoughts to my thoughts... *sighs* It's just not the same.
Bird of Prey Spock: ''Hands... are weird''
Kirk: ''That's it, no trellium-D for you, anymore!''
Bird of Prey Kirk: ''I said that we are on this war-ridden planet to mediate, not to meditate!''
Miss Marple ... and God, for the New Year, please make people stop trying to BE Frankie Chestnuts, and help them find peace and happiness in their own screen name choices.
Miss Marple ... and Please, God, don't let those crazy captioneers mock me in my moment of...
MLCoolJ This is the church...this is the steeple...
The Geek As Kirk walks to his quarters with a girl on each elbow, Spock begins calculating the odds of the night not ending in a "diplomatic incident".
The Geek "Yes... logic dictates that I engage in photography. And my subjects shall be women... large women."
MLCoolJ What IS the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Niall Johnson What an unfortunate situation Mr. Bond...
Miss Marple Spock, thinking to himself: Is that man incapable of keeping his shirt on?
Chromedome Spock prays that the DITL captioneers aren't too harsh on him.

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