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Caption Competition

1 Dec 2016

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Miss Marple Trip: So, THERE is where The Geek was hiding.
Reed: Apparently he had gotten a life, or a ...something.
Trip: I had a life once... (sighs)

Special Mention

Name Caption
The Geek Reed: "Check this out..."
Trip: "Whoa!"
Reed: "He hasn't played in months, and The Geek is STILL second from the top!"
(sounds of Archer getting his ass handed to him emanates from the next room)
Reed: "I sure miss The Geek..."
Frankie Chestnuts Reed: "My God... It's full of stars!"
Trip: "Those aren't stars. They're Kardashians."
Frankie Chestnuts Reed: "My God... It's full of stars!"
Tripp: "I warned you not to eat those mushrooms."
Eastern Germany Shuttlepod one was shrunken down to the size of a dime by an unknown subspace anomaly. They found that their location was inside one of the toilets when the saw someone sit down.
Miss Marple The camera man was a Hitchcock buff.
Chromedome "So we just flip this switch and the toilet in the ready room will reverse flush."
SilentBob Trip (whispering): "Are you sure it's vision is based upon movement?"
Cyrus Ramsay "Why are all these fan films so much better than our show?"
AJ So, I've finished installing cameras in the decon chamber. This should be good!
Wait, what? OH MY GOD! What is Archer doing with his dog?
Bird of Prey Trip: ''Do you thing the Captain will notice that little scratch on the shuttlepod's hull?''
Malcolm: ''The one that you repaired with duct tape?.''
MLCoolJ Malcolm: Commander...did you see that?
Trip: Unbelievable! The Cubs won the World Series!
Bird of Prey Trip: ''What are you so mesmerized by?''
Malcom: ''My new screen saver.''
Trip: ''It's just a loop of a dancing Orion girl.''
Malcolm: ''Exactly!''
Miss Marple Reed: So, they are getting rid of heath care, eliminating the minimum wage, and sending American workers to catch Zika, while building a wall to keep out Mexicans?
Trip: Well, from what I hear, some of the "smarter" ones are also gonna build walls on the east and west coasts to keep out "the rest of them foreigners".
Reed: And Canada?
Trip: They're building their own wall as fast as they can!
EMH_MkI Pictured: Reactions to the election.
Frankie Chestnuts Tripp: "Holy Crab Cakes. It looks like he is going to win Florida."
Malcolm: "And look at what is going on in Wisconsin."
Trip: "Thank God we are in space and don't have to emigrate to Canada."
AJ Dammit, why did the Xindi have to blast Florida AFTER the election?!
Bird of Prey Malcolm: ''So, who of us will explain this large smoking hole in the wall to the Captain?''
Trip: ''You of course, you fired the weapon.''
Malcolm: ''Only because you asked me to show you how it works!''
Frankie Chestnuts Trip: "What's that color called again?"
Malcolm: "Impatient Pink."
Trip: "It really isn't working for you."
Malcolm: "What do you suggest?"
Trip: "Try that last one you had on again... What was it?"
Malcolm: "Girl About Town".
Trip: "Oh... Stick with the one you've got on. But I still don't think the Captain will notice."
Bird of Prey Malcolm: ''Trip, you are the engineer - what should we do about this crack in the hull?''
Trip: ''Oh, just put some paint over it.''
Frankie Chestnuts Malcolm: "What the hell IS that?"
Trip: "I don't know WHAT the hell that IS!"
Malcolm: "What in the hell is THAT?!"
Trip: "Hey, you kids! Get away from there!"
Malcolm: "I would not mess with that thing..."
Trip: "Don't put your lips on it! "
Malcolm: "WHAT the hell is that?"
Better than Frankie Chestnuts Malcolm: "What the hell is that?"
Trip: "I don't know what the hell that is!"
Malcolm: "What in the hell is that?!"
Trip: "Hey, you kids! Get away from there!"
Malcolm: "I would not mess with that thing..."
Trip: "Don't put your lips on it! "
Malcolm: "what the hell is that?"
Frankie Chestnuts Malcolm: "I see a little silhouetto of a man... How 'bout you?"
Trip: "Scaramouche, Scaramouche. Will you do the Fandango?"
Malcolm: "That's the plan."
Miss Marple Reed: Do you remember when our fans were mostly thirteen year olds?
Trip: You mean instead of just ACTING like thirteen year olds?
Miss Marple Trip: And THAT is why you need to keep the "mute" on during December.

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