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Caption Competition

1 Jul 2016

Caption comp image


Name Caption
EMH_MkI T'Pol: Did you try rebooting it?
Archer: At least a dozen times.
T'Pol: Did you unplug and replug it back in?
Archer: That was the second thing we did.
T'Pol: How and WHY on Earth would you operatate a starship to on Windows 95?
Archer: *eyes Tucker*

Special Mention

Name Caption
PegasusJF Johnathan Archer, Captain, Savior of Earth, micromanager.
PegasusJF Archer: Look, I got one job on this lousy ship, it's stupid, but I gotta do it!
EMH_MkI T'Pol: I've found the problem. You're still running Windows 2100. And it has never been updated.
Archer: Malcolm....
Reed: *ducks behinde console*
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: "It's alright, Commander... Calm down. Just tell me... Who gave you the haircut?"
Bird of Prey Archer: ''Are you playing Tetris at work again?''
T'Pol: ''This isn't Tetris. It is a Vulcan mind training program that -''
Archer: ''To me it looks very much like Tetris!''
Cyrus Ramsay "How come Jolene can read her lines of this monitor while we have to learn ours?"
"Scott, your're the only one who ISN'T using a monitor."
Gambit36 Archer: "Why are you viewing footage from that bridge security camera?"
T'Pol: "It is apparently being used for a highly illogical waste of talent called a 'Caption Competition'...
Bird of Prey T'Pol: ''Captain, why have you replaced the buttons of my console with piano keys?''
Archer: ''We are about to make first contact with an alien species, and I need you to play a series of five tones.''
Bird of Prey Archer: ''Where is the 'any key'? Really!? That is your question? It simply means that it doesn't matter which key you press to proceed, only that you press one.''
T'Pol: ''A software that is actually encouraging random button smashing is illogical!''
Bird of Prey T'Pol: ''Captain, what was the password again?''
Archer: ''vUlcAns-R-5tup1d!''
Chromedome "Captain, I have hacked into Trip's Amazon account as you ordered. What do I do now?"
"Order him the Big Norgs Deluxe Inflatable Doll."
"Hmmmm, it appears that he has already done that, Captain!"
"Yes, on the same order as a stirrup pump, a yak and a vat of Nutella*."
"No wonder they call him Trippy!"
* = To avoid product placement bias, note that other nut based spreads are available!
Chromedome "Yes Captain, you put the jack of hearts on the queen of spades and then the six of clubs goes over here ... isn't that obvious?
Niall Johnson Trip, you taped over the Bridge log with you Risa vacation video?
Niall Johnson Call Microsoft. I did not want to upgrade to Windows 10.
Chromedome "I am unable to detect any sign that Commander Tucker has any kind of dress sense."
Bird of Prey ''T'Pol's anthropological log, day 465. The alpha silverback tries to groom me again.''
AJ Yes, captain, the minecraft world is now officially larger than the known universe.
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: "T'Pol, please tell me... Who are these birds, and why are they angry?"
Dunharrow Well, Cntl-Alt-Delete didn't work
Frankie Chestnuts T'Pol: "You really can't fathom how difficult this is to do with you hovering over my shoulder like that."
Archer: "I considered sitting on your lap, but I thought that would be even MORE disturbing."
Miss Marple Archer, to self: Well, I PROBABLY won't get beaten up over here.
EMH_MkI Archer: Alright, T'pol. Let's show them we mean business. Release the kraken!

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