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Caption Competition

1 Apr 2015

Caption comp image


Name Caption
EMH_MkI Apparently, it took a lot of trial and error to sort out how do "first contact" properly.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: "Well, we've kinda had a rough day... Our rental broke down a few kilometers back. Then we were picked up by a truck driver by the name of Jim Bob-"
Trip: "Tell him about the wolverine!"
Archer: "I'm GETTING to the wolverine!"
Frankie Chestnuts The galaxy's worst Male Strip Club...
Miss Marple Archer: it's not a HICKEY, it's a rope burn!
Trip, to self: He's not making this look any less kinky...
Frankie Chestnuts Trip (to self): "Is the captain actually trying to sell me into slavery for water?"
jg Due to the sunburn they got, Tripp and Archer spent the next week saying "don't touch me".
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: "I think we're close here... I'll let you have the nice young Lieutenant here, and you'll give me 10 liters of water and two goats?"
Trip: "Capt'n... Are you trying to-"
Archer: "Shut up, Trip! I'm trying to do some business here... So what do you say... We have a deal?"
jg Archer's and Tripp's gambling problem has completely gotten out of hand.
Admiral Adam Archer: Really, it's not what you think...
AJ OK, let me get this straight: we don't have enough budget to build a set and we don't have enough budget for costumes. Just what kind of show are we running here?
MLCoolJ Archer and Trip thought the simple desert Bedouin would be an easy mark for the weekly "strip poker" game. Boy, were they wrong...
Captain Redbeard You mean I'm not the only naked starship captain you've seen in the desert today? I think I'd like to meet this "Malcolm Reynolds" fellow.
Captain Redbeard The first "Duck Blind" anthropological observation missions often resulted in failure. Early holographic suits were certainly invisible in the lab, but certain deficiencies became appearant when personnel actually wore them in the field.
mwhittington Archer: Wait, we have to run naked in the desert for HOW LONG?!
Man: Just till the end of Sweeps Week.
Bird of Prey Archer: ''I am really happy to see you!''
Man: ''I... can tell.''
the lunatic these aren't the droids we're looking for, move along.
GreenLanternMD On our planet "skins" usually get to leave their pants ON.
The Geek Archer: "Actually, yes, I have seen a grown man naked."
Trip: "Yep, he has. Naked. Very naked. Highly naked, the kind of naked you read about in Penthouse. The kind of naked..."
Archer: "THANK YOU, TRIP."
N'traan DS 12 Empress's New Clothes
Miss Marple Archer: So you're saying this is NOT related to climate change.
jg These two are not the Enterprise crew members I wanted to see topless.
jg At least we know that Kirk was carrying on the proud tradition of Captains taking off the their shirts.
Bird of Prey Archer: ''Are you serious? This is your planet's winter?''
N'tran DS 12 I'm the kind of guy that laughs at my funeral,
got a history of taking off my shirt.
jg Spring break on Tatooine didn't go as planned.

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