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Caption Competition

1 Sep 2014

Caption comp image


Name Caption
hfs.aphelion Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts "Badges??? We don't need no STINKING BADGES!!!"
Miss Marple Doctor: I can treat that bloody nose immediately, the attitude adjustment will take much longer, ...probably requiring more bloodied noses.
Frankie Chestnuts Doctor: "Lt. Carey, if you don't shut up and sit down, I'm going to have to give you some of the Captain's coffee... It always seems to calm HER down."
Frankie Chestnuts Doctor: "Gesundheit!! ...also EEEWW!"
Miss Marple IT'S A BLOODY NOSE! So why do you have to KEEP CHECKING my prostate?!?!
The Geek Just to shake things up, the EMH becomes the nature of the medical emergency.
The Geek Just to shake things up, the EMH becomes the nature of the medical emergency.
Frankie Chestnuts Stereotypical pissed off Irishman.....
mikey "I want that moustache back NOW, dammit!"
mikey "Cocaine problem?! The hell?! Who has a cocaine problem?! I don't see anyone around here with a cocaine problem?! What cocaine problem?!
Miss Marple And then when I said: "That DOESN'T make your ass look big, she hit me AGAIN!"
AJ So, let me get this straight: You have a half-Klingon assistant, and you got into an argument with her, and then the argument got physical.
Exactly which in this progression of events seemed like a good idea?
Frankie Chestnuts Another graduate of the "Miles O'Brien School of Crazy Friggin Irishmen".
C. W. Perkins EMH: I don't care if you are Irish. Mixing Romulan Ale with Klingon Blood Wine is never a good idea.
The Geek Foreground: Frankie Chestnuts.
Background: The Geek.
Not pictured: Mr. President.
N'tran DS 12 We are in orbit, thousands of miles above the planet. These are nosebleed seats
Bird of Prey Where no(se) man has gone before!
C. W. Perkins Carey: I just love going to these concerts, but I hate it having to leave in the middle with these nose bleeds. Can you help me Doc?
EMH: Sure, I can help you. Spend a little more for your tickets so you don't have to sit in the nosebleed section.
Captain Redbeard In the 24th century, power drills look a lot like nose hair trimmers.
Horta not Vorta Star Trek 3.5... The Search for Snot.
DBB "I was applying my lipstick when the ship jolted and I smeared it."
"I mean, I was fighting a bear. This is blood because I was fighting a bear."
mwhittington Janeway: Lt. Carey, let that cut under your nose heal.
Carey: Captain, are you telling me to shut up?
Janeway: No, you have a cut under your nose, and you should have it treated by the Doctor.
jg The Emh masters yet another human trait, the photobomb.

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