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Caption Competition

1 Oct 2014

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts ♪ . "You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent" . ♬

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple My eyes are up here, buddy.
woodside "I'm going to be topless or naked HOW often on this show?!?"
Frankie Chestnuts Trip: "Sure... I'd love something pan fried. How about some catfish-"
T'Pol: "Pon Farr... I SAID PON FARR!!"
Frankie Chestnuts Trip: "Sure... I like the pan flute. Maybe a little Zamfir-"
T'Pol: "Pon Farr... I SAID PON FARR!!"
Frankie Chestnuts Austin Powers: "OK, you're an animal! Yes, there we go. You're a tiger! You're Tony the Tiger! You're grrreat! Very good. Loving it. Now you're a lemur. Running as a pack. We go left. We go right. There's a predator out of the jungle. What's going on? Burrow! That's right, you're a lemur. That's all you've got. You don't have sharp teeth capable of biting. It's crazy.... And I'm spent."
Frankie Chestnuts T'Pol: "Uniform.... to... tight!"
Admiral Dunsel The real reason that Vulcans only mate once every seven years is that Vulcan females have PMS for the other six years.
Frankie Chestnuts T'Pol's Weekly Emotion Lessons:
Trip: "Show me happy! ...HAPPY!! Think about puppies! -WHOA... Let's work on social interaction today."
Bird of Prey T'Pol: ''Glue in my toothpaste? I will never understand where the humor lies in those destructive acts the humans call 'pranks'...''
R S Gilliver I find your lack of Trek disturbing.
Sondak Cheeeeeese!
Bird of Prey Always vaccinate your Vulcans against rabies!
Frankie Chestnuts T'Pol's Weekly Emotion Lessons:
Trip: "Show me arousal! ... Yes! YES!! -NO!!! NOOOO!!!"
Frankie Chestnuts T'Pol's Weekly Emotion Lessons:
Trip: "Show me apathy! ...hmmm... How about Indifference? Wow... Are you actually TRYING to look like Porthos?"
jg I have the same reaction when I find out someone messed with my computer settings.
Frankie Chestnuts Another satisfied customer of the Joan Rivers Memorial Facelift Clinic.
Sokratis Moments earlier, Phlox removes his "enamel brightening eels" from T'Pol's teeth. Little did he realize the adhesive quality they would bestow on her Vulcan saliva.
EMH_MkI T'Pol: No, I did not wake up on the wrong side of the warp reactor.
Frankie Chestnuts T'Pol's Weekly Emotion Lessons:
Trip: "Show me Fear! ...well, ok... I'M scared."
Bird of Prey It's sometimes VERY hard for T'Pol to suppress her emotions around all those illogical humans...
Horta not Vorta If a Vulcan holds in toxic flatuence
for seven years,
would it be a Pon Fart?
Miss Marple Embarrassing moments during ventriloquism lessons.
Miss Marple Bulimia?? I'm not bulimic! Check out my teeth?

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